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Pause Screen Mechanics

Default Subscreen Behavior

Discovered by Pokey

When you pause the game for the first time after booting up the game, the pause screen defaults to the Map Screen. However, after you pause for the first time the default pause subscreen will reset to the Item Screen each time you load a new area.

Because of this, if you pause once then kill yourself and return to the title screen, the default pause subscreen will be set to the Item Screen. This is useful for segmented runs and for fixing the Inventory Glitch described below.

Inventory Glitch

Discovered by Runnerguy2489

If you perform the Door of Time Skip and obtain the Master Sword with a rather small inventory, it is possible that certain items like the Hookshot or Ocarina will be unreachable by the selection cursor on the Item Screen. This is because you will have no other items that share the same X or Y axis with that item.

There is a trick that may allow you to select otherwise inaccessible items. When the Item Screen is the default pause subscreen (see above), the cursor will be on the top-right-most item the first time you pause when entering a new area, allowing you to move the cursor downwards to the item you want. However, this will not always help in situations where, for example, you have obtained the items within the four corners of the Item Screen, and a fifth item within the center.

Missile Teigneux

Discovered by Kazooie

With the tricks shown throughout the site, you can skip most inventory items. This can sometimes make it impossible to reach certain items in your inventory.

Occasionally, it can also lead towards the cursor being on the Deku Stick slot, even though no item exists there yet. If you are a child, you can equip this blank slot (item 255) to a button, changing the C button to "empty."

To reduce the cost of localization, the PAL versions of Ocarina of Time were translated into several languages which were all stored on the same cart. This leads to the French text for "Bombchu" ("Missile Teigneux") to appear when you have the empty icon selected on a PAL version of the game. In the NTSC versions of the game a glitched graphic is drawn instead of text. This is harder to notice as an adult since the Deku Stick slot is grayed out.

This is similar to using Reverse Bottle Adventure to get a wallet in the dive meter slot, which shows the Japanese text for "Dungeon's Boss Key."


  1. Go to a new area with a bottle on one of your C buttons.
  2. Empty the bottle or catch something in it.
  3. Open the pause screen and the cursor will be over the blank spot as long as you do not have Deku Sticks yet.
Last updated 05/19/2014 – Jbop