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Stop Trade Item Timers

Utilizing a few glitches, it's possible to stop the timer used for the trade item and tower collapse miniquests at 0:00 seconds remaining. This is useful for achieving a very complex wrong warp setup.

How It Works

When the timer hits zero as a trade item timer, the clock will stop and the game will display a dialog message before warping you away. Within the data for the dialog is a special text code that disables the timer and triggers that warp when read. By interrupting the printing of this message, you can halt the timer and postpone the warp. The warp can then be triggered by "reading" a dialog that contains the same text code.

The timing for the trick is much more lenient when using the Japanese language over English, because the Japanese dialog does not print out instantly as it does in English.

Shooting Gallery Method

Discovered by Unreal

Go get the odd mushroom from the lonely guy in the Lost Woods then head over to Kakariko Village. Now enter the archery house and wait for the timer to count down to it's final seconds. As soon as the timer is about to hit 0:00, talk to the archery guy and play the minigame. Shoot all of your arrows and if done correctly, you should be able to gain control of Link with the timer on 0:00. To cancel the glitch, simply talk or check something with a text and you will be warped back to the Lost Woods. You can avoid being warped back to the Woods through text by fast scrolling.

Steal the Rod Warp

Discovered by Acryte

You can steal the rod as both Young and Adult Link with the mushroom timer at 0:00. Head over to the fishing pond and pay your fee to fish. Make sure you fast scroll through the text cause you don't want to be warped back to the Lost Woods. Now once you have the rod talk to the fisherman again and weigh your fish. You will now be warped back to the entrance of the Lost Woods with the rod on B.

Void Out Method

Discovered by ObliviousB

A trade item timer may also be stopped by voiding out just as the timer expires. One simple way to do this is warp to Death Mountain Crater by playing the Bolero of Fire without the Goron Tunic equipped. Because the Goron Tunic is not equipped, the heat timer will cover up the Trade item timer until you leave the area or equip the Goron Tunic. Sidehop ladder clip using the ladder near the Fire Temple, then drop out of bounds. Approximately 6 seconds after dropping, equip the Goron Tunic and, if timed correctly, the trade item timer should expire just before voiding out. You should respawn back on the warp pad in Death Mountain Crater with the timer stuck on 0:00. You can play Bolero again to make it change to 0:01. This method for stopping timers is used in the current Ganonless route to wrong warp to the credits from the Fire Temple Boss blue warp.

Captured Method

Discovered by Jbop

The trade item timer can be frozen by getting caught by the guards in Gerudo Valley or Gerudo Fortress just as the timer expires.

Last updated 01/19/2015 – mzxrules