Quick Putaway / Glitched Damage Value

Quick Putaway is a glitch which allows Link to put an item away without an animation. It works by interrupting the put away animation, so the game has set his item in hand to empty, but he still is holding an item. This glitch is similar to quickdraw in concept, but is performed differently and has different effects, such as the Glitched Damage Value.

Methods to get Quick Putaway

Using a Cutscene item (v1.0 only)

Discovered by Gabyelnuevo

Press A to put away the item, then pull a cutscene item on the next frame.

This also works with throwing a Deku Nut:

Taking Damage

Discovered by Gabyelnuevo

Press A to put away the item just before taking damage.

Walking off a ledge

Walk off a ledge, pressing A to put away the item just before you grab the ledge.

With Empty Jumpslash

Glitched Damage Value Effect

Discovered by Exodus

Getting a broken stick after performing Quick Putaway with a Deku Stick will give a glitched damage value (16171617) which combines the effects of several weapons. This allows burning webs, lighting torches, activating eye switches and the Lost Woods target, stunning Gohma, stunning Barinade in the first few phases, defeating Amy as Child, and more. The glitched damage value deals 0 damage to almost all enemies in the game, except a few, such as iron knuckles.

The IDs in the table below add up to 16171617 in hexadecimal.

Glitched Damage Value Effects
Damage IDDamage Description
00000001Deku Nut
00000002Deku Stick Slash / Thrown Pot
00000004Fairy Slingshot
00000200Master Sword Slash
00000400Biggoron Sword Slash / Giant's Knife Slash
00001000Ice Arrow
00010000"Shadow" Arrows
00020000Din's Fire
00040000Ice Magic
02000000Kokiri Sword Jump Attack / Broken Giant's Knife Jump Attack
04000000Biggoron Sword Jump Attack / Giant's Knife Jump Attack

Other methods to get the Glitched Damage Value

With Blank A (v1.0 only)

Discovered by Zas

With Burning Deku Stick

Discovered by Exodus

It can also be activated by jumpslashing with a lit deku stick right before it completely burns away.

With Down A (v1.0 only)

Discovered by Exodus

With Hover Boots (v1.0 only)

Discovered by Hylian Freddy
Last updated 09/02/2023 – Exodus