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Child Dungeons

VC Route (GIM)

  • Intro
  • Kokiri sword and Deku Shield
  • Kill 1 Deku Baba for a Deku Stick
  • Inside Deku Tree
  • Skip vine Navi text by pulling stick/sword
  • ISG B1 Skip
  • Dive Cancel GID using OoB water and Vine
  • Step in front of Map Chest
  • GIM Blue Potion and Double KO on Gohma to deathwarp to entrance
  • Leave and get Bugs from Lost Woods (optional: WESS in Kokiri Forest)
  • WESS or run back to Deku Tree
  • B1 Skip and enter Gohma's room (get more nuts now)
  • Perform Ganondoor
  • Exit the room in Ganon's Castle by entering the doorway in front of you
  • Savewarp
  • Spirit Trial for Bombchus (20)
  • Die with Bombchus (19)
  • Savewarp to come back to Link's house
  • Forest Escape in Lost Woods
  • Megasidop into Zora Domain (18)
  • Ledge Cancel to clip through King Zora (17)
  • Enter Jabu without a fish
  • Activate the first switch (16)
  • Make your way to the Boomerang with Ruto
  • Megaflip for Big Octo Skip (15)
  • Box skip on the switch with a roll or Ocarina Item
  • Barinade
  • Savewarp after Zora Sapphire
  • Goron City (14)
  • Enter Dodongo's Cavern (12)
  • Light the eyes with the bombchus (10)
  • Block skip with a keese to open the boss door
  • King Dodongo with Bombchus (~5)
  • Enter the blue warp
  • Go to Hyrule Field
  • Zelda Escape Cutscene
  • Ocarina of Time

Since you have some extra Bombchus, you can HESS in some places.

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