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Cinematic Times

These are some basic times for cinematics. Actual times can vary slightly due to player input, differences in load times, and minor dialog changes. Timings are generally from loss of control of the character until control is regained.

All times listed here are estimations for the VC version of the game with near frame-perfect input. The differences between languages should be roughly the same for other systems, however. 'J' times are from the Japanese version, 'U' times are from the North American version, and 'C' times are from the Chinese IQue version of the game.

Medallions and Stone Cutscenes
CutsceneTime (J)Time (U)Time (C)
Kokiri Emerald4:10.44:02.3
Goron Ruby1:37.72:05.41:31.6
Zora Sapphire1:23.2
Forest Medallion2:24.8
Fire Medallion1:20.8
Water Medallion2:33.22:25.7
Shadow Medallion1:16.9
Spirit Medallion1:09.7
Song Cutscenes
CutsceneTime (J)Time (U) Time (C)
Zelda's Lullaby1:44.11:37.7
Saria's Song1:10.01:06.4
Sun's Song0:42.00:42.2
Prelude of Light1:13.5
Minuet of Forest1:21.3
Bolero of Fire1:09.3
Serenade of Water1:21.21:18.1
Nocturne of Shadow2:42.7
Requiem of Spirit1:20.8
Miscellaneous Cutscenes
CutsceneTime (J)Time (U)Time (C)
Fairy Ocarina + Hyrule Field Intro1:26.01:23.5
Meeting Zelda as Child2:45.02:32.1
Kakariko guard+gate opening0:34.1
Goron Bracelet0:55.7
Lake Hylia Owl (text+flying)0:37.1
Farore's Wind0:53.1
Din's Fire0:49.5
King Zora showing letter0:44.3
Ganon Chase Zelda2:11.2
Get Ocarina+Song of Time1:16.3
Door of Time Opening
Pulling the Master Sword (first time)4:08.03:50.5
Goron Tunic (rolling goron)0:39.4
Darunia (Fire Temple)0:22.0
Ruto (Jabu Jabu)34.3
Ruto (Water Temple)0:31
Gerudo Card0:15.2
Rauru (after shadow/spirit)0:15.9
Light Arrow4:47.5
Nabooru in Spirit Temple0:32.8
Nabooru Gets Captured by Twinrova1:02.1
Nabooru Knuckle scenes1:27.5
Rainbow Bridge26.5
Ganondorf start1:22.6
Ganondorf death1:25.3
Zelda (before Ganon)
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