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Megaflip (also rarely called a Superflip) lets you backflip or sidehop at the same speed as a superslide and is one of the most useful techniques. All you need in order to megaflip is a shield and a source of damage, usually a bomb.

Method 1 - Nayru's Love

Discovered by BrianMp16
  1. Cast Nayru's Love
  2. Move back a bit so that while facing the bomb the A button does not say "Grab"
  3. Hold Z and R to hold your shield out and wait for the explosion.
  4. When the explosion hits Link's shield, backflip and you will megaflip

Method 2 - Without Nayru's Love

Discovered by GuanoBowl, Petrie911
  1. Place a bomb and move back so the A button does not say "Grab"
  2. Hold Z and R
  3. When the bomb explodes, press A to roll into the explosion, then press down and A to backflip
  4. If done correctly you will megaflip.

Sometimes if you mess it up you will instead be hit while in the air and fall down.

This method can also be done with enemy damage.

Last updated 01/15/2017 – maxx