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Ice Cavern

Hookshot Clip in First Room

Discovered by Exodus

It is possible to do a Hookshot Clip in the first room to skip through the bars, skipping the need to defeat every Freezard. To do this, quickly go up to the gate and align Link's head with the third bar from the right. Wait about 5 seconds with your hookshot ready to fire and a Freezard will come after you. Then aim a bit left and down and release the hookshot and you should clip through to the other side of the gate.

Skip the Red Ice in the Spinning Blade Room

There are multiple ways to get through the red ice without actually needing to pour blue fire on it.

Method 1 - Superslide Clip

Discovered by ?

By setting up a precise angle, it is possible to superslide through the left side of the red ice. This method is difficult because the spinning blade can get in the way.

Method 2 - Recoil Boost Clip

Discovered by Exodus

This method requires hoverboots.

  1. Head over to where the Gold Skulltula and the stalagmites are.
  2. Destroy the two that are away from the wall (furthest from the red ice you are trying to get through).
  3. Target the ice wall just to the right of the remaining stalagmite, and pivot 180.
  4. Move forward enough to crouch stab the wall in front of you, to set up a recoil boost.
  5. Put on the hover boots on the first frame of recoil, and release everything except for holding up-up-left on the control stick.
  6. When you clip, quickly change the position to straight up, or a little right, to control Link as he slides out of bounds and back through the other wall.

Bomb and Jumpslash Boost

This method is as simple as it looks in the video.


This has more frames than a normal hess if the bomb is on the platform. All you do is Hess and let go of target and retarget when in the corner.

This can also be done as child with a Bombchu on the 8th red flash.

Bombchu Drop (Child)

You can clip through the red ice on the right side of the dungeon as Child Link by simply dropping a Bombchu on the 11th red flash.

Gate Clip in the Spinning Blade room

Discovered by MrGrunz

In order to get to the back room of the Ice Cavern, you normally must collect all the silver rupees in the spinning scythe room. Performing a well-angled superslide followed by a jumpslash can clip Link into the gate, with the jumpslash allowing him to land back in bounds on the other side.

Get the Compass without Blue Fire

Discovered by Kazooie

This type of trick is useful for Max% Adult, or some kind of map and compass race. In order to do it, align yourself right in front of the compass chest so you are facing it. Pivot 180 degrees and drop a bomb, then pivot back. With pause buffering, it is the second frame that you take damage, the frame you would use to do a hover boost. From here you can unpause and press A to open the chest. Note that this works with the map chest as well.

Block Puzzle Room Strategies

You can use Ground Jumps around the room to avoid pushing the block if you have bombs. There are also some other precise jumps and moves you can do in this room: 1. You can climb on the block in its original position and jump to the platform with the rupee in the center of the room. 2. You can climb the lower platform near the gold skulltula and jump to the platform near it with the silver rupee. 3. You can do a sidehop to the right, then angle slightly back and while sliding off the edge, roll forward to get a big jump up to the ledge with the rupee in the red ice. 4. You can get the rupee in the red ice with a well angled jumpslash from the right side.

Skip the Last Red Ice Barrier

There are several ways past the last red ice before getting to the iron boots room. You can do a superslide if you have bombs, or a hover boost or a megaflip if you have bombs/chus. It is also possible with a recoil boost if you have the hover boots. When recoil boosting, equip the hover boots on the first frame you move backwards and hold forwards (counter-intuitively) to clip through the red ice.

Serenade Cutscene Skip

It is possible to die just as you open the iron boots chest, meaning that you can skip the Serenade cutscene. To do this stand right in front of the iron boot chest with 1/2 of a heart or less. Shield drop a bomb and buffer until the 2nd frame of the explosion, then open the chest. If done correctly, you will open the chest and take the damage, then after the iron boots text is over you will die and skip the cutscene.

Last updated 02/02/2018 – Jbop