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Getting the Hookshot as Child Link

It is possible to get the hookshot as child link, although there is no real use for this outside of perhaps Max% Child. Note that this trick requires void hovers and is GC only.


Hop onto the fence next to where the heart piece box is and activate ISG. Slingshot hover or bomb hover up to the high platform then climb up the box. Activate isg then quickly throw the bomb towards the seam in front of you to hover off the ground. Now hover onto the seam.

Next you want to get over to the long seam that leads to the Shadow Temple and stand next to the one where you hovered on before. Now drop a bomb down to the wood box platform and sidehop into the void but shoot your slingshot to cancel the hop so you can take damage from the bomb to hover. Time the sidehop so you get into the bombs blast radius. Do 3 to 5 chu hovers then sidehop into Dampe's grave. Also on a side note, you can avoid doing the sidehop cancel hover by simply aligning yourself a bit toward the void and chu hover over to the graves load zone (should only take 3 chus). Anyways, once you are in, simply race Dampe to claim your prize.

Last updated 01/13/2014 – mzxrules