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Forest Temple

Song of Time Block Skip

Discovered by ?

You can clip inside the SoT block by ledge clipping, however this is only faster if you are coming from the Key stalfos direction, like in MST or No RBA/WW. If coming from the temple entrance, clipping out of bounds and then re-entering to load the courtyard is slightly faster.

From the main lobby, the door to the west courtyard is blocked by a Song of Time block. By going out of bounds, it is possible to get to the west courtyard without moving the block. To begin with, jumpslash through the acute angle shown in the video and jump down into the unloaded west courtyard. Navigate your way around to the other side of the door blocked by the Song of Time block and go through it. Then, once you're inside the block, turn around and go back through the door, ensuring you don't clip out of the block in the process.

If you fall down the unloaded well, try running straight forwards to climb up the vines. The safest way, shown in the video, is, once you clip, just hold forwards to jump off and hold right whilst in the air to ensure you don't fall into the void, or down the well.

Block Room Speed Trick

Discovered by GuanoBowl

In many speedruns strength upgrades are either skipped entirely or left until the end of the run. This becomes a problem in the large room in the Forest Temple with the blocks you have to push, however it is easily bypassed. On the side of the green block that you are normally supposed to start pushing from with the small slants at the top, store a ground jump. Go to one of the sides of the blocks below the slant at the top and use your ground jump and you should be able to climb on top of it.

Do this again with the 2nd block. When you get on top of the 2nd block, you need to do 1 more trick. If you look to the left there is a ledge you can grab. There are two methods of getting to the ledge: a hover boost or well-timed rolling with Hover Boots. Rolling is preferred because it is quicker and saves a bomb, but it is slightly more difficult as it requires a mid-air direction change after the first roll.

Hover Boost:


Twisted Corridor Text skip

In the twisted corridor sidehop to your right or left then backwalk to the other end. If you then stick to the wall and sidehop across the gap you'll skip the second Navi text warning you of Floormasters.

West Courtyard Megajump to Upper Ledge

Climb up the platform above the well and align yourself toward the far high platform. Megajump over to it grabbing the ledge. You can also store a ground jump and roll towards the ledge with Hover Boots equipped and ground jump to grab it.

Failed Superslide Hover Boost Block Room Speed Trick

Discovered by ZFG

Upon exiting the second highest door in the block room attempt a superslide toward the platform north of you, but execute the slide a bit earlier than normal. This will trigger a normal ground jump. Now quickly put on your hover boots,and roll toward the bomb to get your boost, turn around and ground jump onto the ledge.

Boss Key Skip

From Main Lobby

Discovered by Unreal

It is possible to skip killing the four Poes and go directly to Phantom Ganon with no items what so ever. Head over to the far north door and position yourself in the crook of the two railings. Turn around, pull out the hookshot, and align the red dot with the right side of the door frame as shown. Now, with the hookshot still out, do a backflip and press the hookshot button mid-flip. This will shorten the backwards distance of your backflip and put you right over the railing. Now walk towards the stairs to clip. From here, drop down and jump to the loading zone.

Note: On the GCN Version the loading zone is slightly more difficult to hit as it is more aligned parallel to the staircase.

From Bow Room

Discovered by Exodus
  1. Align yourself with the pillar on the left side of the door using Z.
  2. Do a 2-bomb superslide and equip hover boots when you get it.
  3. Unequip Hover Boots soon after clipping.
  4. Hold up to land in loading zone.

Note: It is possible to do this trick without the hoverboots by shield dropping a bombchu once you get OoB. This is only possible on the GCN version, however, because shield dropping a bombchu while OoB on N64 version will cause your game to freeze, and on VC the explosion radius won't hit your shield.

Explosiveless Method

Discovered by Adarax
  1. Dry roll from the Bow Chest.
  2. Align with the wall as shown in the video.
  3. Swing your hammer and equip hover boots on the 1st recoil frame.
  4. Unequip Kokiri Boots and hold the direction shown in the video.

Note: Frame 4 or 5 may require a jumpslash depending on your initial position at the chest.

As a Child

Discovered by Kazooie

Head over to the west courtyard and climb to the top of the the big vine wall to your right. Vine clip with a chu or skulltula and you will fall into the boss room's loading zone.

Four Poe Skip

Bottle Method

If you have a bottle of bugs or fish, just as you enter the main room drop them on the ground, and just before the cutscene with the Poes start, swing your bottle to recatch the item. If done correctly you will recatch your item and the cutscene where you put it over your head will start just as the Poe cutscene starts. This allows you to them move during the cutscene and reach the elevator before it goes under. See the video below for instructions.

Hover Method

Discovered by MrGrunz

Get oob under the north doors platform (see adult boss key skip for details) and activate isg. Equip your hover boots and sidehop chu hover into the void. Sidehop chu hover back torward the north doors platform so you are far underneath it. Make sure you targeted the chu so you can re align yourself. Un-equip your hover boots and align your back to face the brown elevator. Now chu hover over to the elevator to load the basement. Make sure you hover into the elevator or just underneath it so you load the basement.

Superslide Method (TAS Only)

Discovered by Acryte

Quote from Acryte, "In the room before the main, use NL and then release a bombchu and have it go length-wise across the room. Have it timed so that it blows up on the door. Now, you want to drop it, run to the door; go through it; quicky pull back slightly towards the door and drop a bomb (the bomb should be outside the bombchu's blast radius), then run forward a tiny bit and then store the groundjump. The bombchu explosion won't blow up that bomb, but it will hit NL and make you slide (so being too close to your bomb doesn't matter since it doesn't blow up and won't cancel your superslide... this makes it alot easier). Now, make sure your angle is perfect and you should stick. Once you hear the platform start to lower, let go of R and then you'll get inside. do something that lifts you off the ground, aka a jumpslash or a sidehop etc. Then you are good to go!"

Last updated 08/25/2019 – Exodus