Inverse Camera Angle

It is possible to invert your camera using a special technique known as Inverse Camera Angle.

How To

  • Hold Z for 2 frames, then let go
  • Immediately hold back on the analogue stick for 2 more frames
  • Hold Z again.

While it is possible to get higher consistency using pause buffering, it is almost always done unbuffered by tapping the Z button, pushing the control stick in the opposite direction and then immediately repressing Z.

Inverting your camera angle is quite helpful for situations where facing forward would obstruct your view too much. It's used in a number of tricks including Tektite Hover to the fishing pond, and Tektite Hover to the Boss Door in the Water Temple as a child, as well as numerous other tricks where timing is crucial. The below video illustrates multiple camera angles that may be useful in a variety of situations.

Last updated 02/02/2018 – Jbop