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Lake Hylia


Clipping into the geometry is useful for entering the Water Temple without Iron Boots or a Hookshot, which also allows you to complete the Water Temple as a child.

Clip into Lakeside Laboratory

Waterfall Clip

Early Water Temple

Since the water level is high as a child, you'll need to fall out of bounds to get under the island above the temple entrance.

As an adult, clip into Lakeside Laboratory and swim towards the corner of water, on the west edge of the island. As you swim, the camera will get stuck near where you clipped, but if you swim near the ground, it will focus back on you.

Fire Arrows without Beating the Water Temple

Heart Piece without Gold Scale in LSL

Reach the Fishing Pond Early

Getting to the fishing pond is used in order to steal the rod in order to activate Reverse Bottle Adventure (RBA).

Hookshot / Scarecrow Method

  1. Get Scarecrow's song as child.
  2. Go adult and get hookshot.
  3. Play Scarecrow's song in front of Banooru.
  4. Go over to area in front of pond and play Scarecrow's song, then hookshot the Scarecrow.

Magic Bean Method

  1. Get beans as child.
  2. Plant bean in Lake Hylia.
  3. Go adult and ride bean.

Tektite Hover Method

Discovered by Bloobiebla
  1. Get ISG and get target parallel to the wall.
  2. Get inverted camera.
  3. Go in the corner and let the tektite hit you 4 times.
  4. Hold all the way Down and roll. Let go of Down when the roll is finished.
  5. Do 4 rolls without touching the control stick.
  6. Do two backflips (refer to video)
  7. If Link's left arm is over the line created by the top of the land and the wall, you're in the right position.
  8. Do 5 sidehop hovers.
  9. Megaflip onto the land.

This method of pond early is really hard to pull off. Link has to be in the perfect position or he won't make it.

Obtaining the Ruto Letter Oddity

The Ruto Letter cannot be obtained by simply touching it. It can only be obtained while in the diving animation.

Reaching Zora's Domain

As a child, you can easily obtain the Golden Scale Early from the Fishing Pond. If running a route that avoids the scale, you can either use Navi Dive if Navi is available, or clip out of bounds from Lakeside Laboratory.

As an Adult, the entrance to Zora's Domain is permanently blocked off by a wall of ice, but the entrance to Zora's Domain still can be reached by clipping into Lakeside Laboratory once the water is raised.

If the water is NOT raised, you can enter Zora's Domain with a Superslide Teleport

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