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Ground Jump

Ground Jumps allow you to perform a vertical jump to gain extra height. This is particularly useful for getting to those just out of reach ledges. Storing a ground jump also allows you to skip Navi & the Owl's text triggers.


There are a few ways to store a ground jump:

  1. Hold Z, drop a bomb and move backwards a step or two. Stay within grab range.
  2. Take out your sword or deku stick
  3. Hold R and then press A
  4. Wait until the bomb explodes


  1. Drop a bomb and stand far enough back that the Grab icon goes away
  2. Roll into the bomb while holding Z and R and press A rapidly until your roll stops.
  3. Wait for bomb to explode.


  1. Roll into an object that can be picked up such as a rock or bush while holding Z and R
  2. Let an enemy hit your shield and push you back (make sure it doesn't damage you)

Afterwards you can release Z and R and if the glitch worked, you should not be able to pull out your sword or any C-items.

Backflipping or Sidehopping will activate the glitch and cause you to jump straight up.

Quick Draw from Explosive Limit

Discovered by Nathanisbored

It is also possible to store a ground jump with the Explosive Limit as shown in the video.

This method is pretty rare to use due to its difficulty and the time it takes to store the ground jump, but this is the only way to ground jump during a hover.

Last updated 01/31/2017 – Amateseru