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Ingo Minigame State / Windy B

This glitch allows you to have the Ingo Minigame state active while outside Lon Lon Ranch. This state dims all C buttons except ones with Ocarina equipped, and causes the B button to not dim or undim properly. This is commonly used to set Farore's Wind in houses which disable the B button. To perform this glitch, you cannot have won Epona off Ingo or stolen Epona.

This effect is commonly referred to as "Windy B", but because there are now ways to do it without Farore's Wind on B, it is also referred to as the Ingo Minigame State.

Method 1: Farore's Wind on B

  1. Perform Bottle Adventure with value 13 to get Farore's Wind on B. Set a warp point somewhere outside Lon Lon Ranch.
  2. Go to Lon-Lon Ranch.
  3. Pay for a minute of horse riding and once it starts use Farore's Wind and warp to the point you set earlier.

You have now escaped the minigame with the state still set and can use Farore's Wind in areas which dim the B button. However, all C-items are disabled except for the Ocarina, and songs played on it won't do anything. Performing some actions, such as swimming or climbing a ladder, will disable the B button. To return the game state to normal simply return to Lon-Lon Ranch during the day.

Method 2: Farore's Wind with Restricted Items

This can also be done with Restricted Items to warp away instead of Bottle Adventure. First, set Farore's Wind in a dungeon or use Restricted Items to set it elsewhere. Next, have a Dimmed Blank B button and go to the Ranch before stealing Epona. Pay for a minute of horse riding and once it starts make sure you have ocarina on a C-Button. Get on a horse, then equip Farore's Wind over the button ocarina was on. You should now be able to use that C-Button to warp away with Farore's Wind. This method does not allow Farore's Wind anywhere.

Method 3: Trade Item Timer

Minigame State Effects

Using items with the Ingo Minigame State Set

Normally, you can only use the ocarina and the B button. However, there are a few ways to use other items.

  • If you are standing underwater with iron boots on, a C button with Hookshot or Longshot equipped will be undimmed.
  • Another way to use items with the minigame state set is to perform Dimmed B Ladder RI. This method works with either climbing off the top of the ladder or climbing down the bottom of the ladder. Using some "cutscene items" like Farore's Wind can softlock the game when used while climbing off certain ladders.

Kiddy Capers

This glitch allows you to put bombchus and the fairy slingshot on B as a child.

  1. Have the Ingo Minigame State active.
  2. Travel back in time.
  3. Go to either the Shooting Gallery or the Bombchu Bowling Alley and pay to play.

Once the game ends you'll have the Slingshot/Bombchus on B. If you bring up the subscreens (pause) the B button will return to its normal state (Kokiri Sword).

Minigame Items on B with Bottle Adventure

Child Bottle Adventure

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