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Medallions, Stones, Trials

Some use of explosives can be moved around for preference.

Kokiri Forest and Kakariko Village

  • Collect 40 Rupees and get Kokiri Sword
  • Pause #1 (Kokiri sword)
  • Buy the shield
  • Pause #2 (Deku shield)
  • Pokey escape for Fairy Ocarina
  • Backwalk and WESS to Kakariko
  • Cucco collection for bottle
  • Pause #3 (Bottle)
  • Catch bugs by skulltula house, savewarp (Pause #4)
  • Go to the Deku Tree, take damage according to preferred Gohma method: No damage needed if clipping, 2 hits (1 heart lost) for Double KO
  • Kill the Deku Baba for Deku Stick


  • Collect 10 nuts
  • Pause #5 (Bugs, Nuts, Stick)
  • Navi text skip, climb first vines
  • Navi text skip, dodge Walltula, climb vines
  • Break web (anti-grav b1 skip) (9 nuts)
  • B1 Skip (2 1/2 hearts or 1 1/2 hearts)
  • Burn web (ISG or Jumpslash flame storage) or skip the web if Gohma clipping and sidehop down to B2 (1/2 heart or 1 1/2 hearts)
  • 231 room
  • Double KO Gohma (7 Nuts) or Gohma clip (Nut count depending on method)
  • B1 skip back to Gohma's room or exit and re-enter the room
  • Get HC (4 hearts)
  • Ganondoor (Nut count depending on Gohma method, 7 if Gohma clip)

Ganon's Castle 1

  • Savewarp (pause #6)
  • Go to Spirit Trial
  • Clear rupee room with hover off of Beamos (6 Nuts)
  • Nut Torch Slugs, hit crystal switch (5 Nuts)
  • Get Bombchus
  • Pause #7 (Bombchus, Nuts, whatever)
  • Chu crystal switch (19 chus)
  • Take damage (1/2 heart or less)
  • Exit castle

Zelda's Lullaby and to Jabu

  • Enter crawl space
  • Dodge guards
  • Zelda's Lullaby cs Skip (18 chus) (save and don't continue)
  • Go to Lost woods
  • ESS off rock to skip owl text, Superslide off the bush or release and target a chu to skip the owl (18 / 17 chus)
  • Navidive if used ESS to skip owl, Naviless aqua escape if used chu
  • Megasidehop to Zora's Domain (17 / 16 chus)
  • Get Nuts from the pot if you have less than 4 Nuts
  • King Zora skip (16 / 15 chus)
  • Jabu fish skip


  • Use a chu for the ceiling switch (15 / 14 chus)
  • Go to Ruto and carry to the Boomerang room
  • Kill Manta Rays (2 / 3 nuts)
  • Boomerang
  • Box megaflip Big Octo skip (14 / 13 chus)
  • Blue switch skip (buffering this is banned in MST)
  • Pause #8 (Boomerang, Sticks, Nuts)
  • Hit Boomerang switch
  • Barinade
  • Get HC (5 hearts)
  • Get Sapphire
  • Savewarp (Pause #9)

Adult to Shadow

  • Peahat slide if able, otherwise backwalk to Market
  • DoT skip
  • Savewarp (Pause #10)
  • Get Hylian Shield from grave
  • Dampe race for Hookshot
  • Pause #11 (Shield, Hookshot, Ocarina, Bombchus)
  • ISG + chuslide to seam (13 / 12 chus)
  • Seamwalk + enter Shadow

Shadow Temple

  • Fight Dead Hand, get Hover boots
  • Truth Spinner (Pause #12 Hover boots)
  • Cross gap (Pause #13 Kokiri boots)
  • Silver rupee room, get Small Key (Have 3/4 of a heart after the fall to Gate clip (take fall damage if needed, amount of full hearts does not matter)
  • Jumpslash Gate clip
  • Play ZL and ride the boat
  • Take damage from the Stalfos until you only have 3/4 of a heart left if you are going to bosskey skip

    Getting bosskey:

  • Redead clip, take damage on the wall (1/4 heart)
  • Megasidehop hoverslide across the gap (Pause #14 Hover boots)(12 / 11 chus)
  • Invisible platform room
  • Pause #15 (Hookshot, Chus, Bugs, Kokiri Boots)

    Bosskey skip:

  • Once able, jump down from the boat and megasidehop across the gap using the broken statue head (if done fast you can pause before Boat text shows up) (Pause #14 Hover boots) (12 / 11 chus)
  • Navigate across invisible platform room (Pause #15 Kokiri boots, Bugs, Hookshot, Chus)
  • Bosskey skip (11 / 10 chus)

    Shadow Continued:

  • Kill Bongo Bongo, catch bugs before Bongo dies (Dupe over Nuts here to have an empty real bottle for buying a Fairy, Pause #16)
  • Shadow CS skip
  • Cross Graveyard, Kakariko Bazaar to get a Fairy, Death Mountain Trail, enter Dodongo's Cavern

Dodongo's Cavern 1

  • Blow up first wall (Slash chu to go fast) (10 / 9 chus)
  • Take 2 hits from the Beamos to get down to 1 heart
  • Take damage from lava to either 3/4 (setup) or 2/4 hearts (setupless) and Doom Jump to 2nd floor bridge
  • Get Bomb Bag (20 bombs)
  • Pause #17 (Empty bottle, Ocarina, Bombs)
  • Blow up eyes, exit Cavern (18 Bombs)

Magic and Bolero

  • Blow up rock on trail (17 Bombs)
  • SS to climbable wall (15 Bombs)
  • Blow up rock wall to magic (14 Bombs)
  • Get Magic
  • Enter Death Mountain Crater, blow up bomb chest grotto (13 Bombs)
  • Catch Fish to equipped empty Bottle
  • Grotto chest for bombs (20 Bombs)
  • Megasidehop down and pull another bomb, ocarina buffer to 1/2 heart
  • Bolero cs skip (17 bombs)
  • Exit Crater and superslide triggering Biggoron cutscene, re-enter DC (15 bombs)

Dodongo's Cavern 2

  • Savewarp when inside DC (Pause #18 Fish, Bombs, Hookshot)
  • Cross first room to Dodongo head room
  • Use Ocarina Items or Keese with Navi for blue switch
  • Bomb floor to King Dodongo, open bomb chest (19 Bombs)
  • Jumpslash into boss room
  • King Dodongo, take damage on lava (1/2 heart) (17 bombs)
  • Wrong Warp to Gerudo Training Grounds (16 Bombs)

To Spirit

  • Exit Gerudo Training Grounds
  • Pause #19 (Hover boots, Bombs, Hookshot, Chus)
  • Gate skip (Pause #20 Kokiri boots if HESS'ing or supersliding before quicksand in Wasteland) (14 bombs)
  • Cross Haunted Wasteland (Pause #20 Kokiri boots after quicksand if supersliding after quicksand) (14 bombs)
  • Superslide across Desert Colossus to Spirit Temple entrance (12 Bombs)
  • Spirit Hover using all chus + bombs, or leaving 3 chus for Water temple (Pause #21 + #22 Hover boots, Kokiri boots) (0 or 3 chus)
  • Hoverslide to Mirror Shield (x Bombs, depends how you do spirit hover) (Pause #23 Hover boots)
  • Enter Spirit Temple (Pause #24 Mirror Shield, Kokiri boots, Ocarina over Chus if not bosskey skipping)

Spirit Temple

  • Kill Iron Knuckle (atleast 2 hearts)
  • Kill Armos for bomb drops (need atleast 4 bombs, more can save time in Fire temple)
  • Get Small Key after activating sun switch
  • Take damage from the Beamos after moving wall room to have 2 hearts, other amounts work but using 2 for simplicity)

    Bosskey skip:

  • After taking Beamos damage to 2 hearts, ignore the bosskey room and evade/block the magic jar pot
  • Perform ledgeclip equipping Fish over Chus on 1 of the pauses (Pause #25 Fish, Bombs, Hookshot, saves pause menu screen transition to equip it here instead of at Mirror Shield) 1 1/2 hearts
  • Superslide from inside the wall to boss loadingzone (Pause #26 and #27 Hover boots, Kokiri boots) (x Bombs)

    Getting the bosskey:

  • Play ZL and get Spirit BK (1 1/4 health)
  • Actor glitch, get hit by the pot containing a heart (2 hearts) and megasidehop to statue shoulder (x bombs) (1 1/2 hearts)
  • Hookshot through statue

    Spirit Continued:

  • 9 jumpslash stored crouchstabs + normal slash to Nabooru Knuckle, then do preferred Nabooru cs skip (x bombs) (1/2 heart)
  • Kill Twinrova
  • Pause #28 (Fish, Ocarina, Bombs)
  • Spirit cs skip (x Bombs)
  • Farm health (5 Hearts)
  • Play Bolero

Fire Temple

  • Release and catch fish, timestop
  • Darunia cs skip
  • Pause #29 (Hover boots, Fish, Bombs, Hookshot)
  • Get Small Key In Darunia's room
  • Get Darunia bombs if you have less than 13 (x bombs) (Pause #30 here if using Kokiri boots strats for lava room: Kokiri boots)
  • Get Small Key from left room
  • Cross to right room, can take half a heart of damage if using Kokiri boots strat (4 1/2 hearts)
  • Blow up the wall, get Small Key (x Bombs)
  • Pause #30 (Kokiri boots, Hookshot, Fish, Bombs)
  • Ride the block up to the next level (time stop with fish)
  • Block skip by crystal switch (x Bombs)(4 1/4 / 3 3/4 hearts)

    Get through Flamewall room depending on bomb count:

  • 11 bombs: Dont use any bombs except for the fake door, get hearts and bombs from pots (20 bombs, 5 hearts)
  • 12 Bombs: Megaflip through the flamewall, bomb fake door and get hearts, bombs (20 bombs, 5 hearts)
  • 13 bombs or more: HESS along the wall and pull a 2nd bomb when close to the flamewall, get hit by the 2nd bomb and backflip through the fire, get hearts and bombs (20 bombs, 5 hearts) NOTE: Megaflip is same speed as HESS + invulnerability backflip but harder
  • Easier 13 bombs or more strat: Superslide to the switch, activate it and roll to platform

    Fire Continued:

  • Kill the Flare Dancer and ride the block up to the next level
  • Bomb the switch and climb the chains (19 bombs)
  • Get Megaton Hammer
  • Pause #31 (Hammer, Bombs, Fish)
  • Fire BK skip with Hammer recoil (Pause #32 and 33 Hover boots, Kokiri boots)
  • Volvagia (12 bombs)
  • WW to Forest Temple

Forest Temple

  • Pause #34 (Hookshot, Bombs, Fish)
  • Get Small Key on tree
  • Cross Poe room and Bubble room
  • Stalfos room key
  • SoT block skip with ledge clip
  • Megajump to ledge (11 Bombs)(Pause #35 Hover boots)(2 1/2 hearts)
  • Block skips and hover boots roll to ledge (9 Bombs) (Pause #36 Kokiri boots)
  • Skip both Navi texts to bow room
  • Bow Stalfos, take damage from them to have 1/2 hearts
  • Bow room BK skip with Hammer recoil (the Badarax) (Pause #37 Hover boots, #38 Kokiri boots, Fish, Bombs, Bow/Hookshot)
  • Phantom Ganon fight
  • Forest cs skip (8 bombs) (#39 Equip Ocarina, Hammer, Hookshot during 1 of the pauses)
  • Play Bolero

To Water

  • To Lost Woods
  • Adult Naviless to Zora's River
  • Hover boots roll to Zora's Domain (Pause #40 Hover boots, Fish, Bombs, Hammer)
  • Unequip hover boots before entering Zora's Domain (Pause #41 Kokiri boots)
  • Ladder clip and swim to Lake Hylia entrance
  • Farm bombs from Lake Hylia grass if you so prefer, if you saved 3 chus from Spirit Hover you can enter Water directly with superslide teleport or ledge clip (7 bombs)
  • House clip if you farmed bombs, enter Water temple

Water Temple

  • Hookshot across first gap
  • Hammer recoil to the ledge (Pause #42 Hover boots, Hookshot, Bombs, Chus)
  • Water Temple BK skip (0 chus)(5 Bombs)
  • Kill Morpha (Pause #43 during the fight, Kokiri boots, Hookshot, Bombs, Bow)
  • HC (6 hearts)
  • Water Medallion

To Ganons Castle

  • Shoot the sun, Fire Arrows
  • Pause #44 (Hookshot, Bombs, Fire Arrows) savewarp
  • Light Arrow cs
  • Rainbow Bridge cs
  • Enter Castle

  • If your name is Speedfrog, at this point you must go get Iron boots, savewarp, enter Ganon's castle and use the Iron boots during Trials. You are forbidden to unequip them for any reason. If your name is not Speedfrog, you can ignore this madness and actually go fast.

Ganon's Castle 2 (AKA Trials)

  • Forest Trial: Shoot torches, rupee room (Pause #45 Hover boots)
  • Pause #46 (Hammer, Hookshot, Light Arrow, Kokiri boots), shoot Forest Orb
  • Water Trial: Freezard red ice clip, jump to ledge and hammer jumpslash through red ice
  • Shadow Trial: (Pause #47 Hover boots, Hookshot, Hammer, Fire Arrows), light the torches and make it to the brown switch, hookshot chest and pick up Golden Gauntlets
  • Hammer rusted switch, enter Orb room (Pause #48 Hookshot, Bombs, Light Arrows), shoot Orb
  • Fire Trial: Collect rupees, hoverslide across gap (3 Bombs) (Pause #49 Hover boots), shoot Orb
  • If you are supersliding to clip Golden gauntlets block (saves 5 sec and leaves 1 bomb for void warp), equip Kokiri boots before shooting Fire orb but leave bombs equipped (Pause #50 Kokiri boots, Hookshot, Bombs, Light Arrows) (1 bomb)
  • Equip Ocarina after clipping the block (Pause #51 Hookshot, Ocarina, Light Arrows)
  • If not clipping the block, equip Kokiris and Ocarina before or after shooting Fire orb (Pause #50 Kokiri boots, Hookshot, Ocarina, Light Arrows) (3 bombs)
  • Light Trial: Kill invisible enemies, ZL Small Key, Boulder room rupees
  • Spirit Trial: Cross silver rupee room (Pause #52 Nuts/Bombs, Ocarina, Fire Arrows)
  • Burn the Web and reflect light on the sunface
  • Pause #53 (Nuts/Bombs, Hammer, Light Arros) Shoot the last Orb
  • Equip Nuts instead of bombs only if you want to use them on Dinolfos, useful if you cannot quickspin reliably, equipping bombs here saves 1 pause later

To Ganondorf

  • Kill Dinolfos with quickspins / Nuts + Jumpslash crouchstabs
  • Kill Stalfos and get BK
  • Kill Iron Knuckles
  • Ganondorf

Castle Escape

  • Void warp (2 / 0 bombs) (Pause #54 Bombs, Hammer, Light Arrows, this pause only if you used Nuts on Dinalfos)
  • Roll past Re-dead
  • Kiss without setup, be a Man/Woman


  • Enter Ganon cs with MS jumpslash
  • Crouchstabs with Hammer
  • Get Master Sword
  • Jumpslash Ganon, then crouchstabs with Master Sword
  • Final Blow
  • Congratulations on your bad MST PB (Every run is bad)
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