Slash Extension

Slash Extension is a trick that increases the size of the hitbox of Link's sword attacks. It works with Swords, Deku Sticks, and Hammer. To perform the trick, pause during the triple slash animation then pause repeatedly without allowing a frame to advance. This causes the hitbox to increase until the upper limit is reached.

There are 5 types of attacks you can extend:
-Horizontal Triple Slash
-Vertical Triple Slash
-Right Triple Slash
-Forward Lunge Triple Slash


Spirit Trial Switch

Child Spirit Bridge switch

Child Spirit Bombchu chest switch

Jabu Switch in first room

Defeat Big Poe

Deal damage to underground Volvagia

Fire Temple Rusty Switch near Boss Key

Adult Lost Woods Skulltula

Stun Gohma on ceiling

Last updated 12/21/2023 – Exodus