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Zora's Fountain

Enter Jabu-Jabu Without a Fish

Newer Method

Discovered by Skater82297
  1. Z-Target the pillar to the right so that Link is touching the railing.
  2. Hold R and press B twice to crouch stab recoil off the pillar twice, putting you into position.
  3. Sidehop left then quickly mash B to jump attack.

The sword should hit the pillar on the opposite side of the railing, causing you to recoil back into the Jabu-Jabu loading zone. However, if Link does not jumpslash quickly enough it can be a long swim back to setup again. Because of this the next method is still commonly used.

Classic Method

Discovered by AKA
  1. Climb onto the rail to the right of Jabu Jabu's mouth
  2. Face the side of Jabu Jabu's mouth, lining up the B button with the second green triangle from the left
  3. Jump off and then perform a jump slash to get as much height as possible
  4. Timed correctly, you will hit the loading zone for the dungeon.

It is possible to jump too high, in which case you need to slide down a little bit and do another jumpslash to hit the loading zone. Getting to know exactly where to aim for requires a small amount of practice.

It should be noted that both of the above techniques can also be performed from the left side of Jabu-Jabu's head.

Enter Jabu Jabu As An Adult

Entering Jabu Jabu as an Adult used to be incredibly difficult.

Newer and easier methods have been found in the years since its original discovery, however.

Enter Ice Cavern As Child

Using the setup shown in the video below and sideflip bombchu hovers, you can enter Ice Cavern as child.

Last updated 02/02/2018 – Jbop