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Infinite Sword Glitch

ISG Glow

Discovered by TheHeroMX


The Infinite Sword Glitch (ISG) makes Link's sword constantly active without needing to swing it, meaning that anything that collides with the sword will take damage. Also, once Link is in this mode he loses the ability to automatically jump off objects and will not be able to fall off ledges.

ISG is often used to fight bosses and for Bomb Hovering, which is one of the most commonly used tricks.


  1. Find an object that Link can interact with using the A button (bombs, bushes, sign posts, Navi's advice (although this uses the C-up button) etc.)
  2. While crouching (hold R), Link must stab and then interrupt the attack with an interaction by pressing A.
  3. If done correctly, Link's sword will let off a white glow, as if Link were constantly swinging his sword.


  • Sheathing the sword and/or swapping weapons will not cancel the effects.
  • Any weapon that allows the crouch stabbing action can be used to activate the ISG. This includes Deku Sticks and the Megaton Hammer.
  • To take out your sword and keep the ISG active, do a backflip and draw your sword in the air.
  • Damage given out by ISG is the same as damage given out by Power Crouch Stabbing, because ISG is activated by crouch stabbing.
  • Bottles have a graphical glitch while ISG is active.

The following will disable the effects of ISG:

  • Crouching
  • Taking damage that interrupts movement
  • Swinging your sword
  • Swimming
  • Jumping to climb an object
  • Leaving an area
  • Using a Ground Jump
  • Opening a door that slides upwards
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