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Cutscene Pointer Values

The following table contains a list of version 1.0 address values that remain stored in the cutscene pointer (801CA208 in 1.0) after watching a given cutscene. Cutscene data may or may not exist at the address listed depending on a number of factors. It's also worth noting that CS pointer values can be effected in some cases depending on actions taken by the player.

Cutscene Value
Jabu Fish CS 801E3F84
Prelude of Light Warp 801E6680
Door of Time 801E8CB0
Shadow Medallion 801EC398
MS (Pull) 801EF870
MS (Drop) 801EFD20
Fire Medallion 801F0104
MS (Pull) 801F3990
MS (Drop) 801F4320
Pedestal of Time 801F4430
Ruto CS in Jabu Jabu 801F7CA0 (can vary)
Spirit Medallion 801FA618
Minute of Forest Warp 80204370
Requiem of Spirit Warp 802087B0
Bolero of Fire Warp 8020E490
Nocturne of Shadow Warp 8020E590
Serenade of Water Warp 80210430
Deku Tree Meet 80215FC0
Zelda Chase CS 80362BF4
Game Intro 80365080
OoT CS 803662E0
ZL 80368410
Goron Ruby 80369FA0
DMT 8036DD90
Hyrule Field 8036E200
Water Medallion 8036EB30
Nocturne of Shadow 8036F620
Requiem 803703B0
Hyrule Castle 803703C0
Fire Arrows 80370570
Drain Well 803708C0
Lake Hylia 80370F80
Silver Gauntlets 80371A90
Kakariko Village 80372D70
Desert Colossus 80372E30
Serenade of Water 803735C0
Minuet of Forest 80373BA0
Saria's Song 80375350
Epona's Song 80375700
Zora's Sapphire 80375FF0
Light Medallion 803768D0
Gerudo Valley 80376A00
Magic 80376AB0
Farore's Wind 80377D40
Zora Fountain 80377D60
Double Magic 80377D60
Learn Song of Time 803783A0
Lon Lon Ranch 80378730
Din's Fire 80378C00
Prelude of Light 80378F00
Double Defense 80378F50
Bolero of Fire 80379070
Nayru's Love 80379B20
Gerudo Fortress 8037AF90
Tower Collapse 8037BAC0
Light Arrows 8037C150
DMC 8037C170
Kokori Emerald 8037CAE0
Royal Family Tomb 8037DD20
Nabooru Knuckle 1 8037E840
Zora Domain 8037EED0
Temple of Time 8037EFE0
Fairy Ocarina 8037F220
Nabooru Knuckle 2 8037FC10
Graveyard 8037FDC0
Goron Bracelet 8037FF10
Forest Medallion 80380110
Dispell Barrier 80380C00
Zelda** 80381064
Light Trial 80381140
Fire Trial 80381590
Forest Trial 80381940
Spirit Trial 80381CF0
Water Trial 80382120
Wrong Song (Darunia) 80382310
Rauru (Pre-LACS) 80382330
Rainbow Bridge 80382450
Deku Intro 803825B0
Sun's Song 80382780
Goron City 80382930
ZL Skip 80383484
Ganon's Castle 80384090
Shadow Trial 80384530
DMT Owl 80384590
Lake Hylia Owl 80384610
Song of Storms 80384790
Jabu Intro 803847A0
DC Intro 803847C0
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