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Entrance Point Glitch

Discovered by Exodus

The Entrance point glitch is a method of walking through walls near a door. It is accomplished by getting some type of Actor glitch on a sliding door, then facing towards a wall near the door as the door closes. When you void out and respawn, you will walk through the wall. This will give you the room and coordinates of the door when it's finished closing upon respawn or Farore's Wind return. (Minor note: Doors use "current room", so if you EPG after loading a black loading plane from behind, you can have a "current room" other than the room the door is naturally in.)

This trick is useful for Shadow Temple Boat Skip, a method of Spirit Temple Boss Key Skip, and a method of skipping the Song of Time block in the Water Temple Longshot chest room.

Cutscene Interrupt Method

In this obsoleted Spirit BK Skip strategy, you use the switch cutscene to interrupt opening the door to start the entrance point glitch.

This strategy also exists to get to the top of DC without using a hookshot jump by getting EPG off the DC Head Eyes cutscene.

Hoverboots Crouchstab Recoil Boost Method

Using hoverboots crouchstab recoil, you can perform this glitch without a cutscene or an explosive. Shown here is a method used to skip the Song of Time block in Water Temple Longshot room.

Explosive Damage Method

Using a bomb or bombchu and opening the door at the edge of its range on the first frame of getting hit allows you to use the damage momentum to get EPG.

With Bomb

With Bombchu

HESS Method

Using speed from a HESS, you can get Entrance Point without explosives if you have an alternative damage source to get speed at some point before you reach the door.

Using Navi Check Spot Text WWT

You can use WWT on Navi Check spots and close the textbox while pressing A to Open the Door to interrupt Link's entering animation (due to the freezing property of those textboxes). This will enable EPG.

Last updated 07/04/2021 – NatalyaHasDied