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Cutscene Skips

Using different methods, you can bypass many cutscenes in the game (while also being able to retrieve a song or item from them if applicable).

"Game Over" Concept by ZeldaXMaster

Zelda's Lullaby

Using a Bombchu

Setup Discovered by Kazooie
  1. Line up on the right hand side of the pillar as shown, ensuring you are at half a heart, or less, health
  2. Pivot 90 degrees right and target the camera behind you (make sure you don't align with the wall in front of you. If you do, it means you're too close to that wall)
  3. Backflip and shield drop a bombchu. Release Z Target before you land (as with the King Zora Skip) and you will get damage boosted into the cutscene and die.
  4. Either Save and Don't Continue to go back to Link's House, or Save and Do Continue, then talk to Shiek and you'll be teleported to outside Hyrule Market

Troubleshooting: If the bombchu rides the wall when you try to shield drop it, you dropped it too early. You must clear the pillar before dropping it in clear open space.

Using the Guard's Bomb

Setup Discovered by Runnerguy2489
  1. Sidehop into the corner on the left of Zelda and get against the wall. (Make sure your health is at 1/2 a heart or less.)
  2. Backflip twice
  3. Sideways roll to the right
  4. Backflip four times
  5. Sideways roll to the right
  6. Sidehop three times to the left
  7. Pull out the slingshot and shot a seed at the window on your left.
  8. Face towards the front of the courtyard and hold R. When the bomb explodes you will die and activate the cutscene trigger.

Minuet of Forest

From Sacred Forest Meadow

  1. Lower your health to 1/2 heart or less
  2. Align with the wall just outside of the Forest Temple entrance area
  3. Move towards the end the wall so the tip of Link's ear just goes past the edge
  4. Turn 90 degrees away from the area, drop a bomb, and hold only R
  5. After dying, you will have the Minuet song and the cutscene trigger will be gone

From Forest Temple (after Wrong Warp)

If you wrong warp into Forest Temple from the Fire Temple, you can avoid the Minuet of Forest cutscene. However, leaving the dungeon will activate it, but the cutscene can be skipped from the inside by exiting the temple with no health left.

Bolero of Fire

You can either get the song while skipping the cutscene, or bypass the cutscene and song altogether.

Getting the Song:

  1. Lower your health to 1/2 heart or less
  2. Climb up the hanging side of the bridge where Shiek meets with you
  3. Turn around, away from where Shiek appears
  4. Backflip twice, drop a bomb, and hold only R
  5. After dying, you will have the Bolero song and the cutscene trigger will be gone

Skipping the Song Using the Hoverboots

Discovered by fluffy_kitten

From the Darunia's Room entrance to Death Mountain Crater, you can head to the right near the start of a bridge and hover-walk onto the closest volcanic cone and then navigate around the cutscene trigger.

Skipping the Song Using a Megaflip

From the top of Death Mountain Crator, you can megaflip down to where the warp-song platform is, bypassing the bridge. From the Darunia's Room entrance to Death Mountain Crater, you can megaflip onto the volcanic cone from the same spot that you can hover-walk to it from.

Serenade of Water

  1. Lower your health the half heart or less
  2. Shield drop a bomb in front of the chest
  3. Buffer until the second frame of the explosion, then open the chest
  4. After dying, you will have both the Iron Boots and the Serenade song

Prelude of Light

Out of Bounds Method

Discovered by Exodus
  1. Get in the corner of the Door of Time and align as shown.
  2. Walk forward until the bottom of your feet are a bit in front of the line on the ground.
  3. Crouch stab and equip hover boots on the first frame you go backwards.
  4. Unpause and hold z and r one frame, then pause again.
  5. Unpause and sidehop left.
  6. Hold up-right and backflip before the hover wears off. Pause before the backflip begins.
  7. Unequip hover boots.

Odd Mushroom Timer

Discovered by Unreal

Medallion/Stone Cutscene Skips

This glitch allows you to skip the Spiritual Stone/Medallion cutscenes of every dungeon with a blue warp except Jabu-Jabu's Belly. See the Wrong Warps Page for more info.


There are several methods to do this trick:

  • Farore's Wind Medallion Stone Cutscene Skip
  • Timer Medallion/Stone Cutscene Skip
  • Death Medallion/Stone Cutscene Skip
  • Door Medallion/Stone Cutscene Skip

Farore's Wind Medallion/Stone Cutscene Skip

Discovered by Acryte

The first Method for this trick requires that you simply have Farore's Wind on B (Farore's Wind anywhere isn't required). Cast it anywhere, then enter a boss's room. Backwalk into the blue warp, but press B JUST as you hit the warp. The Farore's Wind dialogue should pop up as the blue warp begins to lift Link off the ground. Wait until the screen finally starts to go white, and then press B to warp. If you warp too early then you will just end up warping without the medallion, but if you press it too late, you'll see the cutscene instead of warping.

Timer Medallion/Stone Cutscene Skip

Discovered by Acryte

The second method uses a countdown timer (like the Mushroom timer) to cancel the cutscene, and is the harder of the two. Both are extensions of the "Blue Warp Glitch" and uses Ocarina Items to wait for the change so that the Timer starts actively counting down again (It doesn't if you don't wait for the camera change using Ocarina Items). This means you must space it perfectly so that a backflip to ocarina pull will cause you to land at the VERY EDGE of the blue warp. If you are too close you will walk into it instead. It's a LOT easier if you wait to backflip, so that when you pull the ocarina there is only about 3-4 seconds left on the timer. At this point RUN AND GRAB THE HEARTPIECE when the timer gets to 00:01. This isn't necessary (as you could time the ocarina pull perfectly and not need to do this) but it a HELL of a lot harder without. Press B to skip the text and wait though, and when the screen starts turning white, then just get rid of the text box.

Death Medallion/Stone Cutscene Skip

Discovered by ChristianF23

This method is very similar to the others, but this time you cancel the cutscene by dying on the a very precise frame, where when you continue playing, the game adds continues to add up the warp timer and once it reaches a certain point, it gives you the medallion/stone. Again do the Ocarina Items on the edge of the blue warp, but in this case, do it with half of a heart or less so a bomb will kill you. Then once you get the camera back, pull out a bomb and run away from the blue warp. It is important in this case to be far away from the blue warp. The bomb will kill you and you may be hovering/spinning around. At this point it is important to hit the ground and die, you usually have some control over this by hitting Z. If done correctly, Link will die before the cutscene starts, and when you continue the game you will start at the beginning of the temple/dungeon with the medallion/stone in your inventory. Note that Link spins around sometimes after his death, making it very hard to time correctly. Also note that if this is done in the Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, or the Fire Temple, it will create a very specific case of Wrong Warp by Death

Door Medallion/Stone Cutscene Skip

Discovered by r0bd0g

This method involves going through the boss door loading zone as the warp timer reaches a certain point. This can be done in The Great Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, and Fire Temple. This method of cutscene skipping will cause a Wrong Warp by Boss Door

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