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There are several different ways to obtain Bombchus before completing Dodongo's Cavern, the point at which the Bombchu Bowling Alley and Bombchu Shop open.

The two most common ways to obtain Bombchus early are to get them from the Bottom of the Well (Well Chus), or to get them from the Spirit Trial in Ganon's Castle after performing Ganondoor.

In Master Quest only, you can also obtain Bombchus from Jabu Jabu's Belly, provided that you have a slingshot.

Another option is to obtain Bombchus from somewhere within Gerudo Desert. There are Bombchu chests inside both the Spirit Temple (child side) and the Gerudo Training Grounds. Both areas can be entered early using various tricks to get past different barriers within the desert (see Spirit Temple Early for more info). In the original game, getting Bombchus from the Gerudo Training Grounds is not practical as a child, and if you don't have the Slingshot or Boomerang to hit a crystal switch for the Spirit Temple chest, you will have to hover off a Lizalfos to reach it. However, In Master Quest both chests are quite easy to reach.

The last place Bombchus can be obtained early in the desert are from the Carpet Salesman in the Haunted Wasteland. Since Chus cost 200 rupees per 10, you will need to collect 10 Gold Skulltula tokens to unlock the Adult's Wallet in order to purchase them.

Finally, the reward for collecting 40 Gold Skulltula tokens is 10 Bombchus. This is the most absurd way to obtain Bombchus early, moreso if you do not resort to duplicating Gold Skulltula tokens.

Bottom of the Well Early

See Bottom of the Well Early.

Different methods to get Bombchus in Bottom of the Well

There are three main methods to get Bombchus in Bottom of he Well as child: Ocarina Dive, Blank A, and Actor Glitch + Vine Clip. Which one is best to use is dependent on a few factors. To begin, the Blank A method for obtaining Bombchus can only be done if you do not have a sword equipped and are on the 1.0 Version of the game. It is the fastest stand alone way to get to the Bombchus from the start of Bottom of the Well, however depending on your goal it might be faster overall to do other methods.

For example, if your goal (in a speedrun or other challenge such as bingo) includes obtaining the Kokiri sword and the Ocarina then it is likely faster to use Ocarina Dive. If goal includes obtaining just the Kokiri sword, and you don't play many songs, then it is likely that Actor Glitch + Vine Clip is faster. Or if Virtual Console is faster for that goal for other reasons then it may be faster overall to play on it and do Ocarina Dive or Actor Glitch + Vine Clip.

Ocarina Dive

Discovered by Exodus

An Ocarina Dive is a form of cutscene diving which has many uses but in this case we will use the fact that during an Ocarina Dive Link does not trigger loading planes. Normally in a hover Link cannot use the ocarina. To enable link to do this we must hover at a specific spot which enables link snap to the edge nearby by walking towards it. We use inverted camera in order to to time the hover correctly. By interrupting this snapping to the ledge with an ocarina press you cause Link to fall with the ocarina out. This causes link to fall into the basement and keep the room above loaded because he will not trigger the loading plane for the next room while in the ocarina dive.

This is often preformed by holding left, starting to mash ocarina, and then rotating to up in order to avoid timing the ocarina press.

Now all you have to do is navigate the unloaded basement to the Bombchu chest.

Blank A

Discovered by Fox

Blank A is caused by entering a crawlspace with an item in links hand then interrupting that the next frame by throwing a nut. This allows him to clip in places he normally would not due being able go off floors when jumpslashing. Another side effect of blank A is being able to sidehop in air which we use to get over to the invisible water. This trick is 1.0 only and you must not have a sword equipped.

The common setup for blank A Bottom of the Well Bombchus is:

  1. Get blank A
  2. 3 ess turns left
  3. Backwalk and backflip around when link leaves the screen (lenient window)
  4. Full ess turn left or shield turn left
  5. 4 sidehops left
  6. Mash A to do 2 jumpslashes in a row
  7. Sidehop at the right timing (too early and you clip back inbounds. Too late and you void out)

Swimming to Bombchus from the Basement

Head over to the strange looking floor texture and locate the sharp point. Just at the tip of this point is a column of water which can be used to float up to the bombchus. Backflip into it, float up for a couple of seconds, then swim back-right whilst holding Z. If done correctly, Link will appear to jilt a little bit, which means you have clipped through the floor. From here, you can float up a little bit more before swimming forwards and jumpslashing out of the water and in to the room, which by now should be visible on the screen.

Often you will get pushed out of the water when you try to backflip in - just try backflipping in again. Sometimes Link will not clip through the floor, in which case just try adjusting the time at which you start swimming down-right and try again. If, once you clip through the floor, you wait too long, then you will float all the way back up to the main room and will have to start again from the Actor Glitch. If you walk too far on to the texture, it can damage you, so avoid doing that.

Actor Glitch

Once in, one needs a way of getting to the crawl space near the entrance under the water. Zelda's Lullaby can be played at the other side of the well to lower the water, however it is possible to use Walking While Talking to perform an Actor Glitch to unload the water, thus bypassing the requirement of Zelda's Lullaby.

First, one needs a key, which can be found by heading around the corner to the right of the entrance from a chest behind a fake wall. Proceed up the right hand pathway to find a crawl space and enter it. When exiting the other side, one must open the door before the "exiting crawlspace cutscene" ends. The analogue stick position for this angle is very slightly down from down-left. As soon as control is regained, hold this position and roll to the door and press A to open it. If you time it and angle it correctly, you will hear the door opening but you will remain in the same room. If you are too late, you will simply go through the door.

In performing this trick, the actors in the next room are loaded while the actors in the main room are unloaded. Included in these unloaded actors is the water near the entrance, allowing one to access the previously unreachable crawl space. Crawl through here to reach Dead Hand. By defeating Dead Hand and exiting his room, the correct actors are loaded again and one can Vine Clip using the Skulltula.

Vine Clip

Once Dead Hand has been defeated and you have reloaded the Skulltula, the final step to getting to the bombchu chest is to clip out of bounds and swim through the invisible water. There are two methods of clipping, one with Deku Nuts and one without. The method without is the most common as it can easily be pause buffered and lands you in the high water, whilst the Deku Nut method is not normally buffered, but lands you in the low water.

Once clipped through, you land in invisible water - either "high" or "low" water. High water is far superior because it is possible to swim directly to the bombchus without having to walk around out of bounds. If one lands in low water, one will fall to the ground and will have to navigate to a specific spot where it is then possible to float up to the bombchus. This is harder and slower, so is not recommended.

Pause Buffered Vine Clip

  1. Back walk off the very edge of the ledge
  2. Pivot left to face the wall and centre the camera, slash the wall with B and pivot left to face the skulltula
  3. Press B just as/just before the skulltula reaches the top of his swing. The delay in the sword swing will mean you actually hit him at the bottom of his swing, which is what we want
  4. Right after pressing B, turn around and backwalk off the edge so that you start to climb down
  5. Stop climbing down when Link's left hand starts moving down. Link's right hand should be above his left hand. Pausing here ensures you don't move down too far
  6. At this point, attention shifts to the skulltula's legs on the right. We want to skip forwards a few frames to find the frame where there are two small, skinny legs in the top right of the screen at approximately 00:24. Depending on the exact timing of the sword slash, the legs may be higher up or further left
  7. The next frame will be a single, fat leg somewhere around your C down button
  8. The next frame will be a single leg right at the top of the screen, possibly even off the screen. On this frame, pause buffer A + down
  9. Buffer down on the control stick for the next frame
  10. Hold up on the control stick on the next frame and you will clip through
  11. Once you clip, release all buttons
  12. When you land in the water, flick down-left and centre the camera behind you to give you approximately the correct alignment
  13. Above you, you will see the corridor with the water in it, swim forwards directly under the water to the bombchu room, pressing B rapidly to swim faster
  14. Fall out of the water to the right once you are next to the bombchu room. It is safest to jump slash to give yourself some extra distance but if you fall from high enough, the jumpslash is rendered unnecessary

Video tutorial for Actor Glitch and Vine Clip

Deku Nuts Vine Clip

Using Deku Nuts, which can be found in a chest in the central area of the main room, one can stun the skulltula and drop and regrab the vines just as stun timer on the skulltula wears off.

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