Lanayru Province

─────── Any% ───────

Broken Louise camera

By doing a precise B attack into the cutscene trigger, the camera angle will stay locked and make Louise's text start earlier than normal.

Rope skip

Upon entering Telma's bar after talking to Louise, skip the cutscene as soon as possible. Sidehop right, then dash off the edge to grab right side of the rope. If done quickly enough, the goron will not catch Link.

Bottom of the tower

There is a bulblin archer at the bottom of the tower before the very first rope, and while it is possible to ascend the tower without killing this bulblin, it will almost always snipe Link down from higher ropes if left alive. To kill it quickly, dodge the first arrow or deflect it with a B attack or spin attack, and then when it scurries away from Link, jump attack or spin attack to knock it into the water and kill it. If the bulblin doesn't move towards the water for any reason, kill it with 2 neutral B attacks and then a jump attack instead.

Deflecting the arrow

Dodging the arrow

Early wind cycle

On the rooftops, it is possible with good movement to jump diagonally from the bridge to make an earlier wind cycle than was intended.

Mailman Skip Castle Town

There is a mailman trigger on the bridge that enters Castle Town. It is very thin and easy to LJA over. Stand next to the 3rd post from the chain that connects to the bridge, aim slightly up and roughly parallel to the bridge, and LJA once the boomerang is over the void.

Easy Mailman Skip setup

Plumm cutscene skip

Discovered by Zac

It is possible to howl to begin Plumm's minigame without ever having spoken to Plumm by climbing out of the water in the right spot and pressing A with the control stick neutral. The frame window for the A press to howl is variable, likely depending on climbing position, and ranges at least from 4f to 10f. The fastest way to do this is to jump attack (recommended) or sidehop over the trigger on the right side of the bridge, jump into the water, and climb out, saving ~6s over watching the cutscene; another way is to skip the bridge entirely and swim all the way to the grass, saving ~3s over watching the cutscene.

Enter Lakebed Temple from empty Lake Hylia

Discovered by pokemongenius and bewildebeest

With Lake Hylia empty, it is possible to enter Lakebed Temple with a bomb boost while or after destroying the rock at the dungeon entrance. It is also possible to break the entrance rock with the ball & chain from the bottom of the lake, and also to get to the entrance with a precise jumpstrike LJA from some collision on the right side of the entrance.

Method 1 - bomb boost while destroying rock

Setup by Nimzo

Note that ESS position allows Link to perform sidehops and backflips without moving at all in between them. The easiest way to find ESS position is to hold L and gradually shift the control stick away from neutral, then hold it steady once the jump prompt appears on the screen. All sidehops and backflips in the setup can be done by flicking the control stick carefully to avoid moving between them if desired.

  1. Dash to the position shown in the video and transform
  2. Roll to grab the ledge, then drop (angle 12894)
  3. (Remove iron boots before performing next step)
  4. Hold L and left to sidewalk into the wall, then sidehop into it and release the control stick (x-pos -87888.1562)
  5. ESS sidehop right x1 (x-pos -88072.1719)
  6. ESS backflip x1, not releasing L until after landing (x-pos -88386.9375); if you did release L before landing, fully press L again and release it before continuing
  7. Flick downwards to turn 180 degrees (angle 45671)
  8. Enter first person and buffer an angle change to angle 41063
  9. ESS sidehop left x4 (x-pos -89740.3125)
  10. Dry roll (L+A without control stick) x3, hesitating to come to a complete stop after each roll (x-pos -90705.8828)
  11. Enter first person, hold up on control stick, and pull out a bomb
  12. Press B, X, or Y (to pull sword, boomerang, or bomb) within a 3 frame window when Link is near the rock to blow it up and bomb boost into the alcove; note that the bomb button will not work if there are already 3 bombs out that haven't yet exploded
  13. As shown in the video below, holding and/or tapping L while jumping down to the rock can provide a good view to help time the B/X/Y press. This is not required; see below for a visual cue for the B/X/Y press without targeting at all between pulling out the bomb and pressing B/X/Y.

The demonstration video below adds some suggested bomb drops along the way that don't cost any time for a route that is trying to empty the bomb bag.

Visual cue for B/X/Y press without targeting by iwabi74

Note that the angle shown in the watches on the right is 41849 because Link's angle changes while running on the pillar between the two jumps when not holding target. Beginning to target before the first jump and holding or tapping target through the jumps will result in an angle of 41073, which works for the trick but has a different visual cue from the one shown above. However, beginning to hold target while in first person before pulling the bomb will result in an angle of 41063 (same as before the c-up), which can blow up the entrance rock but does not work for the bomb boost.

Method 2 - bomb boost after destroying rock

Setup by pokemongenius and bewildebeest

See bomb boost frame data.

Tutorial by bewildebeest

────── Any% [Wii] ──────

Cucco Minigame Floor Clip

Discovered by Quaforce

It is possible to clip through the wall in the Flight By Fowl house and fall into Lake Hylia.
Note that the video shows TPHD, in which the clip significantly easier due to removed sword recoil.

─────── 100% ───────

King Bulblin 2

The King Bulblin 2 fight and fight skips can be found on the King Bulblin boss fights page.

Skip 2nd part of wagon escort (LJA)

After using the boomerang to kill the first bomb-dropping kargarok, the Midna text preventing Link from heading to Kakariko is removed and the wagon can be abandoned. However, there is still a Midna trigger just beyond the gate to Kakariko that forces Link to go back. In some categories, this auto-walk also makes Link walk into the King Bulblin 1 trigger, necessitating warping back to Castle Town and completely restarting the wagon escort.

If the KB1 trigger is present, open the gate target the boomerang high on the rock wall to the right of the path to Kakariko. LJA when the boomerang reaches the wall. To then skip the Midna text trigger, stand near it and up against the rock wall. Throw the boomerang along the wall, then LJA when the boomerang is inside of the wall, over a void.

A safer alternative for skipping the KB1 trigger and getting in position for the LJA over the Midna text trigger is to transform wolf, dig under the gate, transform human, sidehop right 4 times, and then L-roll forward twice. This is about 10s slower than the method described above.

King Bulblin 1 Trigger Skip

Discovered by FirnenLegacy

Originally discovered as an alternative for the Wii version, it is possible to get around the King Bulblin 1 trigger by opening the gate to get rid of the Midna text, then immediately digging under it. Align Wolf Link as shown (angle is not precise). Press A to open the gate, then immediately turn Link up-left and press dig. The window is a few frames, but keep in mind the dig spot is huge. After digging, hold away from the gate so that Wolf Link does not clip back inwards.

As a note, this trick is very costly to fail as there is no way (on Wii) to get around the gate afterwards. You will have to void in the gorge and restart back from Great Bridge of Hylia to retry.

Easy HP platform drop

If Link grabs the ledge near the chest with a normal camera, the camera will face straight down, making it much easier to time the drop.

Fast waterfall poe movement

Midna jump up and lure the poe.

Iza 1 Skip

Discovered by Dragonbane0

The method for doing this trick is very similar to Infinite Bomb Arrows. A full description of this trick can be found here.

Clawshot Clip

In the water, hold L and the clawshot button, then sideswim into a slope. The angle is not precise at all. This can be done with any armor on.
This can be used for a slower method of Iza 1 Skip or to start the Iza 2 minigame after completing Iza 1 Skip and getting Iza's Bomb Bag.

Fishing HP

A bottle is retrievable by fishing in the enclosed water In Hena's Fishing Hole. Watch the end of the fishing line for the bottle to appear briefly when the "FISH ON!" prompt appears. There is a 50% chance of bottle for every FISH ON! assuming no fish have been caught. If a player catches too many fish, this may make the bottle never appear.

North Field grotto for 100%

If both poes are hit by the same movement in a Midna charge, it usually isn't possible to collect both souls before one poe recovers. However, Midna charging from a point on the right side of the grotto (see video) will knock the poes down in separate movements within the same Midna charge. To collect both souls before either poe recovers, target and collect the souls of the poes in the order they were knocked down.

Ice Puzzle Cave solutions

Ice Puzzle Cave puzzle skips

Discovered by Adam
Developed by jeez, bewildebeest, and EJ

The methods of skipping the puzzles shown here save 43s over solving the puzzles. Skips without moon boots shown here.

  1. Jump strike moon boots bomb boost onto block (either moon boots frame can work)
  2. LJA to skip 1st puzzle
  3. Jump as wolf to 2nd puzzle blocks (doing another moon boots bomb boost onto the 2nd puzzle blocks is a few seconds slower, but works as a backup for falling)
  4. LJA to skip 2nd puzzle
  5. Autojump off of the 2nd puzzle gates without rolling, as an accidental ledge grab and then pressing A to drop will get Link stuck between the two gates, which is very bad
  6. Stand near front of switch (doesn't need to be extremely far forward)
  7. C-up and aim all the way down, then adjust the vertical angle slightly upward to within the range 9997-9937 (inclusive)
  8. Hold c-up and press A 10 times to buffer the vertical angle to the working LJA range of 183-176
  9. Target 5 times on the chest and double LJA
  10. The second LJA is frame perfect, 23f after the first LJA's A press, which can be timed with a metronome at 313bpm

Spinner Track HP Timesaver

Jumping from the track to the HP chest instead of going around the corner saves around 1s.

LJA to 100R chest

In the field west of Castle Town there is a run-down area to the south with a chest on a pillar. It is possible to LJA to this chest, skipping using the dominion rod. Aim slightly above the wall so the boomerang goes over, then LJA as soon as possible.

Backslice jump to 100R chest

Sidehop + roll onto the ledge, then hold forward to jump off. Time a jump attack to land on the ledge.

Fast learning Jump Strike & Great Spin

Discovered By SVA161620

When learning Jump Strike, it is 3.33s faster to spin-attack after doing the Jump Strike as it prevents the real Hero's Shade from getting knocked down. It is also possible to release the Jump Strike without fully charging it and still get a Jump Strike, unlike in the overworld where this would result in a normal jump attack.

When leaning Great Spin, it is 2.73s faster to backflip into the greatspin rather than just greatspinning. Once again, this is because it doesn't knock down the real Hero's Shade. As when learning Jump Strike, it is also possible to release the Jump Strike without fully charging it and still get a Jump Strike, unlike in the overworld where this would result in a normal jump attack.

Mailman Skips Lanayru Bridge towards Castle Town

There are two mailman triggers on Lanayru Bridge. It is possible to LJA over both of the triggers by throwing the boomerang just over the side of the bridge from near the trigger.

The first trigger is just after the second broken arch on the right-hand side of the bridge. For the second trigger, go to the second non-broken arch on the right-hand side after the crack in the floor; from here, edge Link forward a little more to the second big brick after the arch.

Small timesave for STAR 1

Discovered by ZachLink99

Rolling and jumping across the platforms saves 1s.

Telma Cutscene Skip/TD for GCN

More information about this trick can be found on the Text Displacement page.

Wooden Statue Animation Skip

Normally, the statue has a bouncing animation when it spawns, but this can be skipped by position Link on the ground exactly where that bouncing animation would begin. This is somewhat precise, and visual cues on the ground can be hard to see.

─────── Misc. ───────

Falbi text dive

Standing near the edge and talking to Falbi will result in Link falling during the text and going underneath the floor collision.

Epona Seam Clip in North Field

By riding Epona precisely into the corner of the ledge, it is possible to ride Epona through the collision and OoB.

LJA over South Field Midna trigger

LJA to Lanayru statue chest

A slightly precise LJA can reach the 100R chest on the cliff without moving the statue with the dominion rod.

LJA to cliff poe and chest

NorGor (Goron Bomb Bag without water bombs)

Discovered by YellowTorpedo

Using the Normal Bombs Underwater glitch and starting a cutscene at the same time, it's possible to sink a normal bomb low enough to blow up the rock with the Goron in it.

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