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Items and Power-ups

Deku Stick

The Deku Stick is Child Link's most powerful weapon. It shares the same attack table as the Master Sword, which means it not only deals double damage against most enemies, but it is also incredibly effective against Ganon(dorf).

One downside to the Deku Stick is that it will break upon hitting something solid. You can get around this in two ways.

  • The Deku Stick will not break if the Infinite Sword Glitch is active when it hits something.
  • If you perform a Jump Attack into a wall and the stick collides with the wall twice, the stick will break but Link will continue to hold the broken half.

If a sword-like weapon is needed but you want to skip the Kokiri Sword, the best place to obtain a Deku Stick is to buy one from the Kokiri Shop for 10 Rupees, defeat a Deku Baba, or obtain one from a pot in Bottom of the Well.

The Flame Storage trick allows you to light a Deku Stick without directly touching the tip of the stick to a flame.

There are a few ways to get the Deku Stick on B as an adult. However, using the stick will crash the game on iQue and all N64 versions of the game.

Deku Nut

Deku Nuts are an often overlooked item in Link's arsenal. A single Deku Nut can stun or kill multiple enemies. They can instantly kill the eggs that spawn Gohma's Larva, Shaboms, and the jellyfish creatures that Barinade spawns. Deku Nuts are also capable of blowing up Bombchus.


Bombchus are one of the most useful items for sequence breaking Ocarina of Time. They function similarly to Bombs, which lets you use either type of explosive in most instances. Both allow you to perform tricks including hovering and megaflipping/megasidehopping. However, there are a few key differences to Bombchus:

  • Bombchus can be obtained without having to collect a container item (ex. Bomb Bag), which makes it possible to obtain them earlier than intended. Often times it is faster to obtain Bombchus early than it is to obtain the Bomb Bag.
  • Bombchus will explode instantaneously when Shield Dropped in mid-air, making them more desirable for longer hovers. However, on iQue and all N64 versions the game will crash if you try to hover over an out of bounds void.
  • When a Bombchu is released, it can be Z-Targeted. This can be used to unlock the camera lock mid-hover, which allows the camera to refocus on Link, and also lets you pivot Link in place, allowing you to change direction.
  • Bombchus can climb along walls, including ones you are hovering next to. Bombchus can only be obtained in the following spots.

  • Bottom of the Well (Chest, 10)

  • Spirit Temple (Chest, 10)
  • Gerudo Training Grounds (Chest, 5)
  • Inside Ganon's Castle, in Spirit Trial (Chest, 20)
  • House of Skulltula (Reward for obtaining 40 Gold Skulltula tokens, 10)
  • Carpet Salesman in the Haunted Wasteland (Infinite Stock, 200 Rupees for 10)
  • Bombchu Shop in Market Town. Open at night, requires completion of Dodongo's Cavern (Finite stock, 4x 20 for 180 rupees, 4x 10 for 100)
  • Bombchu Bowling in Market Town. Requires completion of Dodongo's Cavern. (10 whenever they appear as a reward).
  • Jabu Jabu's Belly, Master Quest Only. (Chest, 10)
  • Ice Cavern, Master Quest Only. (Chest, 10)

Obtaining Bombchus early allows you to obtain bombs without collecting a strength upgrade.

Performing Reverse Bottle Adventure with a Poe on C-Right allows you to replenish your Bombchu amount.

Bombchus cannot normally be put on the B button through Bottle Adventure. See Minigame Items on B for more info.


Bombs are extremely useful in speedruns. They function similarly to Bombchus, which lets you use either type of explosive in most instances. Both allow you to perform tricks like hovering and supersliding.

Bombs have a few differences over Bombchus:

  • Bombs cannot be collected without first obtaining a bomb bag.
  • Bombs can be used an object to interact with to trigger the Infinite Sword Glitch.

Bombs happen to be one of the items that are always preset to an Adult C-Button when going forward in time for the first time. You can use Reverse Bottle Adventure to obtain a usable Bomb Bag, allowing you to collect bomb drops without obtaining the Bomb Bag from Dodongo's Cavern. Doing so will make it impossible to obtain Bombs as an inventory item as the chest will instead award the Bomb Bag 20 item, which will overwrite the Bombchu slot.

There is a limit of 3 Bombs and Bombchus that can be out at the same time.

Fairy Bow and Slingshot / Magic Arrows

The Fairy Bow and Fairy Slingshot are in some ways the same item. They are Link's best ranged weapon since Arrows/Deku Seeds travel at a faster velocity than the Hookshot or Boomerang. They are the only items that can trigger eye switches.

Arrows are also occasionally used to light torches by launching an arrow through a flame into the target.

One rather unusual trait to the Bow, Slingshot, and Magic Arrows is that regardless of which item is used, Adult Link will always pull out a Bow, while Child Link will always pull out the Slingshot. Due to this, it's possible to skip obtaining the Bow from the Forest Temple by obtaining one of the Magic Arrows and performing Reverse Bottle Adventure to obtain a Quiver, allowing you to have arrows.

Another unusual trait is that there are actually 2 different items for each of the three Magic Arrows. One is the single Magic Arrow icon which can't be equipped normally, while the other is the Bow with the Magic Arrow icon. Both items have the same functionality.

Fire Arrow

The Fire Arrow (MP2) is not a heavily used item since only the "Trials" portion of Ganon's Castle contains puzzles that require them. All puzzles that are intended to be solved with Fire Arrows can either be completed with another trick, or with Din's Fire instead. See Skipping the Fire Arrows for more information.

However, Fire Arrows are extremely useful for completing Inside the Great Deku Tree as they allow you to burn through the two webs that block your progress to the boss's room.

Ice Arrow

The Ice Arrow (MP2) is not required to solve any puzzle in the game. The only notable aspect to Ice Arrows is that Bongo Bongo has a "secret weakness" to them. Shooting one of Bongo Bongo's hands will freeze it, causing the second hand to attempt to defrost it while leaving the "eye" of Bongo Bongo exposed and open to attack. However, because of the relative ease of reaching them, the Ice Arrows are often obtained in bingos or puzzles in order to skip obtaining the Fairy Bow from the Forest Temple as described above.

Light Arrow

The Light Arrow (MP4) is the only weapon capable of stunning Ganondorf, leaving him open to attack. Light Arrows can kill many enemies in one hit. Enemies killed in this way will always drop a purple rupee.

Light Arrows can be obtained by collecting only the Shadow and Spirit Medallions.


The Fairy Ocarina and the Ocarina of Time are functionally equivalent to each other, as it's possible to unlock the Door of Time with the Fairy Ocarina, provided you use Reverse Bottle Adventure to unlock the Song of Time.

When you pull out an Ocarina, a kind of game pause will occur while the Ocarina is out to allow you to play a song without being interrupted. This pause effect can be manipulated in instances where the pause halts one thing, but not another (e.g. damage buffering).

The Ocarina can be skipped with the help of a glitch known as Ocarina Items that allows you to play various items as a fully functional Ocarina.

Reverse Bottle Adventure can be used to unlock several songs. Performing RBA with Bugs on B (the most optimal RBA) and Odd Potion on C-Right will give you the Song of Time along with all of the Stones, but will cause you to lose the Song of Storms, as well as the Stone of Agony and Gerudo's Card.

Performing RBA with Bugs on B (the most optimal RBA) and Poacher's Saw on C-Right will always give you Serenade of Water, Nocturne of Shadow, Prelude of Light, Zelda's Lullaby and will cause you to lose (if you have them) Requiem of Spirit, Epona's Song, Saria's Song, and Sun's Song.

The Ocarina of Time is always shown in Link's hands during cutscenes if neither ocarina is obtained. It's also always shown as Adult Link even when he uses the Fairy Ocarina, because the programmers never intended Adult Link's model to hold the Fairy Ocarina.

Zelda's Lullaby

Zelda's Lullaby is an important song since it is required in order to obtain all of items and upgrades from the Great Fairy Fountains, the most important of which is Magic.

While Zelda's Lullaby isn't technically required to obtain the Goron Bracelet (since you can enter Darunia's Room from Death Mountain Crater), it is impractical to do so for a few reasons:

  • Saria's Song (which is required to get the Goron Bracelet) cannot be obtained with Reverse Bottle Adventure.
  • The trigger that spawns Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow is set by obtaining Zelda's Letter.
  • In order to leave with just Zelda's Letter, you would need a Warp Song to stop it from reverting back into a Chicken.

Sun's Song

The Sun's Song allows you to advance time forward to the start of the next day or night period. In Master Quest, it is also required to solve a puzzle in the Spirit Temple.

To obtain the Sun's Song normally, you must obtain Zelda's Lullaby and play it in front of the Royal Family's Tomb. You can skip Lullaby by hovering down and underneath the ground into the loading zone.

The Sun's Song has the ability to freeze Re-Deads and Gibdos for several seconds.

Scarecrow's Song / Pierre

While there are only 12 placeholders for learned songs, there is an extra song that can be unlocked called the Scarecrow's Song, (also sometimes referred to as Pierre's Song).

It's "learned" by visiting Lake Hylia as a Child and pulling out an Ocarina in front of the scarecrow named Bonooru and creating a custom eight-note song. There are two limitations to the songs you can create: The song must have at least two different notes in it, and the song cannot contain one of the other 12 Ocarina songs within it. It is best to play the song you create for Bonooru as fast as possible, as the song will play back at the same speed you created it at whenever calling Pierre.

Once learned, you can upgrade the Scarecrow's Song by visiting Bonooru again as and Adult and playing the song you created. This will unlock the ability to spawn Pierre the Scarecrow, who serves as a Hookshot target. If you are standing near a location that Pierre can appear, Navi will fly over to the spot he spawns at and changes green. The locations listed below are the most helpful areas that Pierre can be spawned at.

  • Dodongo's Cavern - From the main room turn right into a room full of Baby Dodongos. Pierre spawns on a ledge that cannot be reached normally, right next to a Gold Skulltula.

  • Fire Temple - In the boulder maze room. Facing the door located on top of the maze, the spawn point will be located above in the left corner. It's used to reach a moving platform that takes you higher up into a room with a Gold Skulltula.

  • Shadow Temple - There are two spawn points in the boat room. The first one is located next to the two hearts on top of the cage, next to a Gold Skulltula. The other is located nearer to the boss room on a ledge that also contains two hearts.

  • Gerudo Fortress - There is a spawn point near the Heart Piece on top of the Fortress, allowing you to reach the chest with just the Hookshot.

  • Lake Hylia - There are three spawn points. There is a spawn at the edge of the Fishing Pond which allows you to reach the Fishing Pond without beating the Water Temple, and a second on top of Lakeside Laboratory. Both locations can be alternatively reached by planting a Magic Bean in the spot in Lake Hylia. The final spawn point is located next to the Fire Arrows, allowing you to obtain them without beating the Water Temple. This scarecrow is just barely within longshot distance.


A magic bar is required to use any magic consuming items. The magic bar and charged spin attack are unlocked by playing Zelda's Lullaby at the Great Fairy Fountain atop Death Mountain; you cannot speak to any other Great Fairy in the game without first obtaining this upgrade.

The magic bar holds a maximum of 24 MP, or 48 MP when obtaining the Double Magic upgrade.

Charged Spin Attack

The Charged Spin Attack (MP1) isn't a very useful ability. It's only purpose is to extend the reach of the spin attack. The Charged Spin attack has two "power levels", blue and red. Performing a Quickspin will result in a blue level Charged Spin Attack, but won't consume magic in the process. Charging the spin attack to its maximum power is pointless since the attack always deals the same damage as a standard spin, takes longer to perform, and is canceled when taking damage.

The Charged Spin Attack seems to be the intended solution for puzzles where crystal switches are placed behind a gate or bar, but a jumpslash works just as well.

Din's Fire

Din's Fire (MP6) is a Magic Spell obtained by visiting the Great Fairy Fountain outside of Hyrule Castle. All puzzles that are intended to be solved with Din's Fire can either be completed with another trick, or the Fire Arrows instead. See Skipping the Din's Fire for more information.

However, Din's Fire can be useful for completing Inside the Great Deku Tree as it allows you to burn through the two webs that block your progress to the boss's room.

One feature that Din's Fire has over Fire Arrows is that it can be used to dive underwater, making it possible to skip the Iron Boots.

Nayru's Love

Naryu's Love (MP12) is a magic spell obtained by visiting the Great Fairy Fountain near the entrance to Desert Colossus. Nayru's prevents Link from losing hearts, but does not prevent knockbacks caused by taking damage.

Link can still be killed by timers while Naryu's Love is working. When Link dies in this way a state that prevents magics from being cast is reset, allowing you to crash the game by casting another magic while Naryu's Love is still active.

It is easier but much slower to perform Superslides and Megaflips with Naryu's Love.

Nayru's Love behaves strangely when playing various Ocarina songs while the effect is active.

  • Playing any warp song will "store" the Naryu's Love; the magic shell will disappear and you will take damage normally, but Nayru's Love will re-appear if you play any non-warp songs excluding the Scarecrow's Song or leave the current scene. The timer for the effect will pause while in this state, and the game will still prevent you from casting spells which will be evident by the flashing Magic Bar.

  • Playing the Scarecrow's Song after playing a warp song will keep Nayru's Love "stored" as above, but the game will allow you to cast spells again. Casting a spell won't crash the game, but Nayru's Love will not be stored anymore.

Farore's Wind

Farore's Wind is a magic spell (MP 6) obtained by visiting the Great Fairy Fountain in Zora's Fountain. Like all magic spells, it requires Zelda's Lullaby to obtain.

At first glance, the mechanics of Farore's Wind may seem fairly straightforward: You set a return point in a dungeon on your first cast, then can either return there or clear it on your second. However, with tricks like Farore's Wind on B and Wrong Warping, it's important to know some of the finer details.

When setting a return point with Farore's Wind, three things are saved

  1. An Entrance Index value and Map Number
  2. Coordinates and Direction
  3. Temporary Flags

The Entrance Index value is primarily used to determine which scene (big area) to load, and not for placing Link on the map. The Entrance Index value stored will always be that of your last entrance, unless the return point was set inside a grotto; in this case it will store your last entrance before having entered that grotto.

The stored map number determines what segment (or room in the case of dungeons) of the scene will be loaded.

The coordinates and direction values saved are those either the spot you entered a scene from, OR by the last door you opened.

The last bit of information Farore's Wind stores are the temporary flags. There are two types of temporary flags stored: Switch-like states for things like blue switches and the gates Zelda opens during the tower collapse, and collectibles like normal heart pieces and rupees. It's important to note that Farore's Wind only captures the state that these flags are set to on entering a given room.

Another important aspect to Farore's Wind, is that your return point is lost when traveling through time. This includes the Light Arrow Cutscene, which forces you to go back in time as a child.

Farore's Wind can be used to wrong warp and void warp, amomg other things.

Hookshot and Longshot

The Hookshot (and Longshot, which is the same item but with an extended reach) is one of the most useful items in the game.

Since the Hookshot and Longshot share item slots, if you obtain the Hookshot while already having the Longshot you will overwrite the slot with the Hookshot.

In many runs where a Hookshot or Longshot is needed, the Hookshot is obtained over the Longshot as there are several tricks to bypassing the spots where the Longshot would be needed, and unless the run is headed towards the Water Temple, it is quicker to obtain.

When Link hooks into something with the Hookshot, he becomes temporarily invulnerable and has no collision while the chain pulls Link to his destination. However, if you hook onto something while riding on Epona (possible if you have a blank B button before getting on), the chain will not pull you toward your destination. If you get off Epona in this state, Link will regain his collision box and can take damage again, and can move around while still hooked onto a target.

Oddly enough, wearing Iron Boots will weigh Link down a bit when being pulled by the Hookshot.

It's possible to clip through walls when hooking onto targets that are up against a wall.

The Hookshot will catch and pull Link into Gibdos, Redeads, Freezards, and Iron Knuckles. This trait can be exploited to allow you to clip through various walls in the rooms where these enemies appear.

The Hookshot can deal damage, and can be used in place of the Fairy Bow to defeat Phantom Ganon and Bongo Bongo.

The Hookshot Megajump is a mostly useless trick that launches Link high into the air. It occurs when the Hookshot catches onto something on the same frame that Link dies with a bottled Fairy. The height of the jump is increased the longer the chain is extended, by wearing Iron Boots, and by being underwater.

Weirdshot is an odd glitch that allows you to pull out the hookshot underneath where Link is physically standing, giving you a unique point at which you can hook onto objects that otherwise cannot be reached. It is done by performing a weirdslide to trigger a glitched animation, followed by pulling out the Hookshot on a specific frame of the glitched animation.

Because the collision mesh for a scene is always loaded, it is possible to hook into surfaces within an "unloaded" room, provided that they are not an actor.

The Hookshot is also useful (but not necessary) for the Forest Temple Boss Key Skip.

Although it is impossible to equip one as a child, attempting to use the Hookshot or Longshot will result in a softlock.


The Boomerang is kinda cool. It is the only weapon that can damage Barinade. It is primarily used to collect Gold Skulltulas since it is not a very efficient weapon when compared to the Slingshot or Deku Nuts. In Master Quest, the Boomerang cannot be used to trigger "cow" switches.

The Boomerang can be equipped to B as an Adult via Bottle Adventure. It will function as a normal Boomerang, but the boomerang itself will be invisible.

Lens of Truth

The Lens of Truth is pretty much useless as far as speedrunning goes. Aside from the Treasure Box Shop Heart Piece, every puzzle that "requires" the Lens of Truth can be completed through memorization. Because of this, the Lens is almost always a good item to duplicate a bottle over.

Magic Beans

Magic Beans are an item that can be bought from a Bean Seller in Zora's River starting at 10 rupees, and increasing in price by 10 rupees for each bean bought up until the 10th bean is purchased for 100 rupees. Because there are no bean capacity upgrades and the most you can normally obtain is 10, the bean capacity limit is 255.

Megaton Hammer

The Megaton Hammer is the only weapon capable of defeating Volvagia. It can break brown and red rocks, but not silver. In addition, it is possible to use the hammer to defeat the 2-3-1 Deku Scrubs guarding the Inside the Deku Tree boss room instead of using a shield.


Bottles are another important item to Ocarina of Time speedrunning as they have a variety of uses both by design and through glitches.

Four bottles can be obtained in Ocarina of Time, and can be obtained in the following locations. Bottles are not assigned a specific slot, rather are simply added into the inventory from left to right.

  • Collecting Cuccos in Kakariko Village as a Child
  • Obtaining Ruto's Letter in Lake Hylia (requires a diving scale, must be diving to collect) as a Child, then returning it to King Zora.
  • Super Cucco Minigame in Lon Lon Ranch (requires using the Chicken on Talon) as a Child
  • Collecting Big Poes (requires a bottle) as an Adult

Because collecting Big Poes requires a bottle, it is impossible to obtain a bottle as an adult without first obtaining one as a child, unless you are doing GIM

A bottle can be used to trigger the Ocarina Items glitch, allowing you to skip obtaining an Ocarina.

Bottle Duplication allows you to duplicate the contents of a bottle into another item slot. This is done for a few reasons: To carry more bottle items, to overwrite Ruto's Letter to have a usable bottle.

Reverse Bottle Adventure is similar to Bottle Duplication in that it allows you to create extra bottles, but differs in that you can write a bottle beyond the normal 24 inventory slots, allowing you to manipulate memory.

It is possible to write a bottle in 3 of the 4 bottle slots with Reverse Bottle Adventure.

  1. Technically, it is possible to RBA into Bottle Slot 1. For this, you need to RBA magic beans to put a bottle on Light Arrow slot. Put this bottle on c-right, then get Light Arrow and go back in time. After going back as adult, you should have Light Arrow without bow on c-right which allows you to RBA the 1st Bottle. However since there is no way to RBA without getting at least the Bottle in the 1st slot, this is pretty much useless.
  2. You can RBA into Bottle Slot 2 with Nayru's Love on C-Right
  3. You can RBA into Bottle Slot 3 with an Empty Bottle on C-Right
  4. You can RBA into Bottle Slot 4 with a Red Potion on C-Right

Bottle Adventure is a glitch which allows you to assign most items to the B button. Bottle Adventure is not used much since the setup takes a bit of time, and sacrificing a sword can be limiting. One benefit to Bottle Adventure is that it allows you to use items in areas where they would otherwise be banned.

It's possible to "duplicate" bugs since dropping a Bug will spawn three bug actors that can be caught.


There are essentially three different sword weapons that can be obtained in Ocarina of Time: the Kokiri Sword, the Master Sword, and the Biggoron Sword / Giant's Knife. There are also two "sword-like" weapons, which are the Deku Stick and the Megaton Hammer. All sword and sword-like items can be used to perform a Crouch Stab, provided that you have a shield equipped, allowing you to perform ISG or the Power Crouch Stab.

Kokiri Sword

The Kokiri Sword is Child Link's B weapon. It's located within the small boulder maze in Kokiri Forest. The Kokiri Sword can never be permanently lost since it is always placed on the B button when going back in time.

The Kokiri Sword typically (but not always) deals only half the damage that the Master Sword and Deku Stick deal.

It is possible to obtain the Kokiri Sword in your inventory without having collecting it from it's chest. This is done by pulling and dropping the Master Sword to put the Kokiri Sword on B, stealing the fishing rod, then finally jumping into a body of water and saving while still underwater.

The Master Sword

The Master Sword is Adult Link's primary B weapon. It's obtained in the Temple of Time.

If you lose the Master Sword from your equipment screen, you can always return it by pulling the Master Sword. Also, pulling the Master Sword with nothing on Adult Link's B button will trigger Adult Reset.

The Master Sword deals more damage than any other weapon when fighting Ganon(dorf).

Biggoron's Sword / Giant's Knife

The Biggoron's Sword and the Giant's Knife are technically the same item, as they both share the same damage table and sword icon. The two swords typically deal 4 damages and 8 with a Jumpslash. The difference however is that the Giant's Knife costs 200 rupees and will break after the sword collides into something 8 times. Once broken, it becomes the Broken Giant's Knife and deals 1/3rd its previous damage output (roughly the same as the Kokiri Sword).


Shields are one of the most important items in the game. Without them, many tricks like bomb hovers and superslides are impossible to perform.

Deku Shield

The Deku Shield is Child Link's primary shield. One major disadvantage to the Deku Shield is that it will burn up when making contact with most flame sources. Also, when doing the Tower Collapse sequence, a hard crash can occur by burning your shield on one of the burning rocks found around the area. This crash is not well understood, but appears to occur more often when following Princess Zelda down the tower.

Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield is the only shield that can be worn by both Links. The best place to obtain the Hylian Shield is to get one from one of the graves in Kakariko Graveyard.

Alternatively, you can buy the Hylian Shield for 80 rupees from a Bazaar. If you show Zelda's Letter to the guard at the entrance to Death Mountain as a child, you can get a randomized discount off of the price. The discount saves between 5 and 40 rupees, where all possible discount amounts are a multiple of 5.

Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is the only item that can deal damage to both of Twinrova's forms. It's main puzzle solving purpose is to reflect light beams into Sun Face switches, which unlike in MM is the only way to activate these switches. The Mirror Shield has one minor disadvantage when compared to the Hylian Shield: blocking the Octorok and Deku Scrub's projectiles will cause them to break rather than bounce off.

Gold Skulltula Tokens

Gold Skulltula Tokens are dropped whenever a Gold Skulltula is defeated. A total of 100 Gold Skulltulas can be found within the game. A complete list of locations of the Gold Skulltulas can be found here.

10Adult's Wallet (Holds 200 Rupees)
20Stone of Agony
30Giant's Wallet (Holds 500 Rupees)
40Bombchus (10)
50Heart Piece
100Reclaimable Golden Rupee (200)
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