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This category aims for fastest completion in a single sitting without the use of inventory manipulation or wrong warping, so shadow and spirit temple are required. There are no other restrictions.

Beginning to bombchus (VC)

  • Intro, Sword, Shield
  • Crouch stab forest escape (skip shield and wess escape is faster)
  • To kakariko, WESS to skip Owl
  • Cucco or Navi dive to Bottom of the Well
  • Ocarina CS dive to unloaded basement, savewarp
  • Swim up to bombchus

Beginning to bombchus (N64 1.0)

  • 35 rupees, buy 2 sticks and 5 nuts
  • Wess escape/Walking while talking escape
  • Backwalk to Kakariko, do not wess
  • 20 rupees in Kakariko (a)
  • Navi dive to Bottom of the Well
  • Blank A chus

Lullaby and DoT Skip

  • Exit Kakariko and skip the Owl again
  • Castle before night or wait outside the gate if you missed it (get 60 rupees for n64 route)
  • If n64 route, 20 rupees from box next to Bazzar (b) only if missed Kakariko rupee (a)
  • Take 2 hearts of damage from either the golden skulltula in the tree (castle before night) or Stalchildren
  • Damage boost with a bombchu to skip waking up Talon (n64 uses a stick)
  • Guards, Zelda
  • Cutscene skip Zelda's Lullaby cutscene with a bombchu (method varies depending on route)
  • Save/don't save but Continue playing
  • Talk to Impa again to get teleported out
  • Buy Hylian Shield from the Bazaar
  • Temple of Time, DoT skip


  • After Master Sword cutscene, savewarp
  • Kakariko Graveyard, race Dampe for Hookshot
  • Shadow early with chuslide teleport
  • Hoverboots
  • Boat skip
  • Bongo Bongo
  • Heart container for void warp (optional)


  • Truth Spinner skip
  • Truth Spinner (if you don't want to use a bombchu on TS skip)
  • Collect silver rupees for a key, shadow block skip (can also bombchu weirdshot to skip rupee puzzle)
  • optional grab Shadow BK (beginners)
  • Chumegasidehop + hovers to get across the gap. Chu HESS across gap works also.
  • Shadow boss key skip w/ledge clip

Bombs, Magic, Minuet

  • Blow up Dodongo's Cavern first wall
  • Platforms, button to open door
  • Bombchu to lower staircase
  • Jump to Bombbag
  • Run out of DC, and up the mountain to Magic
  • Jump down the Trail (take fall damage)
  • Jump down again to near Goron City entrance and enter GC
  • Jump down 2 levels in GC so in total you take half a heart of fall damage, bomb the rocks and enter Lost Woods (this way is faster than Crater, due to not having to dmg buffer with ocarina)
  • Sacred Forest Meadow, Minuet cutscene skip
  • Save, don't continue


  • Superslide to Gerudo Valley from Temple of Time
  • Superslide across with hoverboots or megasidehop/equip hovers in midair to get across
  • Get caught by the guards in Fortress, adult gateskip
  • Hovers to get across quicksand or superslide/ess through wasteland
  • Spirit Hover to Mirror Shield
  • OR
  • If you choose not to Spirit hover due to lack of chus/bombs or any other reason, just enter the temple
  • Silver Block skip
  • Silver rupees, key
  • Play Lullaby on the hand, key
  • Anubis room
  • Kill Armos if you need bombs
  • Iron Knuckle fight, Mirror Shield
  • Light the Sun for a key
  • Moving wall room
    • Play lullaby, damage invincibility from the Torch Slug to get Bosskey
    • Actor Glitch, megasidehop for Mirror puzzle skip
  • Spirit BK skip (alternative to getting boss key and actor glitch)
  • Nabooru cutscene skip (optional), Twinrova
  • Play Minuet after blue warp cutscene ends


  • First room key
  • Stalfos room key
  • Ledge clip Song of Time block skip
  • Megajump to ledge
  • Blockskips
  • Navi textskips in twisted corridor
  • Bow room Stalfos, Bow
  • Minuet to exit Forest (VC) or Savewarp (emu/n64), Exit Forest and Savewarp again
  • LACS

Ganon's Castle

  • You should have atleast 1 bomb after Trials skip in order to superslide into the cutscene at the start of Ganon fight, preferred to have more
  • Trials skip with hover, megasidehop, or Spirit Trial armos clip
  • Dinolfos, Stalfos + Bosskey, Iron Knuckles
  • Ganondorf
  • Void warp (or go down the tower)
  • Superslide into the Ganon fight cutscene and hold shield until Navitext is cleared to keep Master Sword during the first phase of the fight
  • Kill Ganon


You can go to Dodongo's Cavern after becoming adult and getting bombs before doing Shadow Temple, this is slower but safer if you are not sure how to do chuslideteleport or how to cross the gap with a chumegasidehop. It also gives you more chus to use on Spirit Hover if you choose to do it.

If you do get bombs first, you can then get hookshot and get on top of Dampe's house with Isg active and hover to the seam from there. A simple superslide and equipping hoverboots afterwards will get you across the gap after getting Bosskey.

After Magic, you can take the Death Mountain Crater route to Goron City, this allows you to get the bombs in the grotto but it is much slower than taking fall damage on the Trail on the way to GC.

In Spirit Temple, you don't have to farm bombs from the armos. If you are doing spirit BK skip, you can get the bombs chest in the mirror puzzle room, it contains 20 bombs and there is no RNG.

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