Discovered by Draconif, Feb. 13 2024

When Link clawshots a clawshottable surface such as vines or a grate from very close range, he briefly rises upon reaching the surface before falling back to the ground. While he's in the air, there is one frame on which it's possible to input a roll, sidehop, or backflip and cause Link to perform this action as though from an invisible ledge in the air, giving sidehops and backflips extra height and turning rolls into autojumps that can be done in any direction. This technique works on all versions of the game.

There is currently no known use for clawhops in speedruns. There is no known way to combine clawhops with moonboots. Clawhops do not seem to be possible with Aeralfos's shield, staltroops, peahats, or falling cylinders in City in the Sky. The amount of extra height achieved is simply determined by the height Link has from rising after clawshotting. Clawhops can be done with both single and double clawshots.

The video below demonstrates what is known to be possible with clawhops. For ease of demonstration, it uses a turbo cheat, which makes it possible to hold the A button down to get a clawhop instead of timing an A press frame perfectly as would be needed without cheats.

Last updated 04/02/2024 – bewildebeest