Lanayru Province

─────── Any% ───────

Broken Louise Camera

By doing a precise B attack into the cutscene trigger, the camera angle will stay locked and make Louise's text start earlier than normal.

Bottom of the Tower

There is a Bulblin archer at the bottom of the tower before the very first rope, and it is required to kill him before you continue up; otherwise, he will snipe you down later on. To do this, dodge his first arrow or deflect it with a B attack or spin attack, and then when backs away from you, hit him into the water to kill him instantly.

Early Wind Cycle

Once on the rooftops, it is possible with good movement to jump diagonally from the bridge to make an earlier wind cycle than was intended.

NorGor (Goron Bomb Bag without water bombs)

Discovered by YellowTorpedo

Using the Normal Bombs Underwater glitch and starting a cutscene at the same time, it's possible to sink a normal bomb low enough to blow up the rock with the Goron in it.

Mailman Skip Castle Town

There is a mailman trigger on the bridge that enters Castle Town. It is very thin and easy to LJA over. Stand next to the 3rd post from the chain that connects to the bridge, then just aim over the bridge and LJA once the boomerang is over the void.

Easy mailman skip setup

────── Any% [Wii] ──────

Cucco Minigame Floor Clip

Discovered by Quaforce

It is possible to clip through the wall in the Flight By Fowl house and fall right into Lake Hylia.
Note that the video shows TPHD, which makes the clip significantly easier due to removed sword recoil.

─────── 100% ───────

King Bulblin 2

The King Bulblin 2 fight and fight skips can be found on the King Bulblin boss fights page.

Skip 2nd Part of Wagon Escort (LJA)

It is possible after using the boomerang on the first kargarok to dash away from the wagon and leave it behind. As long as you killed the Bulblins correctly as they spawned the wagon won't set on fire.

However, if you leave the wagon behind, there is a Midna trigger before Kakariko that forces you to go back. In Any% No S+Q and 100% this auto walk also makes you walk into the King Bulblin 1 trigger, meaning you have to restart the wagon escort.

It is possible by standing before the trigger to LJA by throwing the boomerang when the boomerang is inside the wall you can LJA as the boomerang is over the void in the wall. To get in perfect position for the LJA: Dig under the gate, transform, do 4 sidehops right, and then 2 L-target rolls forward.

Easy HP platform drop

If you grab the ledge near the chest with a normal camera, the camera will face straight down, making it much easier to time the drop.

Fast waterfall poe movement

Saves 8 seconds to Midna jump up and lure the poe to you.

Iza 1 Skip

Discovered by Dragonbane0

The method for doing this trick is very similar to Infinite Bomb Arrows. A full description of this trick can be found here.

North Field Grotto for 100%

If you knock down both poes within the same B-charge, it isn't possible to collect both of the souls without having to knock the second poe down again. If you B-charge more right as shown in the video you can knock them down in seperate attacks within the same B-charge. This gives you enough time to collect poe souls without having to knock the second poe down again.

Spinner Track HP Timesaver

Jumping from the track to the HP chest instead of going around the corner saves around 1 second.

LJA to 100R Chest

In the field to the west of castle town there is a run-down area to the south with a chest on a pillar. Normally, you use the dominion rod with the statue, but you can LJA over to it. Make sure you aim slightly above the wall so the boomerang goes over, then jump attack as soon as possible.

Backslice Jump to 100R Chest

Sidehop + roll onto the ledge, then hold forward to jump off. Time a jump attack to land on the ledge.

Fast Learning Jump Strike & Greatspin

Discovered By SVA161620

When learning Jump Strike, it is 3.33s faster to spin-attack after doing the Jump Strike as it causes the real Hero's Shade to not get knocked down.

When leaning Greatspin, it is 2.73s faster to backflip into the Greatspin rather than just Greatspinning. Once again, this is because it doesn't knock down the real Hero's Shade.

Mailman Skips Lanayru Bridge Towards Castle Town

There are two mailman triggers on Lanayru Bridge. It is possible to LJA over both of the triggers by throwing the boomerang just over the side of the bridge from near the trigger.

The first trigger is just after the second broken arch on the right-hand side of the bridge. For the second trigger, go to the second non-broken arch on the right-hand side after the crack in the floor; from here you can edge forward a little more to the second big brick after the arch.

Small timesave for Star 1

Discovered by ZachLink99

Instead of clawshotting over you can do rolljumps during the star minigame to save a second.

─────── Misc. ───────

Falbi text dive

If you stand near the ledge and talk to Falbi, Link will fall during the text and go underneath the floor collision.

Stealing the Lent Bag as wolf

Note: Formerly known as "Fight UPZ Messengers as Wolf"

Discovered by Dragonbane0, updated setup by Sva

By triggering the barrier fight in Upper Zora's River in a certain way, you can get behind the sign and transform into Wolf Link, allowing you to beat the fight as Wolf Link. Note that you must have Midna Charge to complete the fight as Wolf Link, so beating Midna's Desperate Hour is required.

Original Setup by Dragonbane0

Talk to Iza to start the trigger for the fight, then use Iza's shop door to straighten your angle. Take a step back and walk left until Link's right foot reaches the white spot on the ground shown in the video below. Run back to the sign by Iza, avoiding the fight trigger, and transform. Walk into the trigger to start the fight.

Updated setup by Sva (video by Awsumi)

Epona Seam Clip in North Field

By riding Epona precisely into the corner of the ledge, you can ride Epona through the collision and OoB.

LJA over South Field Midna trigger

LJA to Lanayru Statue chest

With a slightly precise LJA, you can skip needing the statue to get to the 100R chest on the cliff.

LJA to cliff poe and chest

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