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Phantom Ganon (Stub)

The real PG is easy to spot because he makes sound and is brighter than the fake.

  1. after the 3 painting cycles jumpslash with a sword and get ISG
  2. once you have ISG spam bow to keep him from flying

Note if you only have hookshot look away and spam hookshot, this keeps him from a second phase of Tennis

Forest Temple Cutscene Skip

This allows for Child Link to obtain the Forest medallion without crashing.

To do this you first must have 1/2 of a heart or less after defeating Phantom Ganon. Then catch a fish/bugs and perform the "Ocarina Items" glitch on the edge of the blue warp. Once your camera snaps into a normal position you cancel the ocarina and pause soon after. Since the boss arena is very small the cutscene skip requires a backflip so the death animation can properly finish. To time the backflip and death accordingly you must pull a bomb at a precise time after canceling the ocarina. Then backpeddle a prescribed distance before backflipping and performing any adjustments. Link should then die and upon continuing a white flash should appear the the start of the dungeon indicating that the cutscene skip was performed properly.

Last updated 10/15/2014 – Jbop