Text Transfer Glitch

Talking to Saria without Saria's Song

With Sinking Lure and Navi

Discovered by Skater

This was the first method found of the Text Transfer Glitch in OoT. It allows you to talk to Saria without playing Saria's song.

With Time Stop, Warp Song, and Navi

Discovered by Exodus

This is another method to talk to Saria without playing Saria's song.

Broken Goron Sword as Child with Saria's Song text

With Din's Fire Actor Glitch (1.0 only)

Discovered by Hylian Freddy

With Down A and Cucco Cutscene

Discovered by natalyahasdied

With Ledge Cancel and Cucco Cutscene

Discovered by blini

Text Transfer glitch Without Trade Item + Culling

Discovered by natalyahasdied

Sell Bunny Hood with Saria's Song text

With Death Hole + Fairy Revival Glitch

Discovered by natalyahasdied

It's also possible to combine Death Hole with OOB camera lock from hovering over the void instead of drowning camera.

With Only Culling

For some actors, getting the glitched text state via Speak A, Fairy Revival or Ledge Cancel/Down A + Cutscene isn't necessary. Just culling them while closing the textbox produces the same broken text state. Here are a few examples.

WIth cutscene

With Return A

With Time Stop

With OOB Camera Snap

Other Notes

This glitch works on a variety of actors, including the running man, graveyard kid, King Zora, bean salesman, the Kakariko DMT Trail Guard, the Boss Carpenter, Dampe (in a useless way), Adult Malon (in a useless way), and a few other actors (in ways that produce identical results to just talking to them).

Roughly summarizing, this glitch works by breaking free from an actor's text, leaving it in an incomplete state, then completing their text routine in another way. Breaking out of the text improperly can be done in the many ways shown above. These few actors have very simple checks when running their routines, referencing solely "are you talking" and a quick check for the type of textbox, and not the specific textbox. The text engine categorizes textboxes into roughly a dozen different main types, and actors directly look for these generic types when looking for how to proceed. Some actors look for a "Type 4" (YES/NO or other option type) textbox, whereas others look for a "Type 5" (event type) textbox. Type 4 textboxes are used for options like YES/NO or the Farore's Wind Textbox whereas Type 5 textboxes are used for in game 'events' such as the Silver Scale Minigame, Scrolling Through Saria's Text, Super Cucco minigame, Freeing Goron Textboxes, and Trade Item Timer expiration text. Some actors also look for Type 6 (terminator) textboxes, which appear when you finish a text sequence completely, though no Type 6 Text Transfer is known to be able to give items, as item giving NPCs use 4 or 5. Bean Salesman uses 4 and 5 and 6 (uselessly), KZ uses 5, Carpenter Boss, Graveyard Kid, running man, and DMT Gate Guard use 4 . A full list of these textboxes can be found in the text dump.

Doing the King Zora Text Transfer as Adult can allow you to get Early Eyeball frog more than once, but still only on 1.0.

Some actors, specifically the running man, are always actively running their code regardless of culling due to the way they were initially setup. Therefore, you need to use OoB or Drowning Fairy Revival / Speak A to glitch their text state and cannot use the Culling Method.


The "Stuck Navi Glitch", where you play Saria's on the Temple of Time Door of Time Song Staff can be seen as a predecessor to Text Transfer as it mixes the Ocarina and Text states improperly producing a similar result.

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