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Medallions, Stones, Trials (No Wrong Warp)

Medallions/Stones/Trials run (MST, also known as No-Major Skips or NMS) requires the runner to collect all Medallions, Spiritual Stones, and beat all of the Trials. Medallions and Spiritual Stones must be legitimately collected (blue warps). Timing starts when you select a new file and ends when you deliver the final blow to Ganon.

MST Without Cutscene Skips

Notice about hearts

  • You want to have 5 hearts for Fire Temple atleast, this route gets every container before Fire since this route was made before Bomb strategy was found for Volvagia. How many containers you get is thus up to you, new runners should get all to make sure dying to Volvagia is not an issue, getting the containers themselves does not waste that much time.

Beginning to Bombchus

  • Intro, sword, shield
  • Crouch stab forest escape
  • Fairy Ocarina
  • WESS to Kakariko
  • Cucco dive to Bottom of the Well
  • Key, Dead Hand, 200r chest
  • Vine clip to Chus (10)
  • Savewarp
  • Exit BotW

To Lullaby

  • Castle Before Night (or) Wait for day
  • Lose 2 hearts from Skullkids or the Gold Skulltula
  • Get to milk boxes, damage boost (megaflip from ontop the boxes if health too low for damage boost) to crawlspace (9)
  • Dodge guards, sidehop along the bottom
  • ZL cutscene skip (If Jabu first, go to Impa, buy shield, DOT skip) (8)
  • Savewarp out

To Jabu-Jabu

  • Go to Lost Woods
  • ESS off rock to skip owl text
  • Aqua escape
  • Enter Zora's Domain with ZL (or megaflip if Jabu first / you feel confident enough to do spirit hover with 1 less chu) (8 or 7)
  • Get Deku Stick and Nuts from pots
  • King Zora skip (7 or 6)
  • Fish skip into Jabu


  • Use Chu for ceiling switch (6 or 5)
  • Carrying Ruto around...
  • Kill Manta Rays
  • Get Boomerang
  • Megaflip Big Octo skip (5 or 4)
  • Rutoless switch skip (or Ruto throw)
  • Hit Boomerang switch from the ground
  • Barinade fight, get Heart Container
  • Savewarp after cutscene

To Temple of Time & Dot Skip

  • Post-ZL Pokey Escape
  • Buy Hylian Shield
  • DoT Skip

Dodongo's Cavern

  • Destroy first wall with Chu (4 or 3)
  • Backwalk jump on platfroms to switch
  • Lower stairs with shield drop Chu explosion (3 or 2, rest of chus are used on Spirit hover)
  • Jump to ledge to get Bomb Bag
  • Blow up Eyes, push down block, enter King Dodongo's room
  • Heart Container + Blue warp

Graveyard & Shadow Early

  • Dampe race for Hookshot
  • ISG off of Grave, Hookshot the hut, Bomb hover to seam
  • Alternate ways to get onto the seam: Chuslide, Bombslide
  • Seam-walk until you are directly above the stairs, Sidehop into Shadow Temple

Shadow Temple

  • Fight Dead Hand, get Hover Boots
  • Silver rupee room, get small key
  • Shadow Temple block skip (AKA gate skip)
  • Get boss key with the aid of the Redead
  • Hover slide across gap
  • Traverse invisble platform room
  • Kill Bongo Bongo

To Forest Temple

  • Up Death Mountain, superslide to climbable wall
  • Get Magic
  • Enter DMC, get Bomb chest
  • Cross gap to bridge
  • Enter Goron City, pull statue, re-enter DMC
  • Bolero cutscene skip
  • Enter Goron City, Go to Lost Woods
  • Damage buffer off of rock explosion
  • Backflip over Mido
  • Lost Woods to Sacred Meadow
  • Ground jump to get ontop of the labyrinth
  • Minuet cutscene skip
  • Warp back, enter Forest Temple

Forest Temple

  • Go right, Hookshot the vine wall, get key
  • Enter main room, get small key at Stalfos room
  • Pillar clip for SoT Block skip
  • Megajump to upper area
  • Block Skips
  • Navi text skip in twisted rooms
  • Get the Bow
  • Bow room BK skip (If out of bombs save warp do main room BK skip)
  • Kill Phantom Ganon
  • Heart Container, Blue warp

Deku Tree

  • Superslide clip into Deku Tree (If out of Bombs, Megajump from Twin's house)
  • Deku basement skip (or do 231 skip)
  • Do 231 Room
  • Kill Gohma
  • Heart Container, Blue warp

To Water Temple

  • Slash bushes outside Twin's house for Bombs
  • Superslide to Lake Hylia
  • Get Enough Bombs from Bushes
  • Superslide Teleport to Water Temple (or House clip)

Water Temple

  • Superslide across gap to Spiketrap Room.
  • Water Temple BK skip
  • Kill Morpha
  • Heart Container, Blue warp

To Spirit

  • Get Fire Arrows
  • Super swim to bushes
  • Gather 20 Bombs (enter Lab to replenish bushes)
  • Leave to Hyrule Field
  • Superslide To Gerudo Valley
  • Hoverslide from the bridge to get across
  • Go to Fortress, get caught by guards
  • Clip to balcony above jail
  • Gate skip
  • Navigate Wasteland, go to Colossus

Spirit Temple

  • Spirit Hover: Skip to Mirror Shield (or go through temple)
  • Silver Block skip
  • Get Boulder room small key
  • Get right hand small key
  • Kill Iron Knuckle, get Mirror Shield
  • Get small key next to armos room
  • Climb rock wall
  • Torchslug puzzle skip, get BK (can skip for ledge clip BK skip)
  • Actor glitch (or do mirror puzzle/ledge clip)
  • Kill Nabooru Knuckle
  • Kill Twinrova
  • Heart Container, Blue warp

Fire Temple

  • Warp to Fire Temple
  • Get small key in Darunia's room
  • Get small key from left room, cross to right room.
  • Push block down in geyser room
  • Block skip by crystal switch
  • Superslide through Fire Maze
  • Kill the Fire Dancer
  • Get Megaton Hammer
  • Fire BK skip
  • Volvagia, savewarp after Medallion cutscene

Light Arrow Cutscene

  • Go To Ganon's Castle after

Ganon's Castle (AKA Trials)

  • Forest Trial: Light torches, rupee room
  • Water Trial: Freezard red ice clip, hammer jumpslash to skip block puzzle
  • Shadow Trial: Get Gold Gauntlets, navigate invisible platforms
  • Fire Trial: Get all rupees, hoverslide across gap
  • Light Trial: Kill invisible enemies, ZL small key, boulder room
  • Spirit Trial: Silver rupee room, Bombchu switch, burn the web, light puzzle


  • Kill Dinolfos, charge red spin-attack, quickspin / deku nuts + power crouch stabs
  • Kill Stalfos
  • Kill Iron Knuckles, power crouch stab, or Bombchu spam method
  • Ganondorf fight

Castle Escape

  • Roll past Redead
  • Get the Kiss


  • Store a jumpslash with Master Sword
  • Power crouch stabs with Hammer for 1st phase
  • Get Master Sword
  • Crouch Stab Tail
  • Final Blow


Due to the difficultly of some tricks, To Jabu and To Zelda's Lullaby can be switched, there are also different methods for many of the tricks, don't be afraid to ask around in #zelda Original write up is here.

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