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Goron City

Enter the Goron Shop Early

Alternatively, instead of bombs you can probably use the Megaton Hammer recoil to initiate a super slide.

There is also an easier way to enter the shop but require hover boots using a megasidehop

Unlock the Shortcut to the Lost Woods Without Bombs

In Darunia's room, there are two lit torches, and two pots which drop Deku Sticks. Use the flame to light the torches in the bottom floor and up to the Lost Woods entrance. Touch the flame to one of the bombs to light it.

Bombing Link the Goron

  • Carry the Bomb until it explodes
  • Use the Bow to blow up the Bomb Flowers along the floor
  • Launch a Bombchu

Darunia's Room clip

There are 2 ways to enter Darunia's room without talking to the goron

Ledge clip

Discovered by Cafde

This method is hard and shouldn't be used

Ground clip

Discovered by Skater

A fairly easy way to clip inside of Darunia's Room is a ground clip, the angle is pretty lenient.

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