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Ganonless (1.0)

NOTE: This Route only works on version 1.0


  • Intro
  • Obtain 35 Rupees
  • Buy 2 Deku Sticks, 5 Deku Nuts
  • Go to Lost Woods
  • Aqua escape
  • WESS to Kakariko Village
  • Obtain Empty Bottle
  • Navi Dive to Enter BotW
  • Obtain Bombchus using Blank A
  • Vine clip with a Bombchu and collect Hylian and Deku shields
  • HESS to bugs, collect bugs, HESS to HF, HESS to Castle (Alternatively Deku shield can be skipped along with all child HESS's.)
  • Swordless DoT Skip


  • Kill Poe
  • Quick draw bottle on B
  • Collect Poe on C right and enter Kakariko
  • Obtain the Pocket Egg from Kakariko
  • Go to DMT
  • Go to Goron City
  • Obtain Goron Tunic
  • RBA Poe on C right to set Bombchu value to 29
  • Equip Pocket Egg, Bugs, and Master Sword
  • Enter DMC and preform Bolero of Fire cutscene skip.
  • Go to Lost Woods
  • Preform Adult Naviless Aqua Escape
  • Megasidehop into Zora's Domain
  • Unfreeze King Zora
  • Eyeball Frog Early (Talk to King Zora while holding R)
  • OI and play Bolero of Fire
  • Timer glitch to freeze Eyeball Frog timer
  • Enter Fire Temple
  • Darunia cutscene skip
  • Obtain Megaton Hammer
  • Fire Temple Boss Key skip
  • Equip Megaton Hammer over Eyeball Frog
  • Defeat Volvagia
  • Eye Ball Frog timer warp
  • Credits
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