Palace of Twilight

West room 1 wolf double hit

Jump attack to ledge

Instead of clawshotting the medallion, use a jump attack from on top of the chest to reach the ledge.

Skip Midna sol text

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

After defeating Phantom Zant, stand a few feet from Zant's hand and use the clawshot to release the sol. Quickly clawshot the sol and throw it at the indention in the floor behind Zant's hand awakens.

Staircase Timesaver 1

Throw the Sol at the indention in the floor and while it's rolling, stand on the top of the unrisen staircase. When the cutscene activates and the staircase rises, you can proceed to the solid platform and clawshot the Sol.

LJA to right wing (GCN only)

Head over the right from the entrance into the twilight realm and throw the Gale Boomerang to long jump to the right wing, and skip riding the platform.

Improved LJA

Discovered by SVA161620

Sword drop the sol and then roll, then just walk forward and roll a 2nd time once you pass onto the outer circle shown in video. You will land on the platform which will raise slightly before Midna Text. Being here allows you to instantly LJA over saving half a second.

LJA after small key

After grabbing the small key it is arguably easier to LJA to the door instead of using the clawshot to get over.
Just stand on the small rectangular texture on the ground and target the slope of the wall next to the door. Jump as soon as the boomerang goes into the wall.

Staircase Timesaver 2

Once you enter the room just go forward and throw the Sol at the indention in the floor. This will cause the cutscene of both the stairs raising and the shadow hand to start together. After the stair raising cutscene, climb onto the solid platform and clawshot the Sol.

Double sol room Staircase Skip

Discovered by ZachLink99 & Bewildebeest

By doing a series of targets, and using the auto transform with the fog, you can perform a midna super jump off of a keese to skip the staircase, this trick is fairly lenient, however targetting the moving keese is very annoying. Place a dummy target, then target the keese, then target the ground at the staircase, then target anywhere a bit above the ledge. Go into the fog then release the boomerang giving you the instant transform effect, then position just left of the sol on the left side while still on the stairs, hold a midna charge to get the keese in it, walk forward up to the sol, then release it, you should be up on the ledge. The lower you targetted for the last target the faster the boomerang comes back to you, however if you target too low, the keese will get stuck. This trick saves 2-3s if done well, and would save up to 6s in the HD version.

Double sol room first LJA

After placing both sols and going up with the platform, LJA to get over the gap faster. Targets are not precise.

Double sol room Early Platform Spawn

Discovered by Kejsmaster, improved by Giradam

Inbetween killing the Zant heads and waiting for the chest to appear in Double sol room there is some unused time that can be used to spawn the Light platform earlier than intended. After killing the first 4 Zant Heads quickspin the 3 sol orbs and quickly kill the remaining two Zant Heads. Now return to the chest location before it spawns. The platform will spawn and after receiving the key, quickly roll to the platform. This saves roughly 2 seconds over lighting after collecting the key.

Double sol room final LJA

After getting the small key, you can use a LJA to get over the gap faster. This LJA is very risky though since the boomerang randomly won't go out of bounds.
For the LJA, target right above the door and then straight to the right. Dropping down costs around 27 seconds.

TreZc0 found alternative targets for this LJA which are the same speed but seem more consistent. With these you can easily tell if the Boomerang went out of bounds cause else he will move around the pillar in front of the door.
Targets are not very precise, just target the right wall and the inner door frame on the left side.

Boss key shortcut

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

Pull out the clawshot and walk towards the wall of Twilight, aiming the clawshot at the wall where the clawshot medallion is. As so as you target the clawshot medallion, clawshot to it.

Death Warp Timesaver

Discovered by LogitechSDAZ

After riding the floating platform to the Zant mask, kill it then jump of the ledge to death warp back to the main platform. You must walk and jump off the platform, not roll, so that the enemy dies before you death warp.

LJA back to main platform

Slightly faster than death warping back. Target in the area shown in the video, then wait for the boomerang to go out of bounds.

Outdoor Jump Strike LJA

Discovered By SVA161620

In 100% it is possible to do a Jump Strike LJA over to the first Zant head outside and activate the return platform with the smash from the Jump Strike. To do this aim at the floor between the light orbs, then the wall then the other side of the wall then finally angle Link back towards the orbs. When the boomerang goes OoB you can Jump Strike LJA towards the orbs and hopefully activate them without making the platform start returning. Refer to the second part of the video.

Early Platform

Early Platform is the earliest cycle to get onto the platform in the room after the balcony and requires fast and precise movement.
First of all you need to roll directly ahead to spawn the shadow beasts as soon as possible, when you start to hit them spin-attack to kill them as they drop from the ceiling.
Next quickly spin-attack all Sol orbs to start the platform, now counting in your head or finding a visual que jump off onto the next platform as it appears, it is important you land on it and don't grab it and have to climb up. Quickly target the wall in two locations and when the boomerang is out of bounds LJA over to the next platform.
From here you want to get your clawshot in an angle facing upwards ready to snipe the clawshot target as soon as possible and then get on the next platform. As this platform approachs the zant head you want to target slightly to the left of the clawshot target and then further to the right, as soon as the zant head disappears is when you release the boomerang and LJA once it is out of bounds.
Kill the Zant head quickly (can spawn on the left or right corner) and then clawshot the target from the ceiling. Most of the time you will have instantly drop and jump attack to make it onto the platform, however if you had perfect movement is is possible to overshot the platform with a jump attack in which case just drop down, you will need to learn to judge this.

LJA after Early Platform

After getting the small key jump on the platform and immediately target the left door frame or the wall right next to it. Jump as soon as the boomerang touches the wall.

Last updated 08/23/2022 – bewildebeest