Epona Slide

If the player presses A to dismount 1 frame after letting go of R, Link will dismount Epona while still moving and slide on the ground for a moment before gaining control again. This can be used to cross voids, as Epona won't fall during the dismount animation, or can be combined with a Brakeslide to achieve high movement speeds.

How To

  1. Hold R while on Epona to make Link crouch
  2. Let go of R and, 1 frame later, press A to dismount Epona
  3. Epona should keep moving forward while Link dismounts and slides on the ground for a short time


Gorge Slide

If an Epona Slide begins while Epona is on land, Epona won't fall while Link dismounts, even if she passes over a void during the dismount. Holding forward on the control stick out of the Epona Slide will make Link hop forward and reach the far side of the Gorge.

Brakeslide out of Epona Slide

Last updated 04/02/2024 – bewildebeest