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Bottle Adventure

Discovered by Kazooie


Bottle Adventure is an interesting glitch that allows you to assign just about every item to the B button as Adult Link. Where Reverse Bottle Adventure writes a bottle item to the "inventory", Bottle Adventure retrieves a "bottle item" from the "inventory".

How to

  1. Go to the Fishing Pond and Steal the Fishing Rod
  2. Turn the Fishing Rod into a Deku Stick by jumping into Lake Hylia, climbing out, and pausing the game
  3. Turn the Deku Stick into a Bottle by using the Bottle Dupe glitch†
  4. Drop the Master Sword to go back in time
  5. As a kid, select the item you want to be on C-Right, then pull the Master Sword. The item on C-Right will determine what item will be assigned to B.

† Turning the Deku Stick into a Bottle activates the Reverse Bottle Adventure glitch.

How it works

Button ItemsInventory Screen Offsets
B item
M. SwordHammerBombsBugsSlot 15Slot 2Slot 18

In Zelda 64, the contents of a bottle are represented by different item values, meaning that an Empty Bottle and a Red Potion are really two separate items. So to figure out what bottle is equipped (and what bottle to update), the game stores an item slot offset (seen above) for each C button, but not the B button.

The ability to time travel in Ocarina of Time complicates things further. The game records what items you stored on B and the C buttons for both the Child and an Adult versions of Link so that the player does not have to re-equip items after traveling through time. If a bottle is equipped to a C button in one time period, the item value is updated on returning back since the contents of the bottle could have changed in the other time period.

But what happens if a bottle is equipped to the B button when you travel through time? Since an item slot offset does not exist for the B button, Child Link's C-Right button is used instead to determine which inventory slot to restore the B button to when returning back to Adult Link.

Things work very similar to Reverse Bottle Adventure, except we are reading a value to B, rather than writing the item value on B to memory. For example, if putting a Bottle on B with a Bottled Fish on C-Right overwrites the Deku Nut count, going forward in time with a bottle on Adult B with a Bottle Fish on child C-Right will put the value of the Deku Nut count on B.


As an alternative to going back in time, you can instead use the Temple of Time & Light Arrow cutscene to assign an item to B.

The B button is active in any areas the normal sword would be, allowing you to use several items in locations you're not intended to use them, like using Bombs inside the Temple of Time for example.

If you don't have Version 1.0, the item you have on B as an Adult will be reverted back to the Master Sword when you save, unless it's either the Koriki Sword, the Master Sword, the Biggoron Sword/Goron's Knife, or the Broken Sword.

If the trade sequence has been completed, the Biggoron's Sword and Broken Sword will act like the Biggoron's Sword, otherwise they will act like the Goron's Knife and Broken Sword.

The Bow, Slingshot, Bombchus, and Fishing Rod behave differently when putting them on B. See Minigame Items on B for more information.

If you put an Egg on the B button, it will never hatch.

Tricks and Uses for Bottle Adventure

Other Notes

  • Item values 20-55, if put on B, allow Bottle Adventure to work. The most commonly used item is a bottle.
  • Only the item on Child Link's C-Right is used, not Adult Link's. Places value on Adult Link's B, only if Adult Link's B previously had a value of 20 to 55
  • Child Link's B always becomes the Kokiri Sword when you travel back in time.
  • Drawing the Master Sword will always add the Master Sword to your inventory.
  • Item Values 3 (bow), 6 (slingshot), and 9 (bombchus) will become sticks on B
  • Saving with an item on B deletes the Kokiri Sword as a Child, and the Master Sword as an Adult
  • Due to the quick discovery of the original Swordless Link method, every version after v1.0 will restore the Master Sword to B after you save and quit, but without having it in your possession as Adult Link. The obvious exception to this are sword items 59, 60, 61, and 85 which do not delete swords. These will stay on B after a reset

Inventory Screen BA

When placing items 0-23 on c-right as a child, the game will look at the corresponding item slot and put whatever value is on that slot onto B. For example, if you have the megaton hammer in your inventory and put the Lens of Truth on c-right, the Hammer will be placed on B. The chart can be seen below.

Item Slots
item on c-right as childlinked item slot
Deku Stick Deku Stick
Deku Nut Deku Nut
Bombs Bombs
Fairy Bow † Fairy Bow
Fire Arrow † Fire Arrow
Din's Fire Din's Fire
Fairy Slingshot Fairy Slingshot
Fairy Ocarina Fairy Ocarina/Ocarina of Time
Ocarina of Time Bombchus
Bombchus Hookshot/Longshot
Hookshot † Ice Arrow
Longshot † Farore's Wind
Ice Arrow † Boomerang
Farore's Wind Lens of Truth
Boomerang Magic Beans
Lens of Truth Megaton Hammer
Magic Beans Light Arrow
Megaton Hammer † Nayru's Love
Light Arrow † Bottle #1
Nayru's Love Bottle #2
Empty Bottle Bottle #3
Red Potion Bottle #4
Green Potion Adult Trade Items
Blue Potion Child Trade Items

† Equippable as child using the Equip Swap glitch

Item Amount BA

This is a much more useful form of BA that lets you put items on B that are not in your inventory. It can place almost every item on B between 0-50 (the exceptions are Fairy Slingshot, Bombchus, and Fairy Bow). When placing certain bottled items or child trade items on c-right, the game will look at the value of the linked item amount and place an item on B with that value. For example, putting a big poe on c-right with 19 deku seeds will place Nayru's Love on B. Look at the Item Chart for the values of every item.

Item Amounts
item on c-rightlinked item amount
Fairy Deku Stick amount
Fish Deku Nut amount
Lonlon Milk (full) Bomb amount
Bottled Letter Arrow amount
Blue Fire Fire Arrow amount †
Bug Din's Fire amount †
Big Poe Deku Seed amount
Lonlon Milk (half) Ocarina amount †
Poe Bombchu amount
Weird Egg Hookshot/Longshot amount †
Cucco Ice Arrow amount †
Zelda's Letter Farore's Wind amount †
Keaton Mask Boomerang amount †
Skull Mask Lens of Truth amount †
Spooky Mask Magic Beans amount
Bunny Hood Magic Beans popularity ††
Bomb Bag (holds 20)††† Water Temple Small Keys

† Unused Value.
†† This is how many Magic Beans you've ever bought from the Bean seller in Zora's River. For example, if the value is set to 6, he will charge you 70 rupees for a bean. Any values higher than 9 cause him to stop selling beans.
††† It is possible to equip this item due to an Upgrade Oddity.

Equipment BA

It is possible to place an item on B depending what items you have in your equipment screen with the Goron Mask and Zora Mask. See this page for more details.

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