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There are many ways to clip in Ocarina of Time. Clipping allows one to escape the normal playing bounds of the game, which can lead to some major breaks.

Acute angles

For nearly any angle less than 90 degrees, a jumpslash will be able to push you through one side of the wall. For angles a jumpslash can't get through, a superslide usually can. Other ways to clip through acute angles include recoil boosting and Hyper Extended Supersliding. Superslides can get through some 90 degree angles, but only if one of the two walls is an actor. Lunge Storage is a technique which increases the distance a jumpslash travels, enabling more clips.

Using objects

There are some specific objects that you can use to clip. Specifically, the blocks you can push, even though they create a 90 degree angle, can be clipped through. These objects, when up against a wall, can be clipped through a variety of ways. These objects can be clipped through with Recoil boosts, Jumpslashes, Superslides/HESS's, Damage Boosts, and Giant's Knife/Biggorons Sword Thrusts, depending on the object. This is particularly useful in the Fire Temple. Additionally, you can use an armos that you push around to clip as well. This is useful for a Trials Skip. There are also objects, like the hammer blocks in the fire temple you can clip through as well. Wooden boxes and Hammer blocks against a wall can be clipped through as an adult with a precisely angled jumpslash, but only if there is solid ground behind the wall.

With the third thrust of either the Giant's Knife (can be broken too) or the Biggoron Sword, it is possible to clip through these objects in the game. Typically the hover boots are used as well, so that once you clip out of bounds you have time to get back inside where you are trying to go. The Door of Time is one of these objects near a wall that has a small space in between that allows clipping.

Hookshot Clipping

Get near a wall and a hookshot-able object (a torch, freezard, iron knuckle, likelike, etc.) close to the wall. Pull out your hookshot and press Z to go to 3rd person. Move sideways towards the hookshot-able object so that you are being sqeezed between it and the wall, then use the hookshot and you should go through the wall. It is also possible to do this without z-targeting if you aim correctly.

Vine Clipping

Discovered by AKA

As child link, when you grab a climbable wall from air, link will clip slightly inside the vines/gate for a few frames. If you get hit during these few frames, you will completely clip through the wall. This does not work on ladders.

Fast Rung Grab & Lag Cancel

Discovered by Acryte

While letting go of a vine, press down then up. This will cancel the lag and allow you to regrab faster. Also, you can do it to skip a rung at the top of a climbable wall, and can use it to do wallclipping with bombchus easier, and without needing to fall an unnecessary distance.

Ladder Clipping

It is possible as an adult to use the hookshot and shoot across the top of a ladder. If done correctly you will grab the top of the ledge inside of the ladder. From there you can release the ledge by pressing A and then quickly pressing B to jumpslash and get out of bounds. Ladder clipping can be done without a hookshot by performing a sidehop or precisely angled backwalk. These two ways also cause link to grab the ladder differently, meaning a sword is not needed to jumpslash after letting go. Instead, simply hold the direction you want to fall after letting go of the ladder to not clip back inbounds. Ladder clipping only works as Adult because Child Link will pop back up after dropping from the ladder.

Grunz Clipping

Discovered by MrGrunz

Grunz clipping is a nickname for clipping through an angle of 90 degrees or less formed by two walls that have ledges on top of them which can be grabbed. By grabbing the correct part of the ledge, the majority of Link's body will be inside the wall. Getting damaged while mostly clipped will push you through the wall.

Z-Target Ledge Clipping

Discovered by Skater

Z-Target Ledge Clipping is a method of clipping through any ledge which has a wall above it that can be targeted as you grab the ledge. To perform this trick as adult, you must be facing the wall as you grab the ledge and Z-Target it on the first frame of the grabbing animation. If done correctly, you can press A to drop through the wall. This can also be done in some places as child with a damage source. Some common uses for this clipping method include new methods for Shadow Boss Key Skip, Song of Time Skip in Forest Temple, Ice Cavern and Water compasses early, and a new way to enter Gerudo Training Grounds as Adult without the Gerudo Card or hover boots. This trick can be used in many more places, but most of them aren't very useful.

Ground Clip

Ground clips are possible in certain areas where a wall meets a floor. With high enough horizontal and downwards speed, you will go through the corner. There are two types of ground clips: flat ground clips and sloped ground clips. To reach enough speed to clip, you generally megaflip or megasidehop from a large height

Flat Ground Clip

Certain floors around the game have a special property which lets you clip through all adjoining walls. Notable examples include the standard methods of water temple boss key skip and Goron city door skip.

Sloped Ground Clip

These are possible on certain slopes on the side of a wall.

Sideways Vine Clip

Discovered by bliny

This method of clipping works as both child and adult. This works on climbable walls that have a wall to the side that Link can climb into, getting pushed back. While climbing, get next to the side wall. Now perform a fast sideways climb by holding towards the side wall for 1-2 frames, then start holding up or down. Link will clip far enough into the wall that damage from an enemy or explosion can push him all the way through the wall, if Link takes damage on the correct frame of the sideways climb animation. This is useful in Gerudo Training Ground, shown below. It also can be used in Shadow Temple to access the skulltula above the boat.

Triple Slash Clip with First-Person Item

Discovered by Aki

After performing a triple slash, if you begin holding Z during the third slash, then pull a first-person item (hookshot/bow/slingshot/boomerang) on the correct frame, you will go backwards at a very high speed for 1 frame. This can be used to clip through acute angles.

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