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Trials Skip

Through various previous sequence breaks in the game, it is possible that by the time you get to Ganon's Trials, you will not have enough items to complete them. Fortunately, there is a way to skip these trials and head straight up the tower to Ganondorf.

Armos Clip

Discovered by Acryte

Go to the Spirit Trial and pull the closest armos statue 6 times towards the closest wall. Now get on the opposite side of the statue and push it 4 times. Now get on the statue's left side and push it 2 times. Then jumpslash directly between where the statue meets the wall to clip into the unloaded main run. Now turn to face the armos and align with the wall. Sidehop 6 times to the left, backwalk until you see Link's body contacting with an invisible wall on the left, and then sidehop once to the right. Continue backwards from there and you will enter Ganon's Tower.

Staircase Hover

Discovered by ZeldaXMaster

Go down to the bottom of the main room. Go to the right side of the tower, the one in front of the water trial. Now use a 2 bomb staircase hover towards the tower then do a 3rd backflip and you should hit the loading zone and enter the tower.

Freezard Clip

Discovered by ZAR

Go to the water trial and bait a Freezard to come extremely close to the door. Use the hookshot clip on the Freezard to get into the main lobby unloaded. From there navigate your way up the stairs and into the tower.


Discovered by Runnerguy2489

Walk down to the stairs leading to Water Trial. From here, walk down until Link is on the 5th stair from the top. Use c-up to angle yourself towards the load zone as shown in the video, then turn around and perform a superslide. Equip hoverboots before you leave the ledge and backflip at the end of your hoverslide.


Discovered by CloudMax

This trick is incredibly precise. Video to come...

Last updated 05/19/2014 – Jbop