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Entrance Table

The following table is derived from data listed at Z64 Wiki. Descriptions for each entrance have been compiled by mzxrules.

There are 1556 different entrances in Ocarina of Time's Entrance Table. However, many entrances have been omitted from this table due to redundancies in the entrance table format, and also because the omitted entrances do not impact wrong warping.

To explain... Almost every logical entrance (entering the Deku Tree for example) is represented by 4 different records in the entrance table, one each for child day, child night, adult day, and adult night, in that order. Except for the pre-rendered areas around the market and Hyrule/Ganon's Castle, these four records are byte for byte identical to one another, and will place you at exactly the same spot. Furthermore, only the child day index is ever passed around for use, meaning that the child day index for an entrance is the only index that can be used as a starting point for wrong warp calculations.

You can use this table to calculate what scene and location a wrong warp will put you at with the following steps.

  • Pick an entrance. This will be the entrance stored by (for example) Farore's Wind.
  • If the entrance is located within the Market, or Outside the Temple of Time, pick only the child day time index for that entrance. For example, if you want the adult entrance for the Market coming from the Temple of Time, use 025E instead of 0260.
  • If the entrance is located within the Back Alley, pick the Child Day entrance with the lowest entrance index out of the four.
  • If the entrance is located at Ganon's Castle (only those specifically named Ganon's Castle), pick the lowest Hyrule Castle index next to that group of Ganon's Castle entrances. For example, if you want the adult entrance for Ganon's Castle from the Market, use 0138 instead of 013A.

Once you have your entrance, take the index for that entrance, and add the following to it:

  • If you are warping from Jabu Jabu or Death Hole Wrong Warping, add 4 to your index
  • If you are warping from the Deku Tree or Dodongo's Cavern, add 5 to your index
  • If you are warping from the Fire Temple, add 7 to your index

With this new index, find the highest index that is less than or equal to your final index. This is the location you will wrong warp to.

For example, Ganondoor uses a starting entrance of 0252, which is the Deku Tree from Gohma's room. Ganondoor warps from the Deku Tree, so add 5 to get 0257. The highest index number without going over is 0256, which is Tower Collapse Interior.

The entrances to Gerudo Fortress from Thieve's Hideout use letters to signify the entrance according to this map.
The entrances to Thieve's Hideout from Gerudo Fortress use letters to signify the entrance according to this map.

IndexSceneEntrance Description
0000Deku TreeFrom Kokiri Forest
0004Dodongo's CavernFrom Death Mountain Trail
0008Gerudo Training GroundsFrom Gerudo Fortress
000CForest Temple BossFrom Forest Temple
0010Water TempleFrom Lake Hylia
0014Lost Scene 
0018Action Testing Room 
001CStalfos Middle Room 
0020Stalfos Boss Room 
0024Item Testing Room 
0028Inside Jabu Jabu's BellyFrom Zora's Fountain
002DRoyal Family's TombFrom Graveyard
0033Market Entrance - Child DayFrom Market
0034Market Entrance - Child NightFrom Market
0035Market Entrance - AdultFrom Market
0036Market Entrance - AdultFrom Market
0037Shadow TempleFrom Graveyard
003BShooting GalleryFrom Kakariko Village
0043Lakeside LaboratoryFrom Lake Hylia
0047Dark Link Testing Area 
004BGrave with ShieldHylian Shield Chest from Graveyard
004FLon Lon Ranch BuildingsTalon's House from Lon Lon Ranch
0053Temple of TimeFrom Outside Temple of Time
0063Treasure Box ShopFrom Market
0067Back Alley - DayRight side of alley, from door from Back Alley Village House
0068Back Alley - NightRight side of alley, from door from Back Alley Village House
0069Back Alley - DayRight side of alley, from door from Back Alley Village House
006ABack Alley - NightRight side of alley, from door from Back Alley Village House
006BChamber of Sages 
0072Granny's Potion ShopFrom Kakariko Village
0076Beta Castle Courtyard 
007ACastle Courtyard - DayCastle Crawlspace
007ELots 'o PotsFrom Market Entrance
0082Spirit TempleFrom Desert Colossus
0088Ice CavernFrom Zora's Fountain
008DSpirit Temple BossFrom Spirit Temple
0094Collision Testing Arena 
0098Bottom of the WellFrom Kakariko Village
009CHouse of TwinsFrom Kokiri Forest
00A0Cutscene Map 
00ADBack Alley - DayRight Entrance from Market
00AEBack Alley - NightRight Entrance from Market
00AFBack Alley - DayRight Entrance from Market
00B0Back Alley - NightRight Entrance from Market
00B1Market - Child DayFrom Market Entrance
00B2Market - Child NightFrom Market Entrance
00B3Market - AdultFrom Market Entrance
00B4Market - AdultFrom Market Entrance
00B5Market - Child DayFrom Market Entrance
00B6Depth Test 
00B7BazaarFrom Kakariko Village
00BBLink's HouseBed Entrance from Savewarp
00C1Kokiri ShopFrom Kokiri Forest
00C5Dodongo's CavernFrom Dodongo's Cavern Boss
00C9Know-it-all BrothersFrom Kokiri Forest
00CDHyrule FieldVarious After Zelda Escape, 2nd+ Impa Escort
00DBKakariko VillageFrom Hyrule Field
00E4GraveyardFrom Kakariko Village
00EAZora RiverLand Entrance from Hyrule Field
00EEKokiri ForestVarious After Forest Medallion Cutscene
00FCSacred Forest MeadowFrom Lost Woods
0102Lake HyliaFrom Hyrule Field
0108Zora's DomainFrom Zora River
010EZora's FountainSapphire Cutscene Entrance
0117Gerudo ValleyFrom Hyrule Field
011ELost WoodsFrom Kokiri Forest
0123Desert ColossusFrom Haunted Wasteland
0129Gerudo FortressFrom Gerudo Valley
0130Haunted WastelandFrom Gerudo Fortress
0134Tower Collapse InteriorBottom of Boss Room Tower Collapse Exterior Lower
0138Hyrule CastleFrom Market Entrance
0139Hyrule CastleFrom Market Entrance
013AGanon's CastleFrom Market Entrance
013BGanon's CastleFrom Market Entrance
013CGanon's CastleFrom Market Entrance
013DDeath Mountain TrailFrom Kakariko Village
0147Death Mountain CraterFrom Death Mountain Trail
014DGoron CityFrom Death Mountain Trail
0153Zora's DomainEyeball Frog Timeout
0157Lon Lon RanchFrom Hyrule Field
0165Fire TempleFrom Death Mountain Crater
0169Forest TempleFrom Sacred Forest Meadow
016DShooting GalleryFrom Market Entrance
0171Outside Temple of Time - Child DayFrom Market Entrance
0172Outside Temple of Time - Child NightFrom Market Entrance
0175Fire TempleOutside Boss Door Fire Temple Boss Secret Map #0
0179Tower Collapse InteriorBottom of Boss Room Tower Collapse Exterior Higher
017DHyrule FieldFrom Kakariko Village
0181Hyrule FieldZora River Land
0185Hyrule FieldFrom Lost Woods
0189Hyrule FieldFrom Lake Hylia
018DHyrule FieldFrom Gerudo Valley
0191Kakariko VillageFrom Death Mountain Trail
0195Kakariko VillageFrom Graveyard
0199Zora RiverDropped from top of Waterfall
019DZora RiverFrom Zora's Domain
01A1Zora's DomainFrom Zora's Fountain
01A5Gerudo ValleyThrown out of Gerudo Fortress when caught without a usable hookshot
01A9Lost WoodsFrom Sacred Forest Meadow
01ADLost WoodsMushroom Timeout (Adult)
01B1Lost WoodsStart from the tree opposite of the main entrance
01B5Tower Collapse InteriorBurning Rocks Tower Collapse Exterior Higher
01B9Death Mountain TrailFrom Goron City
01BDDeath Mountain TrailFrom Death Mountain Crater
01C1Goron CityFrom Death Mountain Crater
01C5Lakeside LaboratoryPossibly Eyedrops Timeout
01C9Tower Collapse ExteriorTower Collapse Interior Stalfos Room (Higher)
01CDMarket - Child DayFrom Shooting Gallery
01CEMarket - Child NightFrom Shooting Gallery
01CFMarket - AdultFrom Shooting Gallery
01D0Market - AdultFrom Shooting Gallery
01D1Market - Child DayFrom Happy Mask Shop
01D2Market - Child NightFrom Happy Mask Shop
01D3Market - AdultFrom Happy Mask Shop
01D4Market - AdultFrom Happy Mask Shop
01D5Market - Child DayFrom Treasure Box Shop
01D6Market - Child NightFrom Treasure Box Shop
01D7Market - AdultFrom Treasure Box Shop
01D8Market - AdultFrom Treasure Box Shop
01D9Zora RiverWater Entrance from Hyrule Field
01DDZora RiverFrom Lost Woods
01E1Desert ColossusFrom Spirit Temple
01E5Desert ColossusSpirit Temple Gauntlets Entrance
01E9Desert ColossusSpirit Temple Mirror Shield Entrance
01EDDesert ColossusAfter Requiem Cutscene
01F1Desert ColossusRequiem Entrance
01F5Desert ColossusNabooru Capture Cutscene Entrance
01F9Hyrule FieldFrom Lon Lon Ranch
01FDHyrule FieldFrom Market Entrance
0201Kakariko VillageFrom Kakariko Bazaar
0205GraveyardFrom Shadow Temple
0209Kokiri ForestFrom Deku Tree
020DKokiri ForestLost Woods Hyrule Bridge
0211Kokiri ForestFrom Link's House
0215Sacred Forest MeadowFrom Forest Temple
0219Lake HyliaFrom Gerudo Valley
021DLake HyliaChild spawns you around surface from Water Temple
0221Zora's FountainFrom Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly
0225Zora's FountainFrom Zora's Domain
0229Gerudo ValleyTriggers Fortress Loading Zone
022DGerudo ValleyFrom Gerudo Fortress
0231Gerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (B)
0235Gerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (C)
0239Gerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (D)
023DHyrule CastleFrom Castle Courtyard
023EHyrule CastleFrom Castle Courtyard
023FGanon's CastleFrom Inside Ganon's Castle
0240Ganon's CastleFrom Inside Ganon's Castle
0241Hyrule CastleFrom Castle Courtyard
0242Death Mountain TrailFrom Dodongo's Cavern
0246Death Mountain CraterFrom Goron City
024ADeath Mountain CraterFrom Fire Temple
024EForest TempleOutside Boss Door Forest Temple Boss Secret Map #0
0252Deku TreeFrom Deku Tree Boss
0256Tower Collapse InteriorBurning Rocks Tower Collapse Exterior Lower
025AMarket - Child DayFrom Castle
025BMarket - Child NightFrom Castle
025CMarket - AdultFrom Ganon's Castle
025DMarket - AdultFrom Ganon's Castle
025EMarket - Child DayFrom Temple of Time
025FMarket - Child NightFrom Temple of Time
0260Market - AdultFrom Temple of Time
0261Market - AdultFrom Temple of Time
0262Market - Child DayBack Alley (Right)
0263Market - Child NightBack Alley (Right)
0264Market - AdultBack Alley (Right)
0265Market - AdultBack Alley (Right)
0266Kokiri ForestFrom Kokiri Shop
026AKokiri ForestFrom Know-it-all Brothers
026EMarket Entrance - Child DayFrom Lots 'o Pots
026FMarket Entrance - Child NightFrom Lots 'o Pots
0270Market Entrance - AdultFrom Lots 'o Pots
0271Market Entrance - AdultFrom Lots 'o Pots
0272Link's HouseFrom Kokiri Forest
0276Market Entrance - Child DayFrom Hyrule Field
0277Market Entrance - Child NightFrom Hyrule Field
0278Market Entrance - AdultFrom Hyrule Field
0279Market Entrance - AdultFrom Hyrule Field
027AHyrule FieldPositioned near Lake Hylia
027EHyrule FieldOwl Drop Spot from Lake Hylia
0282Hyrule FieldUnused Location
0286Kokiri ForestFrom Lost Woods
028AHyrule FieldLon Lon Ranch Southern Fence Jump
028EHyrule FieldLon Lon Ranch Western Fence Jump
0292Hyrule FieldLon Lon Ranch Eastern Fence Jump
0296Castle Courtyard - DayFrom Zelda's Courtyard
029ABack Alley - DayLeft Entrance from Market
029BBack Alley - NightLeft Entrance from Market
029CBack Alley - DayLeft Entrance from Market
029DBack Alley - NightLeft Entrance from Market
029EMarket - Child DayBack Alley (Left)
029FMarket - Child NightBack Alley (Left)
02A0Market - AdultBack Alley (Left)
02A1Market - AdultBack Alley (Left)
02A2Market - Child DayFrom Market Potion Shop
02A3Market - Child NightFrom Potion Shop
02A4Market - AdultFrom Potion Shop
02A5Market - AdultFrom Potion Shop
02A6Kakariko VillageFrom Bottom of the Well
02AAGerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (E)
02AELon Lon RanchEpona's Song Cutscene
02B2Shadow TempleOutside Boss Door
02B6Shadow TempleShadow Temple Boss Secret Map #0
02BAGerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (K)
02BEGerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (J)
02C2Gerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (H)
02C6Gerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (I)
02CATemple of TimePull or Place Master Sword
02CEChamber of Sages??? (Forest Medallion?)
02D2Gerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (F)
02D6Gerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (G)
02DAGerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (M)
02DEGerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (N)
02E2Lon Lon RanchNear South Gate
02E6Lon Lon RanchNear West Gate
02EAShooting GalleryFrom Kakariko Village
02EESacred Forest MeadowFrom Lost Woods
02EFCutscene Map 
02F0Shooting GalleryFrom Kakariko Village
02F5Spirit TempleBoss Room Entrance from Spirit Temple Boss
02F9StablesFrom Lon Lon Ranch
02FDKakariko Village HouseBoss's House from Kakariko Village
0301Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly BossFrom Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly
0305Fire Temple BossFrom Fire Temple
0309Lake HyliaFrom Fishing Pond
030DGravekeeper's HutFrom Graveyard
0311Hyrule FieldZora River Water
0315Great Fairy FountainFrom Death Mountain Trail
031CGrave with RedeadFrom Graveyard
0320Temple of TimeStanding facing away from SoT spot
0324Temple of TimeAfter pulling the MS for first time?
0328Zora's DomainFrom Lake Hylia
032CTower Collapse ExteriorTower Collapse Interior Boss Room Floor (Lower)
0330Tower Collapse ExteriorTower Collapse Interior Burning Rocks (Higher)
0334Tower Collapse ExteriorTower Collapse Interior Burning Rocks (Lower)
0338Kokiri ForestSpawn on Link's House
033CKokiri ForestFrom House of Twins
0340Hyrule CastleFrom Magic Fairy Fountain
0341Hyrule CastleFrom Magic Fairy Fountain
0342Ganon's CastleFrom Magic Fairy Fountain
0343Ganon's CastleFrom Magic Fairy Fountain
0344Hyrule CastleFrom Magic Fairy Fountain
0345Kakariko VillageFrom Cow Heartpiece House (Door)
0349Kakariko VillageKakariko Village House Boss's House
034DKakariko VillageFrom Granny's Potion Shop
0351Kakariko Village? Windmill
0355GraveyardFrom Gravekeeper's Hut
0359Graveyard? Dampe's Grave
035DGraveyardFrom Grave with Shield
0361GraveyardFrom Grave with Redead
0365Haunted WastelandFrom Desert Colossus
0369Haunted WastelandCrashes (Bad Map)
036DSmall Fairy FountainFrom Grotto spot
0371Magic Fairy FountainFrom Zora's Fountain
0378Lon Lon RanchRanch House Talon's House
037CGoron ShopFrom Goron City
0380Zora ShopFrom Zora's Domain
0384Kakariko Potion ShopFrom Kakariko Village
0388Market Potion ShopFrom Market
038CBack Alley - DayFrom Puppy Woman's House
038DBack Alley - NightFrom Puppy Woman's House
038EBack Alley - DayFrom Puppy Woman's House
038FBack Alley - NightFrom Puppy Woman's House
0390Bombchu Shop??? (Back Alley)
0394Zora's FountainFrom Great Fairy Fountain
0398Puppy Woman's HousePuppy Woman's House Back Alley (Left)
039CImpa's HouseFrom Kakariko Village
03A0Carpenter's TentFrom Gerudo Valley
03A4Gerudo FortressFrom Thieves' Hideout (L)
03A8Gerudo FortressFrom Gerudo Training Grounds
03ACGerudo FortressFrom Haunted Wasteland
03B0Gerudo FortressAfter Horseback Archery from Gerudo Fortress
03B4Gerudo FortressCaptured First Time with Hookshot
03B8Market - Child DayFrom Bazaar
03B9Market - Child NightFrom Bazaar
03BAMarket - AdultFrom Bazaar
03BBMarket - AdultFrom Bazaar
03BCMarket - Child DayFrom Bombchu Bowling Alley
03BDMarket - Child NightFrom Bombchu Bowling Alley
03BEMarket - AdultFrom Bombchu Bowling Alley
03BFMarket - AdultFrom Bombchu Bowling Alley
03C0Back Alley - DayFrom Bombchu Shop
03C1Back Alley - NightFrom Bombchu Shop
03C2Back Alley - DayFrom Bombchu Shop
03C3Back Alley - NightFrom Bombchu Shop
03C4Zora's DomainFrom Zora Shop
03C8Lake HyliaHyrule Field Entrance
03CCLake HyliaFrom Lakeside Laboratory
03D0Gerudo ValleyFrom Carpenter's Tent
03D4Zora's FountainFrom Ice Cavern
03D8Zora's FountainSE corner facing fallen tree
03DCTower Collapse InteriorStalfos Fight Room Tower Collapse Exterior Higher
03E0Tower Collapse InteriorStalfos Fight Room Tower Collapse Exterior Lower
03E4Tower Collapse InteriorStaircase Down Tower Collapse Exterior Higher
03E8Kakariko Potion ShopKakariko
03ECKakariko Potion ShopBack Door from Kakariko Village
03F0Spirit TempleDesert Colossus Silver Gauntlets Chest
03F4Spirit TempleDesert Colossus Mirror Shield Chest
03F8Spirit TempleCrashes (Bad Map)
03FCGoron CityFrom Goron Shop
0400Zelda's CourtyardFrom Castle Courtyard
0407Inside Jabu Jabu's BellyMap 14 Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly Boss Secret Map #0
040BDodongo's Cavern BossFrom Dodongo's Cavern
040FDeku Tree BossFrom Deku Tree
0413Shadow Temple BossFrom Shadow Temple
0417Water Temple BossFrom Water Temple
041BGanon's Tower ClimbFrom Inside Ganon's Castle
041FGanondorf Boss RoomFrom Ganon's Tower Climb
0423Water TempleMain Entrance
0427Ganon's Tower ClimbFrom Outside Boss Door
042BGanon's Tower ClimbFacing Boss Key Door
042FLon Lon RanchFrom Stables
0433Mido's HouseFrom Kokiri Forest
0437Saria's HouseFrom Kokiri Forest
043BBack Alley Village HouseBack Alley Guy's House Back Alley (Right)
043FTower Collapse ExteriorDeath Cutscene from Ganondorf Boss Room
0443Kokiri ForestFrom Mido's House
0447Kokiri ForestFrom Saria's House
044BKakariko VillageFrom Kakariko Potion Shop
044F?Dampe's Grave from Graveyard
0453?Windmill from Kakariko Village
0457Kokiri ForestAfter Deku Tree Death Cutscene from Kokiri Forest
045BDeath Mountain TrailFrom Great Fairy Fountain
045FFishing PondFrom Lake Hylia
0463Kakariko VillageFrom Shooting Gallery
0467Inside Ganon's CastleFrom Castle
0472Outside Temple of Time - Child DayFrom Temple of Time
0473Outside Temple of Time - Child NightFrom Temple of Time
0476Hyrule FieldLon Lon Ranch Front Gate Jump
047ADeath Mountain TrailGoron Ruby Cutscene
047EHyrule CastleGuard Capture (Outside)
047FHyrule CastleGuard Capture (Outside)
0480Ganon's CastleCrashes (Bad Map)
0481Ganon's CastleCrashes (Bad Map)
0482Death Mountain CraterFrom Great Fairy Fountain
0486Thieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (B)
048AThieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (C)
048EThieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (D)
0492Thieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (E)
0496Thieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (K)
049AThieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (J)
049EThieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (H)
04A2Thieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (I)
04A6Thieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (F)
04AAThieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (G)
04AEThieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (M)
04B2Thieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (N)
04B6Tower Collapse InteriorStaircase Down from Tower Collapse Interior Exit
04BATower Collapse ExteriorTower Collapse Interior Boss Room Floor (Higher)
04BEGreat Fairy FountainFrom Death Mountain Crater
04C2Great Fairy FountainFrom Castle
04C6Lost Woods??? placed west of Cojiro Guy map
04CALon Lon RanchPay Ingo to Ride
04CELon Lon RanchBeat Ingo Both Times
04D2Lost WoodsExit point clockwise from SFM exit
04D6Lost WoodsFrom Goron City
04DALost WoodsFrom Zora River
04DELost WoodsFrom Hyrule Field
04E2Goron CityFrom Lost Woods
04E6Lake HyliaBeat Water First Time (Sheik)
04EAShadow Temple 
04EEKakariko VillageFrom House of Skulltula
04F2Great Fairy FountainLeaving puts you at 044B
04F6Death Mountain CraterBolero Entrance
04FAHyrule CastleCastle Courtyard Caught by guard
04FBHyrule CastleCastle Courtyard Caught by guard
04FCGanon's CastleCastle Courtyard Caught by guard
04FDGanon's CastleCastle Courtyard Caught by guard
04FEHyrule CastleCastle Courtyard Caught by guard
04FFKakariko VillageKakariko Potion Shop Back Entrance
0503?Windmill After Song of Storms?
0507Bombchu Bowling AlleyFrom Market
050BGraveyardFrom Royal Family Tomb
050FHyrule FieldGet Ocarina of Time
0513Kakariko VillageFrom Nocturne Cutscene
0517Ganon BattleFrom Tower Collapse Interior Exit
051CTower Collapse ExteriorTower Collapse Interior Stalfos Fight (Lower)
0524Tower Collapse ExteriorTower Collapse Interior Stairs
0528Bombchu ShopBack Alley (Left)
052CBazaarFrom Market
0530Happy Mask ShopFrom Market
0534Inside Ganon's CastleFrom Ganon's Tower Climb
0538Inside Ganon's CastleClear Forest Trial from Inside Ganon's Castle
053CInside Ganon's CastleClear Water Trial from Inside Ganon's Castle
0540Inside Ganon's CastleClear Shadow Trial from Inside Ganon's Castle
0544Inside Ganon's CastleClear Fire Trial from Inside Ganon's Castle
0548Inside Ganon's CastleClear Light Trial from Inside Ganon's Castle
054CInside Ganon's CastleClear Spirit Trial from Inside Ganon's Castle
0550House of SkulltulaFrom Kakariko Village
0554Kakariko VillageOwl Drop Spot Death Mountain Crater Owl Teleport
0558Lon Lon RanchYou're too slow!
055CLon Lon Ranch??? (Near Ingo/Malon)
0560Lake HyliaFrom Zora's Domain
0564Death Mountain CraterFrom Fire Temple Blue Warp
0568GraveyardNocturne Warp
056CTower Collapse Interior ExitTower Collapse Interior Stairs
0570Thieves' HideoutFrom Gerudo Fortress (L)
0574Royal Family's TombSun Song Cutscene
0578Magic Fairy FountainFrom Castle
057CDesert ColossusFrom Great Fairy Fountain
0580GraveyardFrom Shadow Temple Blue Warp
0584Forest TempleCeiling Crush room
0588Magic Fairy FountainFrom Desert Colossus
058CTemple of TimeTemple of Time Light Arrow Cutscene
0590Temple of TimeFront of Pedestal
0594Hyrule FieldAfter Impa Escort Cutscene
0598GrottosBig Skulltula
059CGrottosHeartpiece Scrub
05A0GrottosTwo Redead
05A4GrottosThree Deku Salescrubs
05B0GrottosTwo Deku Salescrubs, Closest sells Deku Nut Upgrade
05B4GrottosTwo Wolfos
05B8GrottosBomb Wall
05BCGrottosTwo Deku Salescrubs, Closest sells Green Pot
05C4GrottosForest Stage
05C8Impa's HouseRoof entrance from Kakariko Village
05CCBottom of the Well???
05D0Lon Lon Ranch BuildingsBack Tower from Lon Lon Ranch
05D4Lon Lon RanchLon Lon Ranch Buildings Back Tower
05D8Ice Cavern 
05DCKakariko VillageImpa's House Cow Exit
05E0Lost WoodsKokiri Forest Hyrule Exit
05E4Lon Lon Ranch BuildingsTalon's House from Lose/Win Cucco Game
05E8Kokiri ForestDeku Sprout Cutscene
05ECSpirit Temple BossInside Boss Map
05F0Zelda's CourtyardFrom Triforce Legend CS
05F4Temple of TimePrelude Entrance
05F8Gerudo FortressCaptured Second Time
0600Sacred Forest MeadowMinuet Warp
0604Lake HyliaSerenade Warp
0608Sacred Forest MeadowForest Temple Boss Blue Warp
060CLake HyliaWater Temple Boss Blue Warp
0610Desert ColossusSpirit Temple Boss Blue Warp
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