GCN Goron Mines RTA (with Eldin Twilight; replaced 2024-04-13)

Start with Files 1 and 2 blank, as both will be used during the run.

It is helpful to watch a top run on the leaderboard for reference when learning, as this route document can only go into so much detail.



  • S. Faron Warp Portal
  • Faron Vessel
  • Kill first two bugs (Don't Need to Collect Tears After Killing)
  • Bug on Coro's House
  • Bugs in Coro's House
  • Bugs before tunnel (Collect Tears)
  • Dig through tunnel
  • Bugs on right wall (Collect Tears)
  • Bugs in Main Tree Trunk (Collect Tears)
  • Burrowed bugs (Collect Tears)
  • Early Master Sword
  • Dash to Forest Temple entrance
  • Last two bugs (Collect Tears)
  • Kill second shadow beast
  • Early Master Sword again
  • Enter Sacred Grove
  • Skull Kid chase
  • Skull Kid fight
  • Master Sword Puzzle (LD UUU RR DDD LU)
  • Master Sword
  • Warp S. Faron
  • Transform
  • Collect Last two tears
  • Savewarp over file 2
    • 1-Frame Backflip to skip text
  • Back in Time Equipped on Ordon Bridge
    • Load File 2

Eldin Twilight

Getting to Goron Mines

  • Note: Midna must be used to warp
  • Warp S. Faron
  • Dash to Bo's House
  • Talk to Bo 4-6 times
    • Talking 2-3 times also works, but is not optimal.
  • Leave Bo's House
  • Warp Death Mountain
  • Climb Death Mountain (No Early Elevator)
  • Talk to Gor Coron once
  • Warp to S. Faron in corner behind Gorons
  • Dash to Bo's House
  • Finish talking to Bo
  • Wrestling
  • Iron Boots
  • Leave Bo's House
  • Warp Death Mountain
  • Early Elevator (wolf method)
    • [Lantern / Iron Boots]
  • Enter Goron Mines

Goron Mines

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