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Fire Temple

Darunia Cutscene Skip

Discovered by MTA and Pedalpowerluigi

The Darunia Cutscene is activated when the camera faces Darunia's direction in that room. Time Stop can be used to lock the camera in a way that the camera faces the opposite direction by holding Z as you open the door. If done correctly, you can navigate to the small key without watching the cutscene. If your camera moves in a way that it loads Darunia, the cutscene will start immediately. It is possible to climb a ledge and hold Z as the cutscene starts to skip the majority of the cutscene, as you regain control after a few text boxes. This can be useful if you want the two bomb drops on the other side of the room.

Clip Through Hammer Blocks

It is possible in the first room to clip through the hammer blocks off to the right. This can be done with several methods that are explained on the clipping page. The three most common methods are explained below.

With an explosive

Get into the left corner of the door and blocks and align the B button with some of the chains on the door (see video for exact position). Pivot 180 degrees and drop a bomb (some kind of chu set up would work as well). Pivot back and push forward until the bomb hits you and you are boosted forward. On this frame hold up-left on the joystick to clip through the blocks.

With Hover Boots and Biggoron's Sword/Giant's Knife

This method is simplier. Simply get into the same position as the previous method, and triple stab the corner with the hover boots on. The third stab with the Biggoron's Sword allows you to clip through.

With a Jumpslash

Discovered by Jbop

This method is even simpler. You can simply jumpslash clip through the blocks with a very precise angle and position. An easy setup is shown in the video below.

Get Gold Skulltula without Song of Time

The block is not actually blocking the door, so it is possible, in the left side of the main room, to get up to the ledge without using the Song of Time to move the block. You can perform an angled jump and hold toward the ledge in mid-air to grab the ledge. Alternatively, you can hover up the platform, or you can do a megaflip from the platform that boosts upward into the air.

Early Key with Block Clip

Discovered by Kazooie and Librari

In the first room with green walls, you'll come to a ledge with a crystal switch and a block you must push. It is possible to clip through the block and land in the lower corridor to open the shortcut to the top of the boulder maze early as well as a key.

When you jump to the ledge, put away your sword and walk into the corner where the wall and the block meet. Press Z against the wall to line yourself up with the wall, then swing your sword. Now turn right and grab the block then let go (you might need to move just a bit forward to grab it). Now swing your sword once more and charge to do a spin attack to activate the crystal switch. Now pull out a bomb and shield drop it (don't shield drop too fast, make sure its above link's head before dropping it) then walk back into the corner, line up again with Z and hold forward. When the bomb explodes, it should push you through and you should land in the tunnel.

This trick will occasionally not work even though it seems to be set up correctly. Sometimes moving very slightly to the left before the first sword swing will increase consistency.

With Biggorons Sword

Sidehop after clipping as soon as possible and Jumpslash when close to the ground for safety.

Hovering in the boulder maze

If you make it up to the boulder maze bottom floor, you can get to the top by hovering. It is recommended you get one or both of the keys on this floor before hovering up, depending on your route. However, the above method is strongly recommended over this because its about 30 seconds faster and conserves bombs.

Skip through Fire Maze Room

It is possible in the large fire maze room to get through the fire walls, which skips needing to use a key to go through the middle room. There are several ways to do this:


Probably the easiest way, a simple sidehop from a good position along the wall can get you through the fire.


If you superslide perpendicular to the fire walls, you have enough speed to get through it.

Hover Boots

Using incredibly precise rolling, it is possible to hover from post to post above the fire maze, thus skipping it entirely. Due to its incredible difficulty, it is only useful in a TAS.

Boss Key Skip

From Fire Wall Room


Discovered by Acryte, MrGrunz

On the right side of the room, climb to the top of the ledge near the hookshot tower. Get ISG and carefully hover down the long passage using bombs and bombchus. Who you reach the room Darunia was in, hover backwards until you are above the boss door. Then backflip into the Boss Door loading zone.

From Megaton Hammer Room

Discovered by Exodus

Superslide Clip

  1. Get into the corner at the end of the channel and align the top left of the handle of the sword icon with the edge of the wall.
  2. Do a superslide and immediately hold right on the control stick.
  3. As soon as you clip, let go of R and continue holding right.
  4. When the cage where the trapped goron would be is in the center of your screen (you have a lot of frames for this), jumpslash and hold forward on the control stick.

Hammer Recoil clip

  1. Get in the corner and align as shown
  2. Hold target and sidehop to the left corner and hold left
  3. While holding left, swing the hammer and buffer to the first frame where the hammers head is above Link's head
  4. Equip Hovers and while still holding target, hold up-right until Link clip out of bounds
  5. After clipping, hold straight right until hovers run out
  6. When Link starts falling, jumpslash with either hammer or sword and hold up

Mega Sidehop Clip (Bombs)

  1. Get in the corner and align as shown.
  2. Do two rolls without pressing on the control stick and sidehop left.
  3. Shield drop a bomb and backflip
  4. Roll immediately before it explodes and sidehop right.
  5. Continue holding right then jumpslash and hold up when the room is in the center of your screen

Mega Sidehop Clip (Bombchus)

  1. Roll 3 times
  2. Sidehop to the left
  3. Roll
  4. Backflip and as you touch the ground let go of z, then hold it again.
  5. Pull out a chu and wait till the 9th flash
  6. Shield it and advance 5 frames
  7. Roll, hold right and press a on the frame link stands up from being hit
  8. Continue holding right while you're oob until the room is halfway up your screen. At this point, do a jumpslash.
Last updated 02/02/2018 – Jbop