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Gold Skulltulas - Locations and Methods

This page will be broken up by section. Each section will then list the Gold Skulltula location, whether it can be gotten as Child, Adult, or Both, the requirements necessary to get the Gold Skulltula, and any other notes of interest to speedrunners.

Bottom of the Well

  • Room with invisible floors - Child
    Requirements: Small Key, Boomerang or Hovering
    After entering the main middle room with the wooden X, this is the locked door on the right.

  • Room with Deku Baba - Child
    Requirements: Small Key, Boomerang or Hovering
    After entering the main middle room with the wooden X, this is the locked door on the left.

  • In The Like Like Cage - Child
    Requirements: Small Key OR Explosive OR ZL
    This Gold Skulltula can be killed by jumpslashing from the chest. The token can also be gotten by having the Like-Like eat you and then launch you at it. It is possible to have the Like-Like eat you from outside the cage if you are in out-of-bounds water (which can be entered by vine clipping) and eject you inside.

Death Mountain Crater

  • Soil Patch - Child
    Requirements: Bugs
    This patch of soil is near the Bolero warp pad. It is possible to Megaflip down to this area to obtain it without the Bolero warp song.

  • Crate at Top - Child
    Requirements: None
    As you enter the Crater from the entrance near the Great Fairy, there is a crate directly in front of you on the left-hand side. Break the crate and it will pop out.

Death Mountain Trail

  • Behind Soft Rock Wall - Both
    Requirements: Explosive or Clip
    This is behind a bombable wall near the start of Death Mountain Trail. It is possible to clip through the wall and get this Skulltula. Note also that the wall the token is on is climbable.
  • Soft Soil Patch Outside Dodongo's Cavern - Child
    Requirements: Bugs, practically speaking an explosive
    It is possible to kill this Skulltula without blowing up the rock, but in order to obtain the token, the rock must be blown up. There is an alternative, which would be entering DC from the top using a superslide or hover, and from (a slow walk through) the DC to DMT entrance, you can kill and roll through the rock to collect the Gold Skulltula token without blowing up the rock.

  • Rockslide Area - Adult
    Requirements: None
    Behind the highest red rock in the rockslide area. It is possible to kill with a jumpslash or quickspin, and then a well-positioned backflip into the rock can get the token.

  • Bomb Flower Area Above Dodongo's Cavern - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot OR Hammer OR Hoverboots OR Bombs
    Another red rock. You can jumpslash or quick spin to kill it, but in order to get the token something else must be done. If you have the hammer you can simply blow it up, if you have Hover Boots you can hover from the ledge and backflip into it. If you have bombs you can staircase hover and then backflip into it. Or if you have the hookshot you can precisely hook the token out of the rock.

Deku Tree

  • Compass Room - Both
    Requirements: None
    In the alcove on the left of the room.

  • Basement near Switch - Both
    Requirements: None
    After breaking the web on the first floor, you fall down into Basement 1, a room with a pool of water. The Gold Skulltula is on the climbable vines between Basement 1 and the first floor.

  • Basement near Switch - Both
    Requirements: None
    After breaking the web on the first floor and falling into Basement 1, there is a Gold Skulltula on the wooden gate next to the switch.

  • Room in Back Behind Bombable Wall - Both
    Requirements: Explosive
    This is in Basement 1 in the back room behind a bombable wall, so explosives are required. A well-placed Deku Stick jumpslash will kill it. The token is then typically gotten with the Boomerang or Hookshot, but it can be hovered to as well.

Desert Colossus

  • Soil Near Spirit Entrance - Child
    Requirements: Bugs
    This can be obtained before Requiem by doing Spirit Temple Early

  • On Top of Rock - Adult
    Requirements: Magic Bean OR Hookshot OR Hovering
    Near Nayru's Love Entrance, there is a rock that has a Skulltula on it. It appears at night, and can be killed using the 0,0,0 trick.

  • Up A Palm Tree - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    This skulltula appears at night on a Palm tree. Can be killed using the 0,0,0 trick.

Dodongo's Cavern

  • Vines above Staircase - Both
    Requirements: None
    Simply kill this one and climb the vines.

  • Alcove above Staircase - Both
    Requirements: Boomerang/Hookshot OR Hovering
    To get to this alcove, you either need the bombed staircase to be reset (do this by resetting, but after you pressed the switch to raise the platform to the 2nd level) and do the dungeon in reverse, or you could do a hover boost if you are an adult. Or you could hover up there if you have enough explosives.

  • Baby Dodongo Corridor - Both
    Requirements: None
    If you are trying for this one without Scarecrow song, you must either hover up to it or push the armos all the way over and jump up to it.

  • Baby Dodongo Corridor - Both
    Requirements: Explosive
    To save an explosive you can use a Baby Dodongo death explosion on the bombable wall.

  • Room Back Behind Head - Both
    Requirements: Explosive
    After going through the mouth, it is in the back room behind a bombable wall.

Fire Temple

  • Above Song of Time Block - Adult
    Requirements: Song of Time or Hovering
    In the room with the long bridge look right. You can either get the Song of Time to climb the block or hover to the above room. It is in the back near the Like Like.

  • Spinning Tiles Room - Adult
    Requirements: Hammer OR Source of Damage
    Upon entering the temple, it is a few rooms after entering the lower door on the right. You can either hammer away the objects or clip through them with an explosive or hover boots + Giant's Knife or Biggoron Sword.

  • Boulder Maze - Adult
    Requirements: Explosive
    This is behind a bombable wall on the first floor of the boulder maze.

  • Near the Top of a Tower - Adult
    Requirements: Scarecrow Song and Hookshot OR Extensive Hovering
    On the 2nd floor of the boulder maze, there is a scarecrow song spot. Playing this will lead up to this skulltula. It can be done with hovering as well but takes a lot of explosives.

  • Top of the Tower - Adult
    Requirements: Scarecrow Song and Hookshot OR Extensive Hovering
    On the 2nd floor of the boulder maze, there is a scarecrow song spot. Playing this will lead up to this skulltula. It can be done with hovering as well but takes a lot of explosives. Continue past the previous skulltula to reach this one.

Forest Temple

  • First Room - Adult
    Requirements: None
    In the very first room it is on the vines to the right.

  • Main Room - Adult
    Requirements: None
    This is near the back leading to area with the Stalfos, where the Forest Temple Boss Key Skip is done.

  • Right Courtyard - Adult
    Requirements: None
    From the main room, the courtyard to the right has a gold skulltula on an upper ledge. It can be killed from the bottom level with just the hookshot.

  • Left Courtyard - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot
    Near where the giant deku baba is, there is a stone ledge with hearts on it. Look up on the wall to get this skulltula.

  • Basement - Adult
    Requirements: Bottled Item you can Catch OR Beat the Four Poes OR Extensive Hovering
    After riding the elevator down you can find this in one of the alcoves. You an use some of the various methods to get into the Basement Early as well, in order to save time.

Ganon's Tower

  • Stone Arch - Adult
    Requirements: None
    Near the stone arch on the back side you will find this one.

Gerudo Fortress

  • Back Wall - Adult
    Requirements: None
    Simply be in the fortress at night. This is near the chest with a heart piece.

  • Far End of Horseback Archery
    Requirements: Hookshot OR Extensive Hovering
    At night, go to the far bullseye post to find this skulltula.

Gerudo Valley

  • Near Wooden Bridge - Child
    Requirements: Boomerang or Hovering
    Near the entrance of Gerudo Valley by the wooden bridge and the mini waterfall you can find this one at night.

  • Soil on Lowest Ledge near River - Child
    Requirements: Bugs
    Grab a cucco and fly to the lower ledge, or dive and swim over. Near the Gerudo and the Cow is a soft soil patch.

  • Behind The Carpenters Tent - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    Must be night.

  • On Stone Pillar Near Large Rocks - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    If you head over to where some big red rocks are, you should be able to find this on the pillar near the wall. It must be night.

Goron City

  • Back of Central Upper Platform - Adult
    Requirements: None
    This skulltula can be gotten by jumping to the token from the platform, but is typically collected with the hookshot from a ledge/fence below.

  • Room of Rocks - Child
    Requirements: Explosives
    On the top level there is a room filled with rocks. Follow the path of bombable rocks to find a crate with a Skulltula inside.


  • Wall to the Right Behind Dampe's House - Child
    Requirements: Boomerang OR Extensive Hovering
    Must be dark. It's also possible to kill from the seam as if you were going to do Shadow Early.

  • Soft Soil In Graveyard - Child
    Requirements: Bugs
    Near where Dampe's grave is as an Adult.

Haunted Wasteland

  • Building in the Center - Both
    Requirements: None
    This is located in the bottom. If you get it as child, boomerang or a single hover should work.

Hyrule Castle Area

  • Room with all the Pots - Child
    Requirements: None
    On the path just after the drawbridge, enter the room with the lone guard and the pots containing money. The 2nd crate in the back has this skulltula.

  • First Tree - Child
    Requirements: None
    As you enter the path to Hyrule Castle, the Tree the owl talks to you from has a Gold Skulltula in it.

  • Grotto in Corner by Tree, near Talon - Child
    Requirements: Song of Storms, Explosive
    There's a tree on the corner of the moat. Play the Song of Storms by it to open a grotto. Bomb the wall on the left to get the gold skulltula. Typically the boomerang is used to get the token but you could hover as well.

Hyrule Field

  • Tree To Left Of Bridge heading to Kakariko - Both
    Requirements: Explosive
    After crossing the bridge leading to Kakariko, look left. There is a lone tree. Bomb it to open a grotto. Typically the token is gotten with the boomerang/hookshot but it can be hovered to as well.

  • Rock Circle Gerudo Valley - Both
    Requirements: Explosive, Din's Fire OR Fire Arrow, Hammer (if adult) and then Boomerang/Hookshot OR Hovering
    This one is in a rock circle in the area right before Gerudo Valley. Blow up the middle to reveal a grotto. You will need to burn the webs in the grotto, and then nab the skulltula.

Ice Cavern

  • Spinning Blades Room - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    Behind the three cones you destroy, there is a gold skulltula.

  • Sliding Block Room - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    To get to this room you also need to either clip the red ice or melt it with blue fire.

  • Compass Room - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    To get to this room you also need to either clip the red ice or melt it with blue fire.

Jabu Jabu's Belly

  • Basement Room with Rising Water - Child
    Requirements: None
    You can either throw Ruto at it, angle a jumpslash, or use an explosive to kill this one. Of course, the slingshot and boomerang work as well.

  • Room With Holes In The Floor - Child
    Requirements: Boomerang
    If you drop down the hole in the back of the main room you will find this skulltula. It's probably possible to kill without the boomerang and then hover to the token.

  • Room With Holes In The Floor - Child
    Requirements: Boomerang
    Exactly where the previous one was, if you find one you should find the other.

  • Outside The Boss Room - Child
    Requirements: None
    On the far side of the vines. You just have to get to this room (Ruto Throw or OI on the switch).

Kakariko Village

  • House of Skulltula - Child
    Requirements: None
    This one is on the side of the House of Skulltula at night.

  • Tree in Center of Town - Child
    Requirements: None
    Just roll into the tree. Must be night.

  • The Unfinished Building - Child
    Requirements: None
    The building that is being contructed has a gold skulltula at night.

  • Near the Adult Bazaar, Next to Pots - Child
    Requirements: None
    This is on the house by the guard heading to Death Mountain Trail. It must be night.

  • Ladder Of The Lookout Tower - Child
    Requirements: None
    Typically killed with Slingshot or sending a Chu up the ladder, it can also be done by performing ISG and climbing right up to it. Again must be night.

  • Roof Of Impa's House - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    At night, look on the roof of Impa's House.

Kokiri Forest

  • Know-It-All Brothers' House - Child
    Requirements: None
    Behind their house, must be dark. You can simply jumpslash to kill it and jumpslash to get the token as well.

  • Soft Soil Near Shop - Child
    Requirements: Bugs
    Off to the side of the shop as though you were heading a bit to Mido.

  • The Twin's House - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    Must be dark, this is the house closest to where Mido typically stands as a child.

Lake Hylia

  • Fire Arrow Island - Child
    Requirements: None
    Must be dark for this one to appear.

  • Soft Soil Patch - Child
    Requirements: Bugs
    In front of the Lakeside Laboratory.

  • The Back of the Lakeside Laboratory - Child
    Requirements: None
    This can be killed and the token collected with well timed/positioned jumpslashes from the ropes on the bridge. It must be dark for this to appear.

  • Inside the Laboratory - Adult
    Requirements: Iron Boots and Hookshot
    Equip the Iron Boots and sink to the bottom of the pool. At the bottom break open the box for this skulltula.

  • Tree Above Water Temple Entrance - Adult
    Requirements: Longshot OR Extensive Hovering
    It's at the top of the tree. Must be dark.

Lon Lon Ranch

  • Outside of Talon's House - Child
    Requirements: Boomerang OR Extensive Hovering
    At night look at the windows of Talon's House. It would be very difficult to get without the Boomerang/Slingshot.

  • The Tree - Child
    Requirements: None
    Roll into the tree in the ranch and a Skulltula will pop out. Must be night.

  • Back Of The Ranch - Child
    Requirements: None
    Outside the horse area, go to the back and find that wooden structure at night.

  • Building Towards the Back of the Ranch - Child
    Requirements: Boomerang OR Extensive Hovering
    By the stone tower in the back. Would be difficult to hover because of the guays in the area. Must be night.

Lost Woods

  • Soft Soil Patch Near Deku Scrubs - Child
    Requirements: Bugs
    This is near the Forest Stage, where there is grass, a tree, and two deku scrubs.

  • Soft Soil near Lost Woods Bridge - Child
    Requirements: Bugs
    Head to the left in the Lost Woods and you will find this soil patch by the ladder.

  • Near Forest Stage - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot and bombchu or Planted Bean or Hovering
    You can kill it with a bombchu then hookshot the token. If you haven't planted a bean it will take some hovering to get up to this one. Must be dark.

Sacred Forest Meadow

  • On Right Wall - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    Must be dark. Once on top of the maze look along the right wall to find this one.

Shadow Temple

  • Room With Invisible Spinning Blades - Adult
    Requirements: None
    Once you hit the main room, this is off to your left. You can either kill all the enemies to bring the gate up, or you can Like Like clip past it.

  • Falling Spikes Room - Adult
    Requirements: None
    The room with falling spikes has little caged areas on the left. One of them has this skulltula.

  • Room with Single Blue Flamed Skull - Adult
    Requirements: None
    This room has one flamed blue skull and the skulltula is behind it near the ground.

  • Ship Room - Adult
    Requirements: Scarecrow Song and either a strength upgrade and Hookshot or Longshot, or Hover Boots, Bombs, and a shield, or Extensive Hovering
    Note that it is possible, if you pull the block out from underneath, to reach the scarecrow with the hookshot. Moving this block requires a strength upgrade. Alternatively, you can hoverslide from the platform next to the boat toward the ledge, and turn around to grab it.

  • Blue Spinning Skulls Room - Adult
    Requirements: None
    This is near the Boss Key, a room with three spinning skulls.

Spirit Temple

  • Room Before Child Iron Knuckle - Both
    Requirements: Boomerang/Hookshot OR Extensive Hovering
    In the room before the Iron Knuckle, it is above the door. Typically gotten with the boomerang or hookshot, it could also be killed with slingshot/chu and hovered to.

  • Child Side After Tunnel - Both
    Requirements: Nothing as Child; Hoverboots and bombs as Adult
    After going through the first tunnel on the left, kill all the enemies and take the door on the right. If you don't have the boomerang, you can go around the other way and use ISG to kill it from the back. Then just move precisely over the token to get it. Note in order to get through the tunnel as an adult, a tricky out of bounds hoverboost must be performed.

  • Near Chu Chest - Both
    Requirements: None
    This skulltula is on the wall to the right of where you would get Chus. If going for it as an adult, you can enter from the main room and kill it.

  • Main Statue Room - Both
    Requirements: Hookshot OR Hovering OR Hoverboots OR Longshot
    Find the huge Egyptian statue, and go up the stairs. To your left you'll find a ledge that you can get to via the Scarecrow's Song. A Skulltula is up here. You can reach it with he hookshot if you climb up the statue's right arm a little.

  • Boulder Room - Adult
    Requirements: Song of Time
    There's an alcove in here, but to get there you'll need to play the Song Of Time next to a blue block. Note if you do manage to get here as child through some really difficult tricks, it is possible to get with the boomerang.

Water Temple

  • Behind Gate with Four Pots - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Explosive
    Turn left from the room where Ruto departed, and you'll find a bombable floor. Past here just make your way to the back to find this Skulltula. It is possible to reach this room without needing the Iron Boots and the Silver/Golden Scale by using a Hookshot Clip from the torch.

  • Room with All the Moving Platforms - Adult
    Requirements: Longshot OR ISG and Hookshot
    To the right of this waterfall on the wall. Note that it can be reached with ISG and the hookshot. It may be possible without ISG but would require very precise positioning.

  • Waterfall With Rocks Room - Adult
    Requirements: None
    When you first enter this room you will see 6 tektites and currents/vortexes. Look to the left and you should see a little waterfall with rocks coming down. The skulltula is in the back here. Note that you can jump to the platform without the hover boots to go get it. If you have the longshot, it can reach without needing to jump up there at all.

  • Vortex Room After Longshot - Adult
    Requirements: Song of Time, Iron Boots, and Longshot
    After the Longshot play the Song of Time and find this skulltula on a wall in the vortex room.

  • Inside the Main Pillar - Adult
    Requirements: Longshot
    Either use a key from the bottom or light the torch from the middle level to get inside. Once inside, you will find it high up on the wall.

Zora's Domain

  • Top of Waterfall - Adult
    Requirements: Explosive OR Zelda's Lullaby OR Hoverboots
    Must be night outside even though you can't really tell in the Domain. In order to access the domain from Zora's River you need one of the requirements. Getting the skulltula does not actually require any of those.

Zora's Fountain

  • Island With Lone Tree - Child
    Requirements: None
    Near where you get Farore's Wind, roll into the tree to drop this skulltula.

  • Giant Log - Child
    Requirements: Boomerang or Hovering
    On the wall near the log. Must be night.

  • Large Hidden Alcove - Adult
    Requirements: Silver Gauntlet Strength or greater, Hovering, or "Weird Shot"
    You can either lift the silver rock with the gauntlets, or hover up out of bounds and swim in the out of bounds water to get to this secret alcove. Alternatively, you can perform the "Weird Shot" glitch at the correct spot and it allows to to grab the ledge underneath the boulder.

Zora's River

  • Tree Near Entrance - Child
    Requirements: None
    It's possible even with the owl there to skip talking to him and still get this skulltula if you perform an ISG Ground Jump.

  • Ladder Near Top - Child
    Requirements: None
    Once near the large waterfall at the end, this skulltula is on a ladder at night.

  • Area with Two Grottos - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Hovering
    If coming down the River, take the path on the left and climb up the ladder. Must be night out.

  • Above The Bridge - Adult
    Requirements: Hookshot or Extensive Hovering
    After crossing the wooden bridge, this skulltula appears on the right wall at night. Note it can be gotten with the hookshot range if you stand on top of the fence.

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