Slingshot and Bottle

In the current Any% route, BiT is performed immediately after Faron Gate Clip which allows for early attainment of the Sword and Shield by default, even though they don't appear in your inventory. Because of this, coupled with the fact that saving after BiT automatically warps you to the Faron Woods during the "rescuing Talo" sequence, you don't obtain three items: the fishing rod, the slingshot, and the bottle. Of these items, the bottle is not needed to complete the game, and therefore no special tricks need be used to skip it. However there are some slight requirements for skipping the slingshot and the fishing rod. (For more information on skipping the fishing rod, click here.)

Forest Temple

First used by Tpfox

The only time where you will encounter a supposed "need" for the slingshot is in the first room of the Forest Temple. In this room you will encounter two wall skulltulas on the vines you must climb in order to get to the next room. However, this is very easily overcome by killing one of the deku babas in the room, and using the nut it drops to kill one of the skulltulas on the wall. Note, though you only need to kill one of the wall skulltulas to proceed, it's a bit easier, as well as slower, you kill both. After proceeding through the dungeon, you will obtain the Gale Boomerang, which can be used to take care of any other enemies that may block your path.

Last updated 01/30/2018 – Taka