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Low% Medallions, Stones, Trials

Important Notes

  • This is the route for Low% MST 23 Items
  • After going adult, always keep 1 C-Button empty until the route tells you to dupe a bottle over it, this is very important
  • Also after going adult and equipping Bombchus, do not overwrite the Bombchus with any other item after getting Light Arrows and duping over bow with them, as after the dupe you cannot get the cursor over to Bombchus
  • Bombchu count is really tight in this route. You might have to save some Bombchus somewhere


  • 10 rupees, buy Deku Stick (1 stick)
  • Naviless Aquaescape
  • Go to Kakariko
  • Collect cuccos for Bottle
  • Navi Dive to Bottom of the Well

Bottom of the Well

  • Swing the Stick at the Skulltula's "skullside" to not break the Stick and roll past him
  • Get another Deku Stick from pot (2 sticks)
  • Get the small key
  • Actor Glitch
  • Get 200 rupees from chest in Dead Hand room (or get 60 rupees on the chain before entering City of Hyrule)
  • Beat Dead Hand with broken deku stick (1 stick)
  • Vine Clip with deku stick, get Bombchus (10 chus)
  • Savewarp and go out


  • Go to City of Hyrule
  • Enter Bazaar at night and buy 8-9 deku sticks (9-10 sticks)
  • Damage Boosting to Castle Courtyard (9 chus)
  • Meet Zelda and get Zelda's Letter, Zelda's Lullaby (don't CS Skip)


  • Go to Lake Hylia
  • Navi Dive to Zora's Domain
  • Dupe over child trade item slot with a bottle when catch a fish
  • King Zora Skip with Ledge Clip (8 chus)
  • Fish Skip (you can use jumpslash recoil method if you have 10 sticks) (9 sticks)
  • Use a chu for the ceiling switch (7 chus)
  • Carry Ruto and get a fairy from pot
  • Beat Stingers with throwing Ruto, get Boomerang
  • Tentacles Skip with fairy
  • Beat Big Octo (8 sticks)
  • Switch trick for door
  • Hit Boomerang switch
  • Barinade fight with 3 sticks (5 sticks)
  • Savewarp

To Spirit

  • Aquaescape and go through Zora River
  • WESS/Backwalk to Gerudo Valley (4 sticks)
  • Cucco Jump over fence
  • Enter GTG with jumpslash
  • Beat Beamos and Dinolfos with broken deku stick (3 sticks, 6 chus)
  • Get GTG Chus and savewarp (11 chus)
  • Gate Skip, cross the Wasteland, Desert Colossus

Child Spirit

  • Talk to Nabooru
  • Beat enemies with boomerang and deku stick (2 sticks)
  • Light torches for key chest
  • Go around and get the small key
  • Blow up the wall to light the sunface (10 chus)
  • Drop the Bombchu chest and take Spirit Chus (20 chus)
  • Light torches in the silver rupee room
  • Get the small key with damage boosting or block
  • Use statue to get to left hand and OI for key chest
  • Use statue again to get to adult side
  • Anubis room, Bombchu the Beamos (19 chus)
  • Iron Knuckle with broken deku stick (1 stick)
  • Mirror Shield
  • Savewarp

DoT Skip

  • Aquaescape
  • WESS to City of Hyrule (0 sticks)
  • Go to Temple of Time and Swordless DoT Skip (DON'T FORGET FISH!)
  • Master Sword
  • Savewarp


  • Go to Graveyard
  • Chuslide Teleport (18 chus/optional: you can use poe instead of chu)
  • Megaflip past the first gap (17 chus)
  • Truth Spinner Skip (16 chus)
  • Fence Clip
  • Play Lullaby for Boat (dupe over empty C-Button with a bottle)
  • Blow up the pillar (15 chus)
  • Small key and Boss key
  • Megaflip to past gap (14 chus)
  • Bongo, Shadow CS skip


  • WESS from near Kakariko entrance to Gerudo Valley
  • Across Valley with megaflip (13 chus)
  • Unload Gerudo Gate with antigravity
  • Cross the Wasteland, Desert Colossus
  • Silver Block Skip with megasidehop (12 chus/optional: you can use Armos HESS instead of chu megasidehop)
  • Go up and light the sunface in Armos room, get the key
  • Kill the Skulltula in moving wall room with ISG to climb up faster
  • OI Lullaby for boss key
  • Get into mirror puzzle room with Pot megasidehop
  • Destroy the statues face, Armos Statue Clip, OoB back upstairs
  • Pot Megasidehop to statue
  • Get into the statue face with damage boosting (11 chus)
  • Nabooru Knuckle
  • Twinrova
  • Savewarp

LACS and Magic

  • LACS
  • Go to Ganon's Castle
  • Enter Spirit Trial and collect silver rupees
  • Bombchu the switch (10 chus)
  • Get Trial Chus (30 chus)
  • Get 2 fairies in hidden room (dupe over bow slot with a bottle)
  • Savewarp and go out
  • Go to DMT
  • Blow up the rock (29 chus)
  • Seam Walk, Wall Skip and get Magic
  • Enter DMC and megasidehop to Fire Temple side (28 chus)
  • Enter Fire Temple


  • Timestop Darunia CS skip, get the 1st small key, savewarp
  • Get the 2nd key from lavaroom, backwalk across lava to the 3rd key, savewarp (27 chus)
  • Darunia CS skip again, activate his text and wait until you can move, keep the text on screen until you are past block elevator room
  • Block Skip (26 chus)
  • Door to Flare Dancer (25 chus)
  • 3 Bombchus Flare Dancer (22 chus)
  • Jumpslash or Charge Spin the switch and chains up quickly
  • Megaton Hammer
  • BK Skip with Ledge Clip
  • Volvagia (use only 1-3 chus) (19-21 chus)
  • Wrong Warp to Forest Temple


  • First room key
  • Stalfos key
  • Get a fairy from pot
  • The first block skip with jumpslash
  • Antigravity Jumpslash to courtyard
  • Get hand room key and back to block room
  • The first block skip with jumpslash again
  • The second block skip with deathjump (18-20 chus)
  • Damage ISG (17-19 chus)
  • 3 Hovers to upper floor (14-16 chus)
  • Stalfos, Bow
  • Savewarp
  • BK Skip from mainroom
  • Phantom Ganon
  • Lost Woods, Goron City (break the rock with hammer), DMT, DC

Dodongo's Cavern

  • Destroy the first wall with hammer
  • Switch
  • Blow up bombflower around stairs with bow
  • Clip to Dodongo's head and through the door
  • Ocarina Items or Navi's text on switch to enter boss room
  • Destroy the floor with hammer
  • KD with Bombchu (12-14 chus)
  • Wrong Warp to GTG if you have enough chus (12-13 chus/optional)


  • Get caught by the guards and go to Lake Hylia from Gerudo Valley (If you didn't do Wrong Warp, WESS from near Kakariko entrance to Lake Hylia)
  • House Clip or Ledge Clip and enter Water Temple
  • Navi Dive or Ledge Clip to Ruto
  • OI Lullaby for lowest water level
  • Blow up the wall and get the small key (11-12 chus)
  • Light torches with bow
  • Beat enemies and get the small key
  • Savewarp
  • Megaflip (10-11 chus)
  • OI Lullaby for highest water level
  • Ledge Clip, Antigravity Jumpslash to boss key area
  • Get the boss key
  • Savewarp
  • 1-2 hovers and Tektite Megaflip (8-9 chus)
  • Morpha without hookshot
  • Don't CS Skip
  • Get Fire Arrows
  • Savewarp


  • Spirit Trial: cross silver rupee room, burn the Web and reflect light on the sunface

Light Trial

  • Perform 33 sidehops back and forth (left, right, left, right) to quickly load more beam actors, on the 33rd sidehop continue to the mainroom
  • Enter and exit Shadow Trial once to unload the Golden Gauntlet block outside Light Trial (and inside of Fire)
  • Enter Light Trial
  • Kill enemies and get the 1st small key
  • OI Lullaby and get the 2nd small key
  • Savewarp (the next room is messed up due to actors unloading)
  • 33 sidehops again to unload boulder
  • Collect rupees in last room, Bombchu groundjump with the pot for the center rupee (7-8 chus)

Fire Trial

  • Get 2 fairies in hidden room and enter Fire Trial
  • Collect the silver rupees, Golden Gauntlets Skip, megaflip to the last rupee (6-7 chus)
  • Across the gap with 4-5 hovers (2 chus) (you can delete a fake bottle after Fire Trial, but don't lose Fish)

The Latter Half

  • Shadow Trial: light the torch, invisible pathways, hammer the switch
  • Water Trial: Kill Freezards, Blue Fire the ice, Hammer through second ice to hit the switch
  • Forest Trial: Shoot torches, rupee room with Kokiri Boots

Deku Tree

  • Go through Hyrule Field, enter Kokiri Forest
  • Hovers and enter Deku Tree (0 chus/optional: you can use Golden Skulltula for hover and megaflip)
  • Burn out the webs with Fire Arrows
  • 231 with Hammer
  • Gohma with bow, double KO or savewarp
  • Go to boss room again
  • Ganondoor


  • Collapse (you can do Void Warp for Collapse Skip if you have chus at this time)
  • Enter Ganon CS with Master Sword jumpslash
  • Crouchstabs with Hammer
  • Get Master Sword
  • Jumpslash Ganon, then crouchstabs with Master Sword
  • Final Blow
  • Finally you finished this stupid category


1.Deku Stick
4.Zelda's Letter
5.Zelda's Lullaby
7.Mirror Shield
8.Master Sword
9.Light Arrows
11.Megaton Hammer
14.Fire Arrows

15.Kokiri's Emerald
16.Goron's Ruby
17.Zora's Sapphire
18.Light Medallion
19.Forest Medallion
20.Fire Medallion
21.Water Medallion
22.Shadow Medallion
23.Spirit Medallion

-Kokiri Tunic and Boots are not counted due to having them from the beginning, so they are not items that are acquired

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