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Common Terms and Abbreviations

For a lot of new users, trying to read a route or understand a speedrunner can be quite confusing. Ocarina of Time is a large game, and with it comes many, many terms and shorthands. Hopefully, this resource will help you make sense of this complex speedrun-speak.


Abbreviation Description
BotWBottom of the Well
DCDodongo's Cavern (or more rarely, Desert Colossus)
DMDeath Mountain (usually Death Mountain Trail)
DMCDeath Moutain Crater
DMTDeath Mountain Trail
DekuDeku Tree
FireFire Temple
ForestForest Temple OR Kokiri Forest/Lost Woods area (depending on context)
GCGoron City / Ganon's Castle (depending on context)
GF / FortressGerudo Fortress
GTGGerudo Training Grounds
GVGerudo Valley
HF/FieldHyrule Field
WastelandHaunted Wasteland
ICIce Cavern
JabuJabu Jabu's Belly
KakKakariko Village
Kokiri/KFKokiri Forest
LHLake Hylia
LLRLon Lon Ranch
LWLost Woods
SFMSacred Forest Meadow
ShadowShadow Temple
SpiritSpirit Temple
ToTTemple of Time
WaterWater Temple
ZDZora's Domain
ZFZora's Fountain
ZRZora's River


Abbreviation Description
BGSBiggoron Sword / Broken Goron's Sword
BKBoss Key
DFDin's Fire
ExplosivesBombs or Bombchus
FAFire Arrows
FWFarore's Wind
GauntsSilver and/or Gold Gauntlets, depending on context
HCHeart Container
HPHeart Piece
HS / HookHookshot
HoversHover Boots
IAIce Arrows
IBsIron Boots
LALight Arrows
LensLens of Truth
MSMaster Sword
MoTMask of Truth
NLNayru's Love
NutsDeku Nuts
OoTOcarina of Time (or the game itself)
PotionOdd Potion (in some contexts, red/blue/green potion)
Prelude, Minuet, Bolero, Serenade, Nocturne, RequiemRespective warp songs
RodFishing Rod
SawPoacher's Saw
SlingFairy Slingshot
SoSSong of Storms
SoTSong of Time
SpellDin's Fire, Farore's Wind, or Nayru's Love
StickDeku Stick
SticksDeku Sticks
Strength UpgradeGoron's Bracelet, Silver Gauntlets, Gold Gauntlets, or Colored Gauntlets
ZLZelda's Lullaby (or Zelda's Letter)


Abbreviation Description
GSGold Skulltula
KDKing Dodongo
KZKing Zora
Nabooru-KnuckleThe last Iron Knuckle fight right before Twinrova
NPCNon-playable Character
PGPhantom Ganon


A SlideAnalogue Slide
WESSWater Extended Superslide
Ass ChestHorseback archery prize involving glitched RBAed quiver
BABottle Adventure
DoT SkipDoor of Time Skip
ESSExtended Superslide
GJGround Jump
HESSHyper Extended Superslide
ISGInfinite Sword Glitch
OIOcarina Items
PCSPower Crouch Stab
Pokey EscapeCrouch Stab Kokiri Forest Escape
RBAReverse Bottle Adventure
GIMGet Item Manipulation
SH/SJSpirit Hover/Jump


Abbreviation Description
BackwalkHolding target, move straight backwards
Black WindResetting the neutral position of the control stick so its always in the ESS position, typically used during transitions between scenes.
ESS Positionthe position of the control stick that allows for ESS
Guanowalkwhile holding target, move diagonally
MoonwalkRotate stick after releasing target in a guanowalk
PivotTurn 90 or 180 degrees without changing position
SidehopJumping to the left or right while holding target
Silent RollRolling in place
TargetZ on an N64 controller, L on a Gamecube controller


Abbreviation Description
Any%Beat the game
Carpet chusBombchus from the salesman on the flying carpet in Haunted Wasteland
CCCrooked Cartridge
DW/DeathwarpDying to reset your location (if continue) or warp to file select starting point
IRCInternet Relay Chat
Low%Beat the game with least items possible
MMMajora's Mask
MQMaster Quest
MSTMedallions Stones Trials (Complete all 8 major dungeons, dispel Ganon's trials, and beat the game)
N64Nintendo 64
NMSNo Major Skips (see MST)
OoBOut of Bounds
BufferPause Buffer
RDOReverse Dungeon Order
RNGRandom Number Generator
RTAReal Time Attack
SeamThe edge of two textures that can or can't be climbed
SplitSegment (of a run)
TAS(er)Tool Assisted Speedrun(ner)
SDASpeed Demos Archive
SWSavewarp (Saving and reloading to reset your location)
VCVirtual Console
BoTW/Well chusBombchus from the chest in Bottom of the Well
SRC/ (when referring to the OoT page)
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