Child BA

Discovered by Exodus, Jbop

Child BA (Bottle Adventure) is a method of putting any item that can be BA'd onto child link's B button. This allows you to defeat volvagia as child, skip the mask trading sequence by getting bunny hood on b and selling it, and using RBA and BA with the broken Goron's Sword as child. It requires quite some set up to perform.


This is similar to the method used as adult to get deku stick on B from Lon Lon Ranch. There are two main differences for this method. One is that Hammer (Item 17) is set to Temp B instead of 0 (Deku Stick). The other difference becoming swordless from Ganon instead of a horse. The logic for temp b being restored to b works like this: dying with a non-sword item on b always restores temp b, unless temp b is 0 or 255, in which case B goes to 255 or 0, depending on if the sword flag is set. The sword equipped flag does not affect this trick.

Steps to perform

  1. Remove the webs in Deku Tree blocking the way to the boss (or have din's fire)
  2. BA the item you want to have on the child b button. The video below uses the hammer.
  3. Climb on a horse to put that item on Temp B. (It doesn't matter if you get off the horse before leaving). You can also use epona or another horse. You can also just steal the rod to place the item on temp b.
  4. Using either Song of Time or Adult DoT Skip, go back in time and do Ganondoor (Make sure not to dim the b button! This means you must beat the Deku Tree without climbing ladders/vines, entering certain houses, and swimming)
  5. Have your sword knocked away by Ganon to remove kokiri sword from b, while keeping the temp b item
  6. Play a warp song to get out (This is needed because dying now would put master sword on B)
  7. To restore the Temp B item to B, simply die and continue. Failing a trade item timer also works.

Skip Child Mask Trading sequence with Child BA

You must open the mask shop by showing Zelda's Letter to the guard in kakariko village. Next, place the Bunny Hood (item 39) on child link's B button as described above and sell it to the running man in Hyrule Field. You will need to mash B then talk

Last updated 01/22/2019 – Exodus