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Ledge Cancel

Discovered by Tsundere rar

If you climb a ledge (without jumping) and shield a damage source at the end of the animation (2 frame window) you will activate the Ledge Cancel.

This glitch makes Link ignore the hitbox of many actors and can also make camera the camera zoom out really far. This allows you to walk through boulders and most NPCs. The glitch will be cancelled if you jump normally off a ledge, but you can sidehop or backflip and keep it.

It can also be performed by climbing a ledge out of deep water:

Forest Escape

The first known use of ledge cancel was escaping the forest.

Zora's Fountain skulltula boulder skip

King Zora skip as child

Hyrule Field webbed grotto skulltula

Death Mountain Trail skulltula

Ice Cavern Heart Piece

Shadow Cutscene skip

More info here

Kokiri Forest Mido skip

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