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Sacred Forest Meadow


Ground Jump over Maze

Discovered by YautjaElder

As adult Link, using a ground jump, you can easily skip Navi's text at the entrance of the maze as well as skip navigating through the maze altogether.

When you first enter from the lost woods, pull out a bomb and activate a ground jump off of it. This skips Navi's text at the beginning of the maze. When you enter the maze quickly use the ground jump to get up on the ledge in front of you, making sure to do so before the moblin gets to you. Once you're up top, you can simply jump over the rest of the maze completely bypassing the moblins. The fastest way across the maze would be sidehopping over the gaps, though generally because the time saved is so little, you're probably better off just jumping. If you do sidehop, the sidehops have to be good but not perfect, in fact if they are perfect you will end up hanging off a ledge and lose a lot of time. After crossing the maze, just avoid the big moblin and head up to the forest temple.

Text skip without bombs

You can still skip navi's Z targetting text without a ground jump. Walk into the tall grass, a bit before being between the walls to the sides. Then simply turn around and backflip. Its a bit precise, but navi's text is 3 full boxes long, about 10 seconds, so its definitely at least worth trying.

Jump to the top of the maze without ground jump

Discovered by Kazooie

If you are not able to preform a Ground Jump, either from a lack of explosives or shield, you can still skip the maze by using a properly angled jump to get to the top of the maze. To do this, head into the maze and head left. If the moblin is there, make sure to kill him first. Stand on the edge of the water and use C-up to align yourself so the jewel on your sword icon is slightly past the line on the wall. Now run forward to jump, and hold forward to grab the ledge.

Minuet of Forest Cutscene Skip

Instead of watching the minuet of forest cutscene to learn the song, you can skip it by dying as soon as the cutscene starts. Walking up the stairs, just before the top, line link up with the very top stair, just before passing the narrow pathway into the cutscene. With 1/2 heart or less, turn away from the cutscene trigger, place a bomb in front of you and shield. This will push you into the cutscene as soon as you die, and will prompt the game over screen. Say yes to continue playing and you'll restart at the beginning of sacred forest meadow with the minuet of forest learned.

A faster variant of this cutscene skip uses backwalking into the cutscene and dying just as it starts. It is shown below.


Warp directly to Saria's song

If you have already gotten Minuet of Forest as adult and have zelda's lullaby, you can simply play minuet and the sarias song cutscene will start immediately.

Hover over Maze

If you have bombs, you can hover to the top of the maze and jump over the rest of it. The hover will usually take 5-6 bombs. This method is usually not very useful because there are not many occasions you would have bombs at this point and want to get saria's song but don't have minuet yet.

Sun's Song Warp

If you entered SFM from the lost woods and just learned Saria's Song, playing suns song will warp you back to the beginning of the maze, a much faster way to exit the meadow than going back over the maze.

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