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King Dodongo

HP: 12

AI Notes

King Dodongo is the simplest of all bosses in the game. As soon as the inhalation animation begins, you can toss a bomb or feed a bombchu into his mouth to stun him. This will deal deal 2 damage if his health is more than 2, or lock it to 1 if lower.

While stunned, you can attack him with any sword-like item.

After being stunned, King Dodongo will roll forward, bouncing twice off the walls, putting him in one of the corners in the dungeon, starting his attack sequence from the beginning.


  1. If you have a shield before starting the fight, jump attack into the boss fight with either Deku Stick/Master Sword (2 cycle fight), or Kokiri Sword (3 cycle fight). This will store an attack for a Power Crouch Stab.
  2. Simply throw a bomb in King Dodongo's Mouth mouth, then crouch stab or jump attack.
  3. Follow King Dodongo or run straight across the lava to the opposite corner. If you are Death Wrong Warping afterward, using the lava to drain health is a good way to conserve bombs.
  4. Repeat step 2-3 one or two more times.

Replace Bombs with Bombchus

Useful for Child Dungeons and MST Low%. This skips getting the Goron Bracelet and Bomb Bag.

  1. Get ISG
  2. Drop a bombchu on about the 7th blue or 8th red flash
  3. Backflip hover off of it
  4. Backflip again and immediately take out another bombchu (do NOT shield-drop it)

Death Cutscene Skip

The Death Cutscene Skip will trigger a wrong warp to Gerudo Training Grounds. Wrong warps to Gerudo Training Grounds are affected by the cutscene pointer.

To prevent a softlock as Adult Link, you must first destroy the wall blocking access to the main dungeon, then save and reset at the dungeon's start to reset the cutscene pointer.

Initial Position Setup

Back-up Setup

  1. Simply get in the corner and perform the sequence shown to setup for the OI.
  2. Press and hold Z on the first blue frame after the 4th? fast red flash
  3. After 2 frames pass, backflip and perform OI. Due to the camera angle, you must hold LEFT and A to backflip.
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