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Lift the Archery Guy

Discovered by Zero


If you have a glitched quiver due to Cojiro RBA, and have not won the Quiver upgrade from the Kakariko Shooting Gallery, you can unlock the bizarre ability to lift up the Archery Guy.

If you win the minigame, you will not get a quiver upgrade like normal. Instead, the A button will read "Grab" if you are facing him. Pressing A will allow you to pick him up and carry him around. If you throw him, he will remain in the air. If you drop him, he will float in place wherever you dropped him.

If you read the sign in the gallery, you can talk to him once again, and can even play the game again. If you win a second time, the same thing happens.

The Archery Guy (like many other NPCs with desk jobs) does not have legs, as Nintendo never intended for the player to see the character model behind the counter.

Last updated 01/13/2014 – mzxrules