Goron Mines

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──── All Dungeons ────

Pipe Jump

It is possible to get a jump off the small collision of the pipe connecting to a pillar, which is slightly faster than having to wait for the lava to fall back down. However this is highly inconsistent and risks falling into the lava, so isn't recommended to be done in full runs.

Original video by Devil6Lair: here

Skip the First Two Flame Jets

Instead of turning off the first two flame jets, simply walk into them and take damage, then quickly roll through them while temporarily invincible. You'll also be fine if you hit the fire at the end of your roll. If you're in the middle of a roll however you will fall in the lava.

Original ZSR video: here

Skip the Third Flame Jet

Boomerang LJA across the lava

After passing the second flame jet, it is possible to cross the lava with an LJA. Take out the boomerang, R-target over the giant switch that unlocks the next room, and jump attack across while the boomerang is over the switch.

First Room Wolf Gate Clip

Discovered by pokemongenius

Using a wolf gate clip on the first gate is slightly faster than opening it with the weighted platform if done quickly, though is more difficult. The clip is possible both with and without Midna on Wolf Link's back, however without Midna you need to transform human to open the door after clipping. If done incorrectly, the gate can cause a crush void.

Second Room Strategy

Risky but Time Saver to Note (Saves 4 Seconds Only)

Quickly roll to the right (GCN) to land on the platform below and grab the key, then quickly make your way to the rotating platforms. If done fast enough, should be able to make your way across the platforms without having to wait for them.

Original ZSR video: here

It's also possible, with near-perfect rolls and movement, to make the early cycle on the second of the two turning platforms: video

Stone Slab Timesaver

In the third room of the dungeon, instead of pulling the stone slab out all the way, pull it back three times, then quickly walk around to the right side [GCN] of the slab and roll into it to clip inside. Keep rolling parallel to the slab until you're pushed out on the other side of the wall, and make your way to the door. A perfect clip should make it through in 8 rolls, and only require three pulls, but you can pull four times or more for safety.

Original ZSR video: here

Magnetic Wall Skip After Elder 1

A simple jump across the gap skips walking with boots on the magnetic wall.

Magnetic Ceiling With Slashes

Using fast sword combos finishing with a stab is several seconds faster than regular walking when done well. Left-Right-Up-Up is the traditional fast combo, and works fine, but I tend to prefer Left-Right-Right-Up. While slashing, be careful to not clank against the walls, and hope that the torchslug at the end is far away.

Tektite Room Wolf Gate Clip

Discovered by pokemongenius

Using the collision of Wolf Link, it's possible to clip through the center of specific types of gates, and Goron Mines use these quite often. In the room with two crystal switches and an underwater small key chest, clipping through the gate is optimal, especially if the player hasn't obtained the clawshot early. When holding control stick towards the gate with a very specific position and perfectly straight angle, Link will initiate a climb onto a small piece of geometry that the game deems climbable, but since Link can't fit he'll pop right through. Since Link is trying to fit into an extremely small space, it is possible to get a crush void. Due to this, and the precision of the trick itself, it is recommended to kill the Tektites with one spin attack using the Master Sword, or two if using the Ordon Sword, before transforming into wolf. One should not try to kill the enemies as wolf as Link deals considerably less damage in wolf form.

It's important to note that the clip only works with a straight camera angle. Luckily, while holding control stick up, the game will continuously pan the camera slowly but surely until it is straight. It is at this point that Link will pop through, if the position was correct. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using the C-Stick as much as possible, and instead do small control stick up-left/up-right flicks to readjust Link's position. While holding control stick up, wait until the camera comes to a stop before readjusting Link's position with the up-left/up-right flicks.

Video tutorial by Glubbers: here

Skip Cutting Rope Bridge


On the GCN and Shield versions, you can skip cutting the ropes and dropping the bridge with a Long Jump Attack. Walk past the Beamos Statues to the end of the platform. Walk over to the right facing the bridge and position yourself so that the left half of Link is lined up with the small opening. Take out the boomerang, try to R-target between the gap, above the door frame, and Long Jump Attack. Alternatively you can target the wall above the platform, which is much easier. The speed of the attack will allow you to jump through the tiny gap as long as your sword doesn't bounce off the wall.

Original ZSR video: here

Pot Jump

When Link is holding a large pot, pulling out the sword or an item while jumping off a ledge will cause the pot to push Link forwards in the air, making some gaps crossable. Target one of the upper pots with the boomerang as this reliably prevents the pots from both breaking on the way down, then line up with the gap on the left side of the bridge. Press B just as Link leaves the ground (5+ frame window) to get the pot push, then time a jumpslash to land on the other side.

Bomb Boost

Discovered by pokemongenius

Using a precise bomb boost sideways through the gap beside the bridge, it's possible to skip cutting it down without using an LJA.

Original video by pokemongenius: here

Quick Bridge Cycle Before Dangoro

With some fancy hops it's possible to get past the rotating platform without waiting.

Open the door from the very left side.

Holding directly forward the entire time:

  • Roll forward twice (frame perfect or not doesn't seem to matter)
  • Hold c-stick left to turn the camera during the jump to the first platform
  • Press A mid-jump to autoroll on the platform

Turn the camera too little and you won't clip through the platform to jump out from the other side, or won't get the third jump off the high ledge so will grab the ledge. Turn the camera too much and you'll again not clip through, or bonk on the platform with the roll. Saves hardly any time at all.

Original ledge grab release video by Skyreon: here

Skip the 2nd Key Shard (boomerang LJA method)

In the room before the second key shard, you can Long Jump Attack over to the door leading to the Dangoro fight. Simply run past the first spinning platform, turn right, R-Target over the top of the door frame with the Gale Boomerang and Long Jump Attack.

Original ZSR video: here

Non-LJA Alternative

See Key Shard Skip

Beamos Room

After shooting down the rope bridge, roll to the back of the room to activate the beamos, then immediately roll back to shoot.

Standing roughly in line with the torches allows you to aim from a safe place. Ideally you shoot the beamos as soon as it activates so that it turns straight back before deactivating, but if it turns away before you hit the eye you can still shoot it from behind.

Pulling the beamos four times will mean you don't need to push it when leaving. If you pull it only twice (the minimum to get past it) then you'll need to push twice when leaving. These are of comparable speed, but four pulls is simpler.

LJA over water returning from Dangoro

Aim very slightly right of the corner between the stationary platform and the rotating one and just above the rotating platform. Targeting makes this easier and gives a larger window for the LJA, but it is also possible without targeting.

Magnet Skip with Clawshot

[Video WIP]

Room before Fyrus

When you enter the room, it's easier to shoot the bridge down first so that you can run past the enemies, instead of walking down the path and being forced to kill the archers.

──── Wii ────

Spinner Bomb Boost

Alternatively, instead of taking the path towards the first two flame jets, you can also perform a spinner bomb boost to skip them entirely. This is faster but trickier.

Walk normally on magnetic ceilings (Wii/Shield only)

Whenever walking into a magnetic pull with the iron boots, if you open up the item screen and put an item over the iron boots so that they're no longer a D-pad item as you're being drawn toward the magnetic wall, you'll walk at normal speed. This saves a lot of time when walking across the magnetic ceiling "maze".

Rope Bridge Skip Bomb Boost

Discovered by An_D

Using a precise jumpslash bomb boost, it's possible to get behind the bridge without walking up the magnetic wall to cut it down.

Line up on the inner edge of the metal trim on the platform. C up to look straight towards the opening, then pull a bomb and run forward on about the 2nd fast flash (6th flash total). Drop bomb a little before it explodes. It can work on both sides, but the right side needs a little bit of a different lineup and feels slightly more precise.

Moonboots Jump Attack Beamos Skip [Wii]

[Video WIP]

──── Glitchless ────

First Room Flame Skips

Overview of the damage boost flame skips possible in the first room.

Second Flame Skip

Without the use of boomerang LJA's, it's necessary to skip past the second flame jet in both directions. There are multiple methods for this, with varying speed and difficulty.

You can also get to the other side of the second flame jet by L-walking into it with Iron Boots on at an imprecise angle.

Iron Boots Roll

[Video WIP]

Roll Under the Flame Jet

[Video WIP]

Third Flame Skip with Damage Invincibility

As with the second flame jet skip, there are multiple methods and sources of damage invincibilty for this skip, with varying speed and difficulty.

Fire Toadpoli then Flame Jet

[Video WIP]

Fire Toadpoli

Jump onto the small ledge near the flame jet, and wait for the enemy in the lava to spit a ball of lava at you. When it hits, run until you're at full speed then quickly roll through the flame jet. [Video WIP] Original ZSR video by Taka: here

Torch Slug then Flame Jet

[Video WIP]

Slab Room Movement

5 Pulls

With good movement, it's possible to make it past the slab after pulling it only five times, though six is safer.

Corner Jumpslash for 4 Pulls

With extremely good movement it's barely possible to make it past with only four pulls. [Video WIP]

Crystal Switch Jumpslash

Once you drop down from the ceiling, line yourself up just to the right of the chain. Jumpslash up so you keep the angle then just Roll jump off.

Two things can happen: - If you do your Jumpslash perfectly, you'll land where shown and will be able to Rollstab into the cutscene. - Otherwise, you'll hit the switch but you will fall in the water, which is fine.

Original setup video by draconif: here

Drop with Rope Bridge During Cutscene

[Video WIP]

'Key Shard Skip' Post-Elder

Skipping the second key shard is banned in the glitchless categories, however the movement to do so is still slightly faster than climbing the ladder in the Elder's room.

Outside Room Beamos Snipe

Shoot one of the bulblin archers first, and while waiting for it to die to remove their alerted cutscene snipe the beamos from across the room. After pulling it, there's a one frame window before the cutscene for a roll or sidehop. [Video WIP]

Skip the bridge falling cutscene in the outdoor area

After activating the spinning magnet, quickly run into the magnetic pull and equip the Iron Boots. Facing east (GCN), walk towards the corner on the left (GCN). When the magnet reaches the other side, turn south, unequip the Iron Boots (which will flip you so that you face north), and jump attack over to the platform. Simply walk around the bridge.

Alternatively, with a precise position and jumpslash angle it's possible to jump onto, or skip directly past, the bridge: [Video WIP]

──── 100% ────


Magnetic Ceiling Heart Piece

[Video WIP]

Heart Piece 2

[Video WIP]

──── Misc. ────

Key Shard Skip

Non-LJA alternative

Discovered by SD2

Since you can't use a boomerang Long Jump Attack on the Wii version, you will have to use the spinning platform instead to skip the key shard. Get on the platform and get close to the end by Gor Ebizo's room and wait for the platform to begin to rotate. Hold target and walk sideways towards the top of the platform as is rotates towards you. Once it has rotated a full 90 degrees and you are standing on top of it, roll towards the upper ledge to grab it. This method of key shard skip is commonly known as "KSS", despite the name being ambiguous to any method of skipping past the second Goron elder. Setupless KSS saves 35 seconds over obtaining the key shard, climbing the ladder and exiting the elder's room.

Original Wii video by ABchimpas: here, Gamecube video by DF: here

Backup setup

Setup by Anorakkis

Magnet Skip

Alternatively, you can LJA across without having to activate the magnet. This is the fastest way of getting to the last rooms of the dungeon if you don't have Clawshot.

Skip beamos to reach magnet crane switch

Using a bit of precise movement on ledges, you can reach the upper area of the room blocked by the beamos without killing it. This saves 2-3 seconds over defeating the beamos and scaling the area the intended way, and is useful for restricted categories, or speedruns that skipped obtaining the Gale Booomerang.

Comparison video

A comparison video with realistic RTA timings by Skyreon

──── Individual Level ────

Key Shard & Magnetic Ceiling Skip

Discovered by Pokemongenius

AKA Kitty Jump :] From on top of the doorframe in the second room, using a moonboots backslice with a boomerang bomb boost it's possible to get onto the fence of the next level up, skipping the small key, the first goron elder, and the entire magnetic ceiling. This saves ~2.5 minutes.


Method by jeez

A newer method using a straight gale toss removes the need to set multiple precise targets to influence the gale's path.

  • Get onto the rail with a jump or jump attack
  • Aim the gale above the upper railing for an LJA onto the doorframe (mash B while landing from the LJA to jumpslash up if you recoil off)

  • Align Link's right foot with the dark circle/bolt on the doorframe. This isn't too precise, you just don't want to be too fair either side or the bomb could explode on the rail where you want to land, or the wall on the other side on the way back

  • Turn around and aim in first person. Here Link's first heart is aligned with the railing, but the range for this is extremely wide. This is about the centre of the range. Too far left and the bomb will explode on the rail right as you throw, way too far right and it'll explode on the far wall while returning
  • Pull a bomb, and hold target. Holding target makes Link hold the bomb on his left instead of above his head
  • Toss the boomerang
  • Turn right in preparation to backslice. There's no time to c-up for a good angle with this targetless method, so you have to snap to an angle. More important than the angle is where you go with the backslice, so you can adjust your position a little based on what angle you have, to account for how much the backslice will slide you across the wall. You want the jump from the backslice to be just before the dark vertical line on the wall. Far back enough for the bomb to hit you onto the rail, and far forward enough that you're still on the highest part of the doorframe (y-pos: 109.1600).
  • On frame 74-76 (which seems to depend on position and angle, the frame window for the sidehop and how much it varies is uncertain) sidehop and start a backslice. It's important you do the earliest possible sideroll, either by mashing or timing the second input before the sidehop has landed, so that the time from starting a sidehop to finishing the backslice is consistent.
  • Equip and unequip drained magic armour for a first frame backslice moonboots
  • If timed correctly, the bomb will explode on the wall while returning and boost you backwards onto the rail above.
  • Sidehop or roll-jump with a shallow angle to avoid the cutscene trigger near the door

With all else correct, an early sidehop will cause the bomb to return but not explode. A late sidehop will cause the bomb to return and explode too early in the backslice.

Because you can't see the boomerang, and can hardly hear it, timing the sidehop without assistance is very difficult.

The first clip in the video below uses a metronome tempo of 140 to time the gale throw and the sidehop, the second clip 144. Counting beats of three, throw on beat one, and sidehop on beat 7 (1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1).

Alternatively, start with a low number of rupees, and use the timing of rupees draining as a cue for when to sidehop.

Original video by jeez: here

Target Setup

The original method, involving setting gale targets around the room.

Original setup video by jeez: here

Elder 1 Skip

Discovered by pokemongenius

Jumpstrike Moonboots Bomb Boost

Using Moonboots it's possible to get extra height from a Jump Strike. If done with a precise bomb boost, it's possible to get up onto the second floor without speaking to the first Elder, thus skipping the first key shard. It's currently only useful in IL speedruns.

Backslice Moonboots

Using a backslice moonboots at the same spot as above has the same result and is easier, however requires magic armour.

Beamos Room Moonboots

A first frame backslice moonboots is just enough height to get on top of the beamos, and skip activating it. To get up cleanly Link's sidehop must be close to perpendicular to the beamos, otherwise he'll slip and grab the ledge.

Comparison video by bewildebeest: here

Underwater key room strategies

For use in 100% IL's

Grab the underwater key in this room, then swim over to the underwater block. Instead of pushing the block, simply dive under the fench with the iron boots and swim up to clip past it.

You can skip activating the second magnetic pull by aiming a Jump Attack towards the blue switch, opening the timed door to the last section of the room.

Another method to skip using the boots to hit the crystal switch is to LJA over to it by using the pipe, this is less risky but slower.

Finally for you could also leave the Small Key and try and collect it during the cutscene for the gate sliding closed. It is tight on timing.

LJA to Dangoro's Room from Elder 2

For use in 100% ILs

Place two targets far apart on the wall, and wait for the boomerang to go out of bounds before jumping.

Stupid Room

Snipe the crystal from across the room with a bomb arrow. Avoiding the enemies, run to the first stone platform and boomerang LJA to the door. [Video WIP]

Crystal Switch Room Second Pass

Shoot the crystal with the bow, then roll and jumpslash across the rock platforms

──── TAS ────


LJA in Room Before Fyrus

[Video WIP]

──── Unused/Obsolete ────

Reach Crystal Switch Room w/o Iron Boots

Discovered by pokemongenius

Unused Using a keese superjump, followed by a precise LJA and moonboots LJA, it's possible to completely skip using the magnetic cranes to get to the crystal switch room

Bow Bridge Skip

With a simple ledge grab on the gate hinge you can get past the bridge after the bow without shooting it down

Jump Over Lava in Room Before Fyrus

Discovered by jeez

Unused Using a backslice moonboots onto the beam, it's possible to then roll and jumpslash from there to the platform below, skipping running around the room. [Video WIP]

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