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Spirit Temple - Adult

For the cutscene skip, see Twinrova

Silver Block Skip

Method 1 - Hover Boots

Discovered by Kazooie

In the first room there's a large silver block that you need Silver Gauntlets to push. Get on the railing closest to the block. Now you need to get on the snake statue, either by jumping to its nose or ground jumping right in the corner. Once you are on the top aim towards the block. Put on the hover boots and roll toward it. Once you're hovering try to get right above the slant above the block, then when you start falling you should be able to grab the top of the block. This requires turning up-right towards the end of the roll so that when you fall you face more towards the block. Once on top of the block, simply jump off the other side into the next room, avoiding the pit where the block would typically be pushed in to.

Method 2 - 2 Chu Mega-Sidehop

Discovered by Jiano

Method 3 - Hoverslide

Discovered by SVA

Mirror Shield from Outside

It is possible to obtain both the Silver Gauntlets and the Mirror Shield without ever entering the Spirit Temple. In order to do this, one must first reach the seam above the entrance. There are two main ways of doing this:

Method 1 - Hover from the Bottom

This method requires very precise hovering from near the temple entrance. Start off by obtaining ISG. Go to the left wall near the top of the stairs and align with Z, then do a backflip, then press A after landing while still holding Z to do a sideroll, and let go of Z during the sideroll. This will give you the angle for the hover. From here, position link in the corner between the left pillar and the wall adjacent to the entrance, and do a few neutral roll until link stops moving. Now do 2 sidehops left, shield and let go of shield (to prevent a sideroll) then press A again for a neutral roll. Now pull out a bomb and backwalk below the stairs, drop the bomb, run back up the stairs, then backflip into the explosion to begin the hover. From here do 4-5 hovers back (one if them must be a bombchu and you must target it to be able to angle change) then use an angle change to turn around and do 4-5 more hovers. When you think you are high enough, do 2 backflips and you should land on the seam. From there, carefully climb up and hookshot the silver gauntlets chest.

Method 2 - Using a Bean plant

Discovered by Kazooie, Improved strategy by Cosmo

By planting a bean as a child and returning as an adult, you are able to ride the bean around and jump off near the heart piece. Once on this structure, kill the guay surrounding you and then set up a superslide towards the entrance of the temple. After the start of the superslide but before you slide off the platform, equip the hover boots to do a hoverslide. If you have a proper angle, you do not need to backflip at the end of the hoverslide, otherwise you will want to backflip. From here you will slide around a bit above the seam you are aiming for. After sliding down you will want to land on it, which is a hard trick because it is only a pixel or so wide. It helps to hold R to shield as you land in a crouch stab position. Once you are on the seam, walk carefully over to the edge and backflip on to the other seam.

Getting to the Mirror Shield

Once you are on this seam in either method, climb up it slowly, but don't go all the way to the top, stop about 2/3 of the way up. Pull out your hookshot and you should be able to reach the silver gauntlets chest. Note if you have the longshot you can immediately get the chest when you are on the seam. Once here, you can pick up the silver gauntlets if desired, however most runs do not need them. From here to get to the mirror shield ledge, you must perform a superslide torwards the ledge, then pause and equip the hover boots before falling off. Near the end of your superslide, you will want to perform a jumpslash to get that little bit of extra distance. A backflip might not work because of the slippery slopes below. Once on this ledge, walk a little bit towards the loading area for the chest to drop.

Mirror Room Puzzle Skip

Discovered by Exodus, Improved strategy by SVA
  1. Place a bomb next to the crystal switch that unlocks the door
  2. A couple of frames after the bomb explodes, open the door you originally came through. You have quite a few frames, so with a couple of practice attempts it shouldn't require pause buffering
  3. Once you've got the actor glitch, align to the bars, just left of the middle, and do a megasidehop to land on top of the statue in the main room
  4. From here, align yourself on the slope - I like to use the "3" shaped character on the wall as a reference, and align such that the top of the "3" is at the same height as the top of Link's head
  5. Pivot right, and jump slash off the head. In mid air, only hold R so that you stay fixed in your landing position
  6. Get out the hookshot and, moving only on the x axis, align the bottom of the handle of the Master Sword with the crack in the bricks on the ceiling
  7. Backflip with your hookshot out
  8. When you land, aim your hookshot into the head of the statue and hookshot the grate

Troubleshooting: If, once you get the actor glitch, the screen goes black, equip the hover boots and hold left until the camera fixes itself.

If, once you get the actor glitch, you can't move forwards, and end up on the wrong side of the door, you opened the door too early.

If, when you are trying to hookshot the grate, you can't see it or the hookshot keeps getting blocked, very carefully move Link so that his head clips further into the statue.

Recently, sva developed an improved strategy. It elminates the need to jumpslash off of the head as Link lands directly where it is possible to hookshot the grate.

Through First Child Crawlspace

Discovered by MrGrunz

It is possible to clip out of bounds and land outside of the crawlspace. Then you can load the next room and be in the child portion of spirit as an adult, which allows you to get a key and a gold skulltula. In order to do this get in the left corner of the left most pillar. Backflip into the corner and then align the B button just to the left of the far pillar on the opposite side of the room. Set up a superslide then put the hover boots on. Let go of Z and pause until Link's hat goes past that pillar you aligned to. Release R and pause until the first frame Link clips through the pillar. Now hold straight left on the joystick, which will circle you around. Jumpslash at the end to land right outside of the child crawlspace. From here you must keep edging along the outside of the crawlspace or you will fall. As you move toward the next room it should become loaded and you can walk right into it.

sva also developed an easier strategy for this hoverslide clip. Simply allign like shown, hold left and let go of sheild and repress. Then just run towards the loaded room and Link will be through.

Through the Second Child Crawlspace

Discovered by MrGrunz

It is also possible to get through the second child crawlspace as an adult to get into the main area of the spirit temple, or to pick up bombchus or another gold skulltula on the child side. In order to do this one, you must first activate ISG. From here place a bomb on the stairs to the right, around the first stair. Sidehop left and then perform the hookshot clip on the torch. The very first frame you clip through hold Z and R to shield. If timed correctly, the bomb explosion will stop you in midair and you will be hovering. From here you can sidehop left and be right outside of the crawlspace, or potentially in it. If you are just outside, put on the hover boots and slide along the outside into the next room. If you are inside, try sidehopping or backflipping in different directions to move along the crawlspace to the next room.

Gold Skulltula without Song of Time

Method discovered by Tony08 and natalyahasdied

In the room with the rolling boulders, you can sidehop clip through the slopes on the sides of the room with a precise angle. If hover boots are equipped, you can sidewalk over and backflip or jumpslash into an unloaded room. From here, you can kill the skulltula and grab it from the other side of the Song of Time Block. You can then weirdshot back or savewarp to exit the unloaded room.

Spirit map without Din's Fire/Deku Stick

The old way to get the map as adult was to push the armos in the child section close to the torch, then shooting arrow from its head. This method is a bit slow but you can also do a staircase hover.

Boss Key Skip

With Entrance Point Glitch and Superslide

Discovered by Exodus

With Ledge Clip and Superslide

Discovered by Skater
  • Get in the corner, do 2 backflips
  • ESS right for 3 frames , drop a bomb
  • Turn left and ledge clip
  • Press A to drop down (5 frames), then press B to jumpslash 1 frame later
  • Hold shield after getting hit by the bomb, shield turn down right-ish (not precise)
  • Position yourself with the Hookshot, and roll
  • Drop a bomb manually, vertical slash, then horizontal slash
  • Do a superslide, equip hover boots, then hold up left

With Ledge Clip and Hammer

This method saves 2 bombs, and doesn't really save or lose time but seems a bit safer since you won't fall off if you fail the first hammer swing.

Statue Head Clip and Hover Boots

Discovered by homerfunky

Boss Door clip with Megaflip and Iron Boots

Iron Boots give more downwards velocity, allowing this clip to work.

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