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Hover Boots

Getting the Hoverboots as Child Link

By doing the Shadow Temple Early Sequence Break as a child, it is possible to obtain the hover boots a Child Link. This is useful in single segment runs where the DoT Skip is used, because this allows Adult Link to get back through the Door of Time without a savewarp.


First you must perform a Shadow Temple Early method. You can either Hover from the top of Dampe's hut or do a Superslide Teleport to get to the seam.

If you are short on explosives, it is also possible to manipulate a poe to hover or superslide off of as well, it is a lot harder.

Next you want to navigate the seam into the Shadow Temple, and then perform a Megaflip across the first gap. From there simply go beat the dead hand and get the hover boots. You can then either save warp, death warp, or megaflip back across the gap to get out of the Shadow Temple.

Last updated 01/13/2014 – mzxrules